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(A new image appears on the monitor - that of the DOCTOR in the display case. LOBOS sees this.)

LOBOS: Yes Doctor, I see you take my meaning. (He presses a control.) Guards.

(Two MOROK GUARDS step into the cell.)

LOBOS: Take him to the preparation room.

(The GUARDS activate a control in the chair, the arms withdraw and they lift a nervous looking DOCTOR to his feet.)


(The TARDIS stands just outside the museum with two MOROKS on guard. Four XERONS approach the ship with interest. One of them gets too close and a GUARD steps in front of him.)

MOROK GUARD: (Condescendingly, as if to a child.) Leave it alone.

(The XERONS step back a little but continue to be fascinated by the new object.)


(IAN, BARBARA and VICKI observe this through a narrow gap in the museumís doors.)

IAN: (Whispers.) It didnít take them long to find it.
BARBARA: (Whispers.) Well, I hope they didnít do any damage.
IAN: (Whispers.) Well, thereís nothing they can do. Unless they get inside.
VICKI: (Whispers.) Are they bringing it in here?

(IAN looks through the gap.)

IAN: (Whispers.) No, it doesnít look like it. Take a look for yourself Vicki.

(VICKI takes his place.)

IAN: (Whispers.) Ahh, well, what do we do now? Find the Doctor, I suppose. Iím afraid Iím no great expert when it comes to changing the future.
VICKI: (Turning back and whispering.) I think one of us should keep watch on the TARDIS. If we want to leave in here in a hurry we donít want to waste time looking for it.
BARBARA: (Whispers.) Well, we know where itís going Vicki, weíve already seen it.
VICKI: (Whispers.) Well if it gets there, we neednít bother. We wonít have changed whatís going to happen in the future.
IAN: (Whispers.) Oh, this whole thing is becoming a nightmare.
BARBARA: (Whispers.) Itís been a nightmare ever since we saw those cases! But all we do is stand around saying ďthis whole thing is a nightmareĒ. Why donít we do something?
IAN: (Whispers.) Choice is only possible when you know all the facts. Donít you realise we know nothing about this place...
BARBARA: (Whispers.) Shh! Listen!

(They rush back to the gap in the doors and look outside.)


(A burly MOROK COMMANDER appears on the scene and shouts at the XERONS.)

MOROK COMMANDER: Keep clear! Now move! Move!

(Watching to make sure the XERONS have gone, the MOROK COMMANDER turns to the GUARDS who have saluted his arrival. He gestures to the TARDIS.)

MOROK COMMANDER: Is there no way in?
MOROK GUARD: No Commander.
MOROK COMMANDER: (Cynically.) Thatís all I need. You know what Lobos will say about that, soldier. He will blame me. Everything that goes wrong on this wretched planet is my fault! Think yourselves lucky that you have me...between you and our illustrious Governor. A scapegoat - and for what? For this...rank and a meagre pittance of extra pay.

(He hits the side of the TARDIS in frustration.)

MOROK COMMANDER: Oh, whatís the use?

(LOBOS walks up. The MOROKS salute him. LOBOS examines the outside of the TARDIS.)

LOBOS: A strange looking craft. It must be very cramped and uncomfortable for four travellers inside at one time.

(LOBOS tries the door.)

LOBOS: This door is locked.
MOROK COMMANDER: We could not gain entry sir.
LOBOS: (Sarcastically.) Didnít they leave you the key? (Angrily.) Force it open, you fool!

(The MOROK COMMANDER turns on two other MOROK GUARDS who have arrived with LOBOS.)

MOROK COMMANDER: Why was not the cutting equipment bought to me? I asked you bring it several times, didnít I, soldier?

(The MOROK GUARD tries to speak but is interrupted.)

MOROK COMMANDER: Now donít you give me any of your feeble excuses. I with you later. Get it!

(The GUARD salutes and hurries off.)

MOROK COMMANDER: Incompetent fools...

(The COMMANDER turns back to LOBOS.)

MOROK COMMANDER: Have any of the aliens been caught, sir?
LOBOS: One has...


(The time travellers are still listening into the conversation.)

LOBOS: (OOV: Outside doors.) Three are still at large.
IAN: (Whispers.) Did you hear that?
BARBARA: (Whispers.) Yes. Shh!


MOROK COMMANDER: They could be in a thousand places.
LOBOS: Then I expect a thousand places to be searched! When this is over, discipline will be tightened. The army hereís gone soft. Iím supposed to have at my command trained soldiers - not a feeble bunch of half witted amateurs.


(There is a moment of silence, then...)

BARBARA: (Whispers.) Heís stopped talking.
VICKI: (Whispers.) Maybe theyíve gone.
IAN: (Whispers.) No.

(Behind them in the corridor, a half-asleep MOROK GUARD rounds a corner and sees the three fugitives. He takes his gun out of his holster and approaches them.)

MOROK GUARD: Stay as you are!

(The three jump in shock and turn from the doors.)

MOROK GUARD: (To VICKI.) You! You with the gun - bring it to me!

(IAN instinctively holds VICKIíS arm but lets it go when he sees that they have no choice.)

MOROK GUARD: Now careful.

(VICKI steps forward and the GUARD takes the exhibit gun from her with his free hand. BARBARA and IAN make a start for the entrance doors.)

MOROK GUARD: Donít move!

(They stop. VICKI steps back to join them. IAN moves towards the GUARD.)

BARBARA: Donít! Heíll fire that thing.

(IAN turns back to her and they talk quietly.)

IAN: Well? Wouldnít that change the shape of things to come?
BARBARA: Well it would for you - youíd be dead.
IAN: They canít kill us! Weíre going to end up in those cases.
BARBARA: Not necessarily. Oh, you can change the future so that we donít end up in those cases, but if weíre all dead, whatís the point?
IAN: But that means we canít fight against anybody. We donít know what weíre doing!
VICKI: Weíve just lost the Doctor. Has that already changed the future?
BARBARA: We donít know Vicki. Maybe thatís the way it happened. Weíve no reason to suppose that we all ended up in the cases at exactly the same time.
VICKI: So we could be doing exactly what weíre supposed to do?!
IAN: Iíve had enough of this. Now listen, weíre going to deal with him, and then weíre going after the Doctor, whether weíre supposed to or not.
MOROK GUARD: Thatís enough talking! Come on - move out, slowly.
BARBARA: (Whispers.) Be careful!
IAN: (Whispers.) Donít worry! Iím going to try something.
MOROK GUARD: I said move out.
IAN: (Stepping slowly forward.) Yes, we heard you the first time, but we donít feel like moving, do we?
VICKI: (Stepping forward.) No, definitely not!
BARBARA: (Pulling her back.) Ian, donít go too far!

(IAN starts approaching the GUARD who slowly steps backwards.)

IAN: Now what were you orders? To capture us? To bring us in?
MOROK GUARD: Yes, get back! Back!
IAN: There was nothing about killing us, was there? Well? Was there? Well, answer me?
MOROK GUARD:, there wasnít.
IAN: Well, think what your superiors are going to say. Theyíre going to ask ďdid you bring in the aliens?Ē, ďNoĒ youíre going to reply ďI went out and shot them allĒ.

(IAN turns to look at BARBARA and VICKI but suddenly whirls round grabbing the GUARD and his gun.)

IAN: Now run! Both of you!

(BARBARA and VICKI run for the doors and start to try pulling them apart.)

VICKI: Ian! Come on!


(LOBOS, the MOROK COMMANDER and the GUARDS outside hear the commotion and also rush for the doors. A shout from VICKI can be heard from the other side of the doors.)

LOBOS: Open those doors! Open them!


(The MOROKS open the doors and rush in. VICKI has joined IAN in struggling with the GUARD.)

IAN: Vicki!

(VICKI and BARBARA rush in different directions into the museum.)

LOBOS: Get after those women!
MOROK COMMANDER: Guards! With me!

(The COMMANDER and some of the GUARDS begin the pursuit. One of the GUARDS has joined his companion in trying to subdue IAN. LOBOS walks up to them.)

LOBOS: Take him to my office. Wait for me there.

(He walks off to join the other MOROKS.)

LOBOS: Guards! Guards!

(The other two GUARDS drag a struggling IAN outside...)


(...where he manages to throw them to the ground. He quickly steps on one GUARD'S hand before he can grab his fallen gun and follows it up with a solid punch after the GUARD has struggled to his feet. The second GUARD attacks IAN but is quickly thrown off. The first GUARD attacks him again. The second one picks up his gun and is about to club IAN with it. However, IAN swings the first GUARD round and he receives the blow instead. IAN then knees the second GUARD and chops him on the neck. He runs off leaving his two unconscious attackers on the ground.)


(BARBARA runs into a darkened storeroom. She look through the sliding door into the corridor.)


(Getting no answer, she walks into the storeroom and stops with a shock when she sees a figure in front of her. But it is only a disused display mannequin. She hears running footsteps in the corridor and runs back to the door which she slides shut.)

MOROK COMMANDER: (OOV: in corridor.) One of them came this way!

(BARBARA rushes and hides behind a couple of large boxes. The door opens and a MOROK GUARD enters the room. He checks the room but fails to see BARBARA as she edges further round the boxes. The GUARD finishes the search and goes to the MOROK COMMANDER who stands just outside the doorway.)


(The GUARD leaves, sliding the door shut behind him. BARBARA comes out of hiding and after a second tries the door - it is firmly locked.)


(An exhausted VICKI stops in a corridor to rest. She backs against another of the sliding doors and she checks down the corridor. She is grabbed from behind and pulled into the room.)


(It is the Xerons. She struggles with TOR and SITA as DAKO shuts the door.)

VICKI: Let me go! Let go of me!
TOR: Look, youíve got to trust us!
VICKI: (Stopping her struggle.) Why should I?!
TOR: We hate the Moroks. We want to see them dead! Well, you can see weíre nothing like them.

(VICKI looks at the youths and sees the difference between them and their pursuers.)

VICKI: Who are you?
TOR: Well, weíll explain everything later. First of all, we must find your companions.
VICKI: (Realising.) It was you who took the Doctor - like you took me. The old man who was with us...
TOR: Well, yes but...

(VICKI makes a run for the door. SITA pulls her back.)

TOR: We did but he fooled us. Then the Moroks caught him. Oh, we didnít hand him over to them if thatís what youíre thinking. Now where are the others?

(VICKI pauses, then...)

VICKI: I think they caught Ian.
TOR: The man? What of the woman?
VICKI: Oh, we ran so quickly, we went in opposite directions. I couldnít turn back when I realised because the guards were already behind me.
TOR: She must be making for the storerooms. Weíll have to wait at the headquarters. Dako?
DAKO: Yes?
TOR: Go and see if you can find her and bring her there. (To VICKI.) Whatís her name?
VICKI: Barbara.
TOR: Go quickly!

(DAKO rushes out.)


(LOBOS and the MOROK COMMANDER walk out of the museum and find the still groggy GUARDS who fought with IAN are now on their feet.)

LOBOS: You fools! You let them escape!
LOBOS: Well there are other ways of getting them out. Withdraw our men from this building. Have all exits guarded and have this rest search this area for the one these fools allowed to escape.
LOBOS: (To the SECOND MOROK GUARD.) You remain here.

(LOBOS and the COMMANDER stride off away from the museum. The FIRST GUARD picks up his gun and goes into the museum to carry out the Governorís order. IAN emerges from behind the TARDIS. He sees the SECOND GUARD on duty. He picks up a small rock and throws it over the ship. The GUARD hears the noise.)


(He takes out his gun and starts to edge round the other side of the ship from IAN. As he does so, IAN jumps on him, grabbing his arm and smashing it against the side of the TARDIS. He grapples him to the ground and manages to grab the GUARDS gun, pointing it at him.)

SECOND MOROK GUARD: (Scared.) Ah...ah...donít kill me! Donít...!
IAN: That depends on you. I want the answers to some questions.
SECOND MOROK GUARD: Uh, if I can help you, I will! I promise!
IAN: Iíve a friend of mine - an old man. Heís been captured. Now whatís happened to him?
SECOND MOROK GUARD: I donít know! I donít know!
IAN: Is he dead?
IAN: Where is he?
MOROK GUARD: They...they took him to the preparation room, but...itís nothing to do with me! Iím just a simple soldier!
IAN: What happens there?

(The GUARD is silent.)

IAN: I said what happens there?
SECOND MOROK GUARD: Heíll be got ready for the museum. But you canít help him. Once the process starts...
IAN: (Interrupting.) What process?
SECOND MOROK GUARD: Well, itís...itís a kind of embalmment.
IAN: How longís it take?
SECOND MOROK GUARD: Well, several hours, but...
IAN: Take me there.
SECOND MOROK GUARD: Well, youíll be killed.
IAN: (Pushing him.) Take me!
SECOND MOROK GUARD: (Getting up.) We...we...weíll both be killed!

(They set off, IAN pushing the GUARD forward at gunpoint.)


(LOBOS and the MOROK COMMANDER enter the Governorís office. LOBOS sits at his desk and reads a piece of paper that he sees on the desk.)

LOBOS: A directive from Morok. They think we made a mistake in allowing the Xeron youth to live. They are almost men and dangerous. These aliens - theyíve made fools of us!

(He switches on the communicator.)

LOBOS: ____6-2? The ventilation is standard.
MOROK GUARD: (OOV: over tannoy.) Yes sir.
LOBOS: Good, it wonít take the guards long to withdraw. In one hour the air is to be, replaced with g...Zaphra gas, is that clear?
MOROK GUARD: (OOV: over tannoy.) Perfectly.
LOBOS: Then see that my order is carried out!

(He switches off the communicator.)

MOROK COMMANDER: Zaphra gas...?
LOBOS: It is very effective. If the two women do not leave the building and surrender to the guards, the gas will eventually paralyse them.


(BARBARA is trying to lever open the door with a piece of wood. It doesnít work and she gives up.)


(Some time has passed and BARBARA is asleep against the boxes. She hears a noise and wakes up. The door slides open and a Xeron enters the room. He walks past BARBARA as she hides behind the boxes again. She gets to her feet and walks up behind him, raising the stick to strike him down.)

DAKO: Barbara? Are you in here?

(BARBARA stops in surprise as she hears her name mentioned.)

BARBARA: Who are you? How do you know my name?


(The doors of the museum open and TOR cautiously emerges.)

TOR: Thereís no guard here, hurry!

(VICKI and SITA emerge.)

VICKI: Canít we wait for Barbara?
TOR: Oh no, itís too dangerous. Dako will find her and bring her to the hideout.
SITA: (Looking round.) Now, quickly!

(They hurry off.)


(A suspicious BARBARA still holds the stick over her head in self-defence.)

DAKO: Tor and Sita have taken Vicki to our headquarters. You must believe me - we are your friends.
BARBARA: (Harshly.) Why should you be?
DAKO: Weíre Xerons. This is our planet.
BARBARA: And the others - the ones in uniform?
DAKO: Moroks - they changed our planet into a museum. A record of their wars. But soon we shall rise against them and drive them from Xeros!
BARBARA: Moroks? Well, where do they come from?
DAKO: Their planet is three light years away. They invaded us without warning. Xeros was a place of peace...and knowledge and the wisdom of our elders made us free from want.
BARBARA: (Amazed.) Well why didnít you fight back?
DAKO: Their weapons were far superior to ours. We had planned for peace and they for war. Now I want you to come with me.
BARBARA: Well...can you get us out of here?
DAKO: There are many guards but Iíll find a way, come on!

(Zaphra gas starts to pour through the sliding door.)

DAKO: Theyíve set the museum on fire!

(They try to run trough the doors but the gas drives them back, coughing.)

BARBARA: That isnít smoke - itís gas! Put something over your mouth!

(She pulls a handkerchief out and places it over her mouth. She grabs DAKOíS arm and pulls him into the corridor.)


(VICKI has been having a meal with TOR and DAKO, sat at a table in their hideout...)

VICKI: So then what happened - after the Moroks had captured the planet?
TOR: They destroyed everything, even our people. Only the children were spared - to work.
VICKI: How horrible.
TOR: We are a slave race. When we grow older we are taken to other planets. Sita, Dako and myself were due to go. Well that is why we hide here and plan.
SITA: But although we have sworn to drive the Moroks from...from Xeros, it will not be easy. The life they impose on us makes organisation difficult.
VICKI: But there donít seem to be many Moroks. Surely you must outnumber them?
TOR: It is unpleasant to admit but our opposition is weak and unarmed. Well, a very small army can easily keep control.
VICKI: But youíre supposed to be planning a revolution?!

(SITA gets up in anger at VICKIíS harsh comments and storms off to the other side of the room. TOR changes the subject.)

TOR: Why did you and your friends comes to Xeros?
VICKI: We...

(She struggles for an answer and gives up.)

VICKI: It was an accident.
TOR: Of course, no one would come to Xeros from choice. The Moroks reputation is universal.
SITA: Itís late. Iím sure Dako and your friend, Barbara, have been captured.
TOR: Well, theyíll need time to dodge the guards.
SITA: All this time. Weíd be fooling ourselves to believe otherwise.
VICKI: Well you canít just accept it! Weíve got to help them! Well, sitting here planning and dreaming of a revolution isnít going to win your planet back..
SITA: (Angrily.) We do all we can...
VICKI: By making a nuisance of yourselves, thatís all it is.
TOR: But what can we do without weapons?
VICKI: Nothing - we must get some!
SITA: Ha! Now whoís dreaming?
VICKI: The Moroks are armed.
SITA: So we take them from the Moroks?
VICKI: Why not? That is revolution!
TOR: Oh Vicki, we have tried. Occasionally we have overpowered a guard and taken his ray gun. But what can one gun do against even a small army?
SITA: And when we do that they take hostages until the gun is returned.
VICKI: Where are the guns kept?
TOR: Well, at the armoury.
VICKI: If you had guns, lots of them, could you organise your friends? Distribute the arms and really wage a war?
TOR: Of course! That is where we are strong - in our planning.
SITA: But the armoury is out of our reach.
VICKI: Donít you know where it is?
TOR: Oh, we know, but its key is something that we could never obtain.
VICKI: Oh, I donít understand.
TOR: The armaments are kept behind locked doors - an impregnable safe.
VICKI: What kind of lock does it have?
TOR: An electronic brain - programmed to ask questions. The answers given open the door. But they only open to the truth.
VICKI: A sort of lie detector. If I could see it, maybe I could...well, Iíd just like to see it anyway.
TOR: We can take you...
SITA: But why are you so interested in this, Vicki? Why do you want this revolution so much?
VICKI: Iíve as many reasons as you. (Thoughtfully.) Perhaps more, for wanting to see the future changed. Perhaps Iíll explain later but I think we should go now.

(She leads the Xerons away.)


(IAN and the MOROK GUARD reach the Morok headquarters, whose external walls are the same as the museum's.)

IAN: Whatís wrong?
SECOND MOROK GUARD: This is the building.
IAN: Well take me in.
SECOND MOROK GUARD: It would be better to wait. It...itís a busy time of day. Later on there wonít be so many guards on duty. Youíll stand a better chance.
IAN: Thereís someone coming.

(He edges around a pillar, still pointing a gun at the GUARD.)

IAN: Now find out what happened to the others, and remember, Iím here.

(IAN slides out of sight. The MOROK COMMANDER approaches. The GUARD salutes him.)

MOROK COMMANDER: Soldier! What are you doing here soldier? Why have you left your post?
SECOND MOROK GUARD: (Nervously.) The governor sent for me - I am to report to him.
MOROK COMMANDER: You didnít leave it unguarded, did you?
SECOND MOROK GUARD: The replacement hadnít arrived...

(The MOROK COMMANDER gives an exclamation of anger.)

SECOND MOROK GUARD: But the Governorís orders! He said immediately!
MOROK COMMANDER: Then why are you waiting? I will attend to your replacement.
MOROK COMMANDER: What is it now soldier?
SECOND MOROK GUARD: Have the...aliens been recaptured?
MOROK COMMANDER: Not yet. But the Zaphra gas will soon drive them from their hiding place.

(He walks off as the GUARD salutes. IAN comes out of hiding.)

IAN: You did well. Weíll take your advice and wait a while (Points.) Over there.

(They walk off.)


(In the armoury, a MOROK GUARD checks a computer bank which stands against a wall. Another smaller computer bank rests in the middle of the floor. The GUARD sits down for a minute, but then gets up as he hears a noise. TOR and SITA rush in from behind. TOR grabs him whilst SITA knocks him out with a punch. VICKI enters.)

TOR: Well, this is the armoury Vicki.

(VICKI goes over to the closed door to the arms store. On the walls next to it are two sets of photo-electric cells facing each other.)

VICKI: These must be the light beams.
SITA: Yes.

(VICKI looks at the computer bank in the middle of the room.)

SITA: Can you do anything? Do you know how it works?
VICKI: It must work to a standard pattern. (To SITA.) Break the light beam.
TOR: Well, the questions will start!
VICKI: (Brightly.) Yes, I know!

(SITA walks in front of the photo-electric cells. The computer bank whirrs into life.)

COMPUTER VOICE: Do you understand that all questions are to be fully answered?
SITA: Yes.
COMPUTER VOICE: What is your rank?
SITA: I have no rank.
TOR: You see Vicki? Not only does the reply have to be true, it has to be the correct answer as well.
VICKI: Yes. Sita, break the light beam again but this time donít answer - just let the questions run right through.

(SITA walks back. VICKI listens intently to the COMPUTER VOICE.)

COMPUTER VOICE: Do you understand that all questions are to be fully answered? (Whirrs.) What is your rank? (Whirrs.) What is your name? (Whirrs.) Do you have the Governors permission to approach? (Whirrs.) Have you a requisition signed by the Governor? (Whirrs.) What is its reference number?
TOR: Withdrawal requisition numbers are fed in from headquarters - it has to tally with the number given - thereís no chance Vicki!
COMPUTER VOICE: Which unit are you attached to?
VICKI: Isnít there? I wouldnít give in a easily as that.
COMPUTER VOICE: For what purpose are the arms needed?

(VICKI points to some tape spools on the side of the computer.)

VICKI: Look, now this is where the questions...are recorded.
COMPUTER VOICE: Has the guard on duty examined your identification papers?
VICKI: Help me get the front off.
COMPUTER VOICE: What is the current password?

(SITA watches as TOR and VICKI pull a perspex cover off another side of the computer. Behind it are bright lights and workings...)


(LOBOSíS thoughts are preoccupied. He moves to his desk and presses the communicator.)

LOBOS: Are the aliens still in the building?
MOROK GUARD: (OOV: over tannoy.) Yes sir. We have seen no movement.
LOBOS: Very well. Keep the men alerted - theyíll soon be coming out.

(He switches the communicator off.)


(BARBARA and DAKO struggle, coughing, through the gas-filled corridor.)

BARBARA: Weíre almost there, Dako!

(Behind her, DAKO collapses on the floor. BARBARA rushes to help him.)

BARBARA: Dako, come on! Come on!

(The gas soon overcomes her and she too collapses.)


(TOR and SITA watch as VICKI manipulates the workings of the computer.)

TOR: Have you done it?
VICKI: Iím not sure. I...think so.
TOR: Well the door hasnít opened.
VICKI: Youíve got to answer the questions yet.
TOR: Well then youíve failed! The lock reacts only to the truth.

(VICKI closes the perspex cover.)

VICKI: And it still does Tor. Youíll see.

(VICKI steps in front of the light beam. The computer whirrs, then...)

COMPUTER VOICE: What is your name?
VICKI: Vicki.
COMPUTER VOICE: For what purpose are the arms needed?
VICKI: (Smiling.) Revolution!

(Behind her, the door to the arms store slides open. SITA rushes in and starts going through the drawers of weapons as TOR runs to congratulate VICKI.)

TOR: Oh, well done Vicki!
VICKI: I fixed it so that I only had to answer the truth. I didnít have to give the correct reply.

(SITA runs out with some small arms which he passes to TOR.)

SITA: Thereís everything we need here and more! Weíll be able to arm everybody!
TOR: Oh good! Get as many as you can carry and give them to Sham for distribution. Iíll give mine to the ___ and bring them back here for more.
VICKI: (To herself.) I wonder if this will keep us out of the cases?


(LOBOS is writing at his desk as there is a knock on his door.)

LOBOS: Come in.

(The MOROK GUARD enters with IAN. He points to the GUARD to stand behind LOBOS as he stands before him, quickly putting the gun behind his back before the Governor looks up.)

LOBOS: Well - at last.

(He gets up and walks over to IAN.)

LOBOS: You aliens have caused me enough trouble. I shall see that you pay for it.

(He walks back to his desk and turns round to see that IAN is now holding the gun up to him.)

LOBOS: Youíll be a fool if you kill me. You will achieve nothing.
IAN: Possibly, but it might be enjoyable.

(IAN walks over to him as LOBOS sits at his desk.)

LOBOS: What do you want?
IAN: Take me to the Doctor. The old man you captured.
LOBOS: And I refuse?
IAN: I donít think youíll be that stupid.
LOBOS: Youíll kill me anyway...
IAN: Youíre wasting time.
LOBOS: Am I? It is too late for you to help him. He has already passed into the second stage of preparation.
IAN: And what does that mean?
LOBOS: He is beyond your help.
IAN: Come on! Take me to him! Move!

(LOBOS gets up and he and the GUARD walk over to the over side of the office.)

IAN: Hurry.
LOBOS: Hurrying wonít help your friend, the Doctor.

(They arrive at a sliding door.)

IAN: Is he in there?
IAN: (To the GUARD.) Open the door.

(LOBOS nods to the GUARD who does as instructed.)

IAN: Now get in, both of you.


(LOBOS and the GUARD enter the room which is filled with a whirring noise. IAN follows but stops, his eyes wide open in horror at what he sees within the room...)

IAN: (Shocked.) Doctor!

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