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(HROSTAR catches up with BARBARA and PRAPILLUS as they find themselves surrounded. Their backs are to a rockface as a ZARBI rears up before them and others join it ready to deal with the fugitives. BARBARA and the two Menoptra run to one side and momentarily away from their pursuers. They find themselves against another rockface.)

BARBARA: Weíre surrounded. Come on!

(She starts to run off but a ZARBI is in front of her. Stepping backwards, she trips and falls against the rockface, which suddenly falls back to reveal a hidden doorway in the rock. HROSTAR and PRAPILLUS help BARBARA to her feet and they run through the newly found entrance. Just as the ZARBI and their larvae guns arrive, the door slides shut again. The larvae gun fires, but it has no effect...)


(The DOCTOR and VICKI stand motionless, the gold necklaces still adorning them. The ZARBIíS attention is on the light wall and VICKI opens one eye, then the other making sure that they are not observed. She takes off her own necklace and uses it to knock the one off the DOCTORíS shoulders. She hurriedly places her own dysfunctional and converted necklace back over her shoulders. The DOCTOR falls back slightly as he comes round...)


(VICKI holds him up. The old man steadies himself, then stares at her necklace.)

DOCTOR: My dear, youíre still wearing it.
VICKI: Shh! (Whispers.) Itís all right. I took a chance and put it on. Youíve done it! It doesnít work anymore.

(They both check that they are still unobserved.)

DOCTOR: Oh yes, we must capitalise on your action. Now we know the...necklace no longer works on us, perhaps the force-field has...been reversed. I wonder? If that is so, I can control that necklace... (He holds up his hand.) with this power of my ring!
VICKI: What power does it hold?
DOCTOR: No, look, look!

(The DOCTOR has spotted activity amongst the two ZARBI at the light wall. He and VICKI freeze into immobility. One of the ZARBI comes over to them and briefly examines them. It does not spot that the DOCTOR no longer wears his necklace. It scurries off out of the room, watched carefully by the two captives. The DOCTOR takes the converted necklace off VICKI and places it over his own shoulders...)

DOCTOR: Now, this is what I want you to do, child. When you...

(The DOCTOR continues whispering instructions to her, whilst across the room, a ZARBI stands immobile.)

DOCTOR: Understand?

(They freeze back into place. VICKI suddenly staggers forward, play-acting...)

VICKI: Oh, whatís happened? Where am I?

(The ZARBI comes forward and sees the other necklace on the floor at VICKIíS feet. As it bends down to pick it up, the DOCTOR grabs the converted necklace from his own shoulders and forces it over the thorax of the ZARBI. The creature stiffens. The DOCTOR then walks round the creature holding up his ring like a talisman. The ZARBI follows him round.)

DOCTOR: Splendid! Splendid!
VICKI: (Running forward.) Doctor, youíve done it! How marvellous! What next?
DOCTOR: Well, I think we shall get our friend to take us out of here. Go outside - keep your eyes open!

(VICKI runs to the door to the control room and checks the corridor outside.)

VICKI: All clear.

(The DOCTOR signals to the creature to turn round and follow them out.)


(One ZARBI scuttles along a corridor without seeing the escapees and their escort. They stop at a junction and check round.)

VICKI: I thought weíd have seen more of these creatures, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Yes, it appears they have gone to the Plateau. Hmm.
VICKI: Well, thereís one good thing. At least that spearheadíll make it easier for us to get out here.
DOCTOR: Now, donít count your chickens, child! Thereís quite a lot ahead of us, now...go on, cautiously.

(VICKI does so, the DOCTOR signals to their ZARBI to continue following them.)


(BARBARA, in awe, staggers round the chamber in which they have found themselves. Richly decorated with winged murals and statue-like depictions of the Menoptra, the ceiling rises into a tower which BARBARA looks up towards.)

BARBARA: Itís beautiful, Prapillus! Oh, itís absolutely beautiful!
PRAPILLUS: It must be a Temple of Light. The ancient song-spinners of our race sang of their beauty. But I thought they could never be found again.
BARBARA: There are others?
PRAPILLUS: So the legends say. Sewn into the craters and plateaus of Vortis, been slowly un-woven by the silence of time and their entrances long forgotten by our species. But our Gods have not forgotten us, Harbara, this was indeed deliverance.

(HROSTAR runs forward from the entrance.)

HROSTAR: There is no sound...the Zarbi have gone. If one of us must explore...
BARBARA: No, not yet! They will leave guards.

(A voice suddenly cries out. HILIO stands on the other side of the temple with HLYNIA.)

HILIO: All is not lost!
PRAPILLUS: What are you?
HILIO: Spearhead Leader Hilio.
HROSTAR: Codewords?
HILIO: Electron.
HLYNIA: (Running forward.) Prapillus, I brought him.
PRAPILLUS: (Delighted to see her.) Hlynia! How?
HLYNIA: There was a tunnel on the lower ledge where you left me. What...what happened on the Plateau?
HROSTAR: (Sadly.) The spearhead...has failed...
HILIO: (Arrogantly.) No! The spearhead must succeed.

(He steps forward and past BARBARA, ignoring her...)

HILIO: Which is the way back to the Plateau? I will recall my force.
PRAPILLUS: No Hilio...
BARBARA: (Interrupting.) What force? From what I saw of the battle, your ďspearheadĒ was completely wiped out.
HILIO: (With contempt.) Who is this creature?
PRAPILLUS: Our ally.

(HILIO waves his arms at BARBARA and hisses...)

HILIO: I do not trust her.
BARBARA: (Sharply.) You have no choice!

(HILIO storms off. HLYNIA is upset at this breakdown in relations...)

HLYNIA: H...H...H...Hrostar, Prapillius, what shall we do?
HILIO: Is it true? Are they all dead?
PRAPILLUS: Dead, or prisoners by now.
HILIO: (In despair.) Then our main force cannot know where to land. They too will be massacred. The Menoptra....will be no more.

(PRAPILLUS paces round the temple, his arms waving in the classic Menoptra style as he quietly assesses the situation.)

PRAPILLUS: Hilio, the Menoptra have no wisdom for war. Before the Animus came, the flower forest covered the planet in a cocoon of peace. Our ancestors carved Temples like this for resting places of our dead, but that was all the work we did. There were no other plans to make. (He looks upwards...) Light was our God and we existed in light, flying above thought. (He walks over to HILIO.) Our banishment has taught us of enemies and weapons and my captivity has taught me ďstrategyĒ. They tore my wings from me and I felt, as you feel, that all was lost. But if our Gods favour our survival, we must learn their lesson and use our brains and not our wings. This ďEarth womanĒ - we must trust, for she can show us how to exist without wings, to survive and flourish. (He turns back to BARBARA.) What should we do?

(BARBARA, momentarily stuck for an answer, gathers her thoughts.)

BARBARA: Well, erm, er, what would have happened if the spearhead had been successful?
HROSTAR: Had...had we met...with no resistance, we were to proceed to the centre of the web and destroy the Animus.
HILIO: With this.

(HILIO steps forward with a small round metallic object.)

HILIO: Our wise men designed it for use against the intelligence.
PRAPILLUS: A living cell destructor?
HILIO: Yes. The web, and the living thing behind it, grows and spreads its evil around Vortis. This destructor, would have reversed the process, made the cells grow inwards and die.
HLYNIA: The electron guns failed to work against the Zarbi - would this have failed to?
BARBARA: Oh, thereís only one way to find out...
PRAPILLUS: Attack the Animus? (BARBARA nods.) Can we reach it?
HILIO: It cannot work now. We are two few.
BARBARA: (Snaps.) The only alternative is to stay here. Perhaps for years.
HROSTAR: Both ways...may mean our death. But hope...lies in...(Hisses.) action.
PRAPILLUS: Then itís decided.

(He takes the Cell Destructor from HILIOíS hands and holds it in the air...)

PRAPILLUS: We attack.!

(The Menoptra hiss with determination...)


(Far below the surface of Vortis, IAN and VRESTIN exercise their newly freed hands...)

VRESTIN: The Optera have promised to help. Heron, can we trust them?
IAN: We have no choice.
VRESTIN: They have strength down here. Their fears of the surface may grow too strong.
IAN: Itís better than being thrown into the fire.

(HETRA bounds forward and bows down to VRESTIN.)

HETRA: These tunnels breeaattthheee hate! And in the centre...grows the root of eevviillll - Poidarac!
IAN: Root?
VRESTIN: (Explaining.) The Animus.
IAN: Take us there.

(HETRA jumps round to face NEMINI.)

HETRA: Nemini...will...lead.
NEMINI: (Jumping forward to face IAN and VRESTIN.) Keep me.

(NEMINI turns and bounds across the chamber.)

HETRA: (To IAN and VRESTIN.) Come!

(IAN and VRESTIN follow HETRA and NEMINI as they, and two other Optera, move out of the chamber and down a tunnel.)


(The DOCTOR and VICKI come out of the CARSENOME with their captive ZARBI. VICKI gets her first proper sight of the surface of Vortis.)


(Behind them, the walls of the Carsenome give out a gurgling sound as the tendrils expand.)

DOCTOR: Oh! (He tuts.) Most unpleasant! Oh well my dear, so far, so good, hmm?
VICKI: Doctor, how are we gonna find the Menoptra? They could be anywhere on this planet.
DOCTOR: Yes, the Zarbiís left here to go to the spearhead. (He looks round.) Itís just about... (He points to the ground.) Yes with luck we can follow their tracks. Ha ha!
VICKI: Oh, yes, look!
DOCTOR: Letís get moving.

(They walk off, momentarily forgetting their ZARBI which stands immobile. The DOCTOR steps back.)

DOCTOR: You may not believe it, but you nearly ended up as lost property! Hmm?

(The walls of the Carsenome gurgle again...)

DOCTOR: And the same to you!

(The DOCTOR walks off, this time the ZARBI follows...)


(The DOCTOR, VICKI and their ZARBI trudge across the surface of Vortis. The DOCTOR finds the journey difficult and wipes his brow with his handkerchief.)

DOCTOR: Oh, must have a rest child. Ah!

(He leans against a crag and waves his face. VICKI sits down on the ground.)

VICKI: You know, Doctor...
VICKI: (Stroking the ZARBI.) Iím getting quite fond of Zombo.
VICKI: Zombo, itís his name. I gave it to him.
DOCTOR: Oh, yes, I see, I see. Mm.
VICKI: Heís quite cute, isnít he, when heís like this.
DOCTOR: Well, I havenít noticed before, my dear, but since you mention, no I donít think so!
VICKI: Iíve told you before not to judge by appearances.

(The DOCTOR laughs.)

DOCTOR: Oh, Iíll buy you a collar for him at the next stop!

(VICKI gets up. They start off.)

DOCTOR: But just you remember, child - if we lose him, thereís about two hundred or more ahead of us, just like that. Now, come along, come along.

(He whistles to the ZARBI to follow.)


(The underground expedition reaches a place in the tunnel that is barred by stalagmites and stalactites. HETRA and the other Optera step forward.)

HETRA: Break the teeth...of stone.

(The Optera break their way through with their crystalline spears. They clear the debris and continue onwards. IAN and VRESTIN follow. IAN coughing in the smoky atmosphere.)

IAN: Oh, the airís terrible.
VRESTIN: Yes, they are more used to it than we are, Heron.

(Ahead, the Optera see that their way is still blocked.)

NEMINI: The tunnel...breathes...vapour.
HETRA: Not here... (He grunts and looks round.) ...there!

(The Optera move in a different direction. NEMINI gestures at the wall they reach.)

NEMINI: The not friendly. We must break it!

(IAN comes up.)

IAN: Whatís wrong?
HETRA: A silent wall. We must make...m...mouths in it with our weapons. Then it speak more light. Dig Nemini.
IAN: Will it stand it?
NEMINI: Ha! We try.
VRESTIN: (OOV.) Heron!
IAN: Coming!

(IAN runs back and finds that VRESTIN is partially trapped by a small rock fall. IAN holds the ceiling up with his shoulders whilst he helps VRESTIN through. When he follows, the entire ceiling gives way behind them.)

IAN: Now we have to go on.
HETRA: Nemini, make mouth of light.
VRESTIN: Heron, I cannot breathe...
IAN: I know, (Coughs.) the fall...
VRESTIN: Breathe...
IAN: (He helps VRESTIN to stand.) ...let in more gas.
VRESTIN: (Weakly.) Breathe...
IAN: (To HETRA.) Dig!
IAN: Dig!

(NEMINI continues to do just that...)


(A plan of the Carsenome and its position has been drawn on the floor of the Temple of Light. BARBARA kneels on the floor and explains her plan.)

BARBARA: The best idea is still that we...create a mock attack here in the south in order to draw off the Zarbi. Then whilst this is happening, one of us tries to get in the centre from the north.
HILIO: (Arrogantly.) It will fail. Even if it drew most of the Zarbi, it would require just one larvae gun to stop the real attack.
BARBARA: Then what is your idea?
HILIO: I could fly over the Carsenome and try and cut my way in from above.
PRAPILLUS: No, the Carsenome is strong and vigorous. It would heal itself before you could cut your way through.
BARBARA: Then weíre left with the mock attack. (To HILIO.) It isnít perfect, I know, but itís all we have.
HILIO: Very well, I will go in alone from the north.
HROSTAR: No, I will go.

(They hiss at each other and raise their arms as if to fight. HLYNIA runs from the doorway.)

HLYNIA: Quiet! Thereís someone outside!
BARBARA: Locks the doors!
HROSTAR: Too late!
HILIO: Hide!
PRAPILLUS: If itís Zarbi, the doors will not open.

(But it is a ZARBI that comes through the doors. HILIO runs forward to beat the creature.)


(The DOCTOR has followed his captive ZARBI through the doors.)

DOCTOR: Do not attack him. Heís quite harmless.
BARBARA: Doctor!
DOCTOR: My dear Barbara.

(He glances round the room as VICKI joins him.)

DOCTOR: Where is Chesterton, hmm?


(The smoky gas is clearing. VRESTIN still supported by IAN, lets out a gasp and a sigh.)

IAN: Better? Itís clearing.

(NEMINI turns to them.)

NEMINI: The vapour seeps at our feet. Move...slowly.

(HETRA, who has been digging at the rockface, turns...)

HETRA: Nemini! Huh!

(...and indicates that she should take his place. He jumps over to IAN and VRESTIN.)

HETRA: Soon the mouth will...appear. The walls are...thin.

(NEMINI lets out a cry as acid starts to pour through a crack she has created in the rock face.)

NEMINI: The liquid hate! From above!
IAN: The acid pools! Get away!

(He moves forward to help her, but HETRA and another Optera push him and VRESTIN back with several grunts.)

HETRA: She must block the mouth or we will die!

(NEMINI forces her body into the crevice and screams out in agony as the acid starts to eat into her. IAN watches stunned...)

HETRA: It is danger...that is always with us.

(HETRA and the other OPTERA let IAN and VRESTIN go. Whilst the latter watch, the Optera jump across to the body of their companion, bow and grunt...)

HETRA: PoidaracÖ

(HETRA examines that NEMINIíS sacrifice has worked, then turns to the other Optera.)

HETRA: It is well, Try down... (He jumps round.) there.

(The other Optera goes down the passage indicated by HETRA to recommence digging. HETRA follows. VRESTIN pauses at NEMINIíS body then also follows. IAN stands silently looking down at NEMINI. The sound of digging can be heard.)

VRESTIN: (OOV: from down the passage.) Heron? They have broken the wall.

(IAN takes one last look at NEMINI, and then moves to join them...


(BARBARA has been bringing the DOCTOR up to date with events.)

DOCTOR: A most detailed report. Hmm. Yes, itís, er, interesting...
BARBARA: Will it...
DOCTOR: Interesting.
BARBARA: Will it work, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Oh, I donít see why not, my dear. (To the Menoptra.) What is in the centre of the web? Hmm? Do you know?
PRAPILLUS: No one knows. An alien from the darkness of space but the shape inside the cocoon...
BARBARA: But if it, erm, if it arrived here from another planet, surely some one must have seen it?
PRAPILLUS: Our legends of it only begin when it was already thinking itself into the crannies of Vortis and the minds of the Zarbi, spreading its web.
DOCTOR: (Almost to himself.) Where does it draw its power from, hmm?
PRAPILLUS: Is there is...power in the magnetic pole of the planet. That is where the web has its centre.
DOCTOR: Yes, the magnetic pole, I see, I see. You mean it draws and uses...the power from the planet Vortis.
PRAPILLUS: (Excited.) Yes Doctor! Their theory would...would explain the new moons that have appeared in the sky. They too are drawn here by this power.
DOCTOR: Yes, I wonder why I didnít realise that before? The same force drew and holds the TARDIS here. Yes, of course, ha, ha, ha, itís remarkable, most interesting!

(The DOCTOR and PRAPILLUS laugh...)

BARBARA: Doctor?
BARBARA: Do you intend to go ahead with the plan?
DOCTOR: The plan? The plan - yes, my dear, yes. Yes, but with a slight difference.
HROSTAR: How different, hmm?
DOCTOR: Yes, I think weíll...go ahead with the mock attack as planned, (To BARBARA.) that will be your responsibility, my dear, a time we shall agree to...
BARBARA: Yes, Doctor.
DOCTOR: (Pointing to the Cell Destructor held by HILIO.) And this...that, I shall take along with me. The girl and I will return to the Zarbi headquarters...

(HILIO arrogantly holds the Isop-tope away from the DOCTOR.)

HILIO: Our wise men have put all their skill into this one Isop-tope. I cannot yield it to a stranger.
HROSTAR: Wait! Can you...take the Isop-tope past the Zarbi safe...ty?
DOCTOR: Of course! I donít see why not?

(BARBARA whispers to PRAPILLUS for encouragement.)

BARBARA: Prapillus!
PRAPILLUS: Hilio, he is the first friend of the Menoptra ever to leave the Carsenome. We must trust...the Doctor.
DOCTOR: Thank you.

(The DOCTOR bows. With some reluctance, and some great elaboration, HILIO hands the Isop-tope to the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Thank you. I have great admiration for your wise men...and their judgement. (To BARBARA.) Now, my dear, is everything quite clear? Hmm?
BARBARA: Yes, Doctor. You will to headquarters. Once youíre safely there, we start the attack to draw out the Zarbi while you make for the centre.
DOCTOR: Precisely, (To VICKI.) come child.
VICKI: (Scared.) Doctor, have we got to...?
DOCTOR: Oh, now, now, now, cheer up, cheer up. I donít particularly want to go back there myself. Mmm?
VICKI: Itís all right. I suppose we do have the best chance. Anyway, the TARDIS is still there.
DOCTOR: Yes, what is it? What do you want? (To VICKI.) Excuse me...

(Leaving VICKI with HYLNIA, he crosses to where PRAPILLUS is with the possessed ZARBI.)

DOCTOR: Well, what do you want?
PRAPILLUS: I wondered if we could borrow this creature? I think he would be very useful in our attack.
DOCTOR: (Haughtily.) Oh, you think so, do you?
PRAPILLUS: I have made a study of the Zarbi. I think I could make use of him.
DOCTOR: You do? Hmm. Better than I? Mmm?
PRAPILLUS: Please, I have no wish to offend, but you donít know the Zarbi as I do.
DOCTOR: Er, to control him, you will have to ring. (He holds it up.) of untold value. Mmm?
PRAPILLUS: (Shouting.) But what of the value of our Isop-tope?
BARBARA: (Stepping forward.) Is, er, anything wrong?
DOCTOR: (Hastily.) No! No, my dear, no!
PRAPILLUS: A small matter.
DOCTOR: (To BARBARA.) Our friend here has suggested that...the creature goes along with your party, hmm?
PRAPILLUS: And I was thanking the Doctor for his faith in our Isop-tope!
BARBARA: Thatís a very good idea, Doctor.
DOCTOR: (Surprised.) Mmm?

(Seeing he has little choice, the DOCTOR takes off his ring and hands it with bad grace to PRAPILLUS.)

DOCTOR: Here, take it!
PRAPILLUS: May I know its secret?
DOCTOR: (Snaps.) You may not! Use it, and return it.
PRAPILLUS: Forgive me...
DOCTOR: On your life - return it. Hmm?

(PRAPILLUS bows his agreement.)


(Within the Carsenome, the ZARBI are motionless...)


(The DOCTOR and VICKI make their way back across Vortis to the Carsenome. As they near the entrance, they stop with some trepidation. The DOCTOR passes the Isop-tope to VICKI.)

DOCTOR: I think youíd better take this, my child. Itíll probably be...less conspicuous with you. Come on.

(They walk into the Carsenome.)


(The ZARBI suddenly jump up as the wall light bursts into life. They stand around the entrance to the room as the DOCTOR and VICKI enter. They find themselves surrounded by the ZARBI and their larvae guns. VICKI holds the Isop-tope.)

VICKI: Oh, Doctor!
DOCTOR: Give it me child! Give it to me!


(The underground party reaches the base of a shaft. HETRA speaks to VRESTIN.)

HETRA: Poidarac is up
VRESTIN: Heron? What should we do?

(IAN steps underneath the shaft and looks upwards.)

IAN: We go up.


(The other Menoptra party reaches the Carsenome with their ZARBI ďallyĒ.)

PRAPILLUS: Harbara, ready for you to give the word.

(BARBARA steps forward and looks towards the Carsenome.)

BARBARA: Weíll wait. Make sure the Doctor has got to the control section.


(The DOCTOR, and then VICKI, are thrown to the floor and surrounded. He holds VICKI close. On a nearby wall, a gun-like tendril rises up and spits a ray at them with a hissing noise. VICKI screams. She and the DOCTOR are enclosed in a thick mass of web...)

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