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(IAN makes a lunge at DELOS but stumbles and falls to his knees. DELOS holds his sword over IANíS neck. NERO holds his thumb down.)

NERO: Cut off his head!

(DELOS raises his sword in the air.)

NERO: Kill him!

(BARBARA cries out.)

NERO: Kill him!

(DELOS hesitates, then makes a run for NERO instead. The Emperor and BARBARA make a run to the back of the platform.)

NERO: Guards! Guards!
IAN: Look out Delos!

(DELOS kicks one of the approaching guards to the ground and uses his shield to throw sand from the floor in the second oneís face. IAN runs forward and covers him with his net. DELOS mounts the stage but before he can strike a blow at NERO, a third guard runs on the platform. They fight whilst IAN takes on SEVCHERIA and another guard. NERO laughs whilst BARBARAíS face shows panic.)

NERO: Thatís better my dear, now they really are fighting for their lives!

(DELOS overcomes his opponent with a sword thrust. He falls at NEROíS feet.)

NERO: Get up you coward and fight! Get up! Your Caesar commands it!

(NERO kicks at the dead guard who rolls off the platform. The way out, off to one side of the platform is now free.)

DELOS: Ian! We can get out this way!

(IAN jumps onto the stage.)

IAN: Come on, Barbara!

(But NERO holds her back as SEVCHERIA and a guard run for the platform. DELOS holds them back.)

BARBARA: I canít, Ian! I canít!
NERO: Kill them! Kill them!
BARBARA: Run quickly!
SEVCHERIA: After them!
IAN: Iíll come back for you somehow!

(IAN and DELOS dive out of the door.)

SEVCHERIA: After them!

(The guards and SEVCHERIA jump onto the platform.)

NERO: Youíll never catch them now.

(SEVCHERIA turns to the remaining guards.)

SEVCHERIA: Back to your posts.
NERO: (To BARBARA.) Iíll teach you to turn against me.

(He throws BARBARA at SEVCHERIA and a guard who hold her.)

SEVCHERIA: We could have caught them, Caesar Nero.
NERO: Oh, youíd never have stood a chance in the street outside. (He looks at BARBARA.) But, Iíll see them dead. Iíll see them dead.
SEVCHERIA: You think theyíll come back Caesar Nero?
NERO: For her...and when they do, youíll recognise them. Take my guards and bring them to me.
SEVCHERIA: I understand, Caesar Nero.
NERO: If you succeed, you will be rewarded. (SEVCHERIA grins.) If you fail, you die. (The grin vanishes. NERO crosses to BARBARA.) So you are a friend of the gladiators, are you? (To the guard.) Give me your sword.

(The guard does as instructed. He holds BARBARA who cries out as NERO approaches with the sword...but it is the guard himself who NERO kills.)

NERO: He didnít fight hard enough.

(BARBARAíS eyes close in fear and horror...)


(POPPAEA stands by the open window, looking perturbed. TAVIUS enters the room.)

TAVIUS: You sent for me, madam?
POPPAEA: Tavius, yes. Come here.

(He approaches.)

POPPAEA: The new slave you bought for me...
TAVIUS: Yes, madam.
POPPAEA: I find her unsatisfactory. Get rid of her.
TAVIUS: Of course, as soon as I can find a replacement.
POPPAEA: Immediately. If sheís not out of the palace today, Iíll take my own measures. And theyíll be successful this time.
TAVIUS: But the Caesar Nero...

(POPPAEA slaps him across the face.)

POPPAEA: How dare you speak to me like that! My orders are to be carried out. Otherwise your own life will be in danger.

(POPPAEA storms away. A steely look appears in TAVIUSíS eyes.)


(BARBARA cautiously walks down one of the long Palace corridors. TAVIUS comes out of the chamber.)

BARBARA: Tavius...Iíve been looking for you everywhere.
BARBARA: Is there anyone inside?
BARBARA: Well, I think it would be safer if we talked in there.

(They go back inside the chamber. BARBARA checking the corridor behind her before closing the door.)


BARBARA: Tavius, Iím desperate. Youíre the only one I can turn to. I canít move anywhere in the palace. The guards watch me all the time.
TAVIUS: Now please, slowly. I donít understand.
BARBARA: Well, you remember when you first brought me here?
BARBARA: I told you that I didnít intend to stay.
BARBARA: Well, that time has come. I was planning to leave, a...a friend of mine, Ian, is coming to collect me.
TAVIUS: Go on.
BARBARA: Well, Neroís found out about it...and he intends to use me to trap Ian.
TAVIUS: I see. Whenís your friend coming?
BARBARA: I think itís tonight.
TAVIUS: Good. Now donít worry. Iíll think of something, I promise you. Everything will be all right.
BARBARA: What can I say? I canít repay you.
TAVIUS: I need no reward. Besides, I have my own reason for helping you. Poppaea instructed me to dismiss you. I shall say I did.
BARBARA: Thank you, Tavius. Youíve given me new hope.

(She walks over to the window, then turns...)

BARBARA: Oh, do you know Maximus Pettulion?
TAVIUS: Yes...yes, I do. Why?
BARBARA: Nero is planning an appearance for him in the arena. It seem...

(She sees something out of the window and stops...)


(SEVCHERIA is posting guards outside the Palace walls.)

SEVCHERIA: Two up...march!

(Two of the guards stands inside an archway as instructed whilst the remainder follow SEVCHERIA on...)

SEVCHERIA: One up...march!

(A few yards on, another stands on patrol...)

SEVCHERIA: Two up...march!

(...with two more a few yards on. The Palace is enclosed by a ring of steel.)


TAVIUS: Maximus Pettulion? To appear in the arena?
BARBARA: (Still looking out of the window.) Tavius! Theyíre posting the guard - it must be to trap Ian!


(IAN and DELOS stand under the archway of a building as people pass by.)

DELOS: If weíve got to waste time until tonight, I suggest we get undercover.
IAN: Itís sometimes safer to hide in the open, Delos.
DELOS: We wonít get near the palace - you know that. ______ shout. Theyíll be waiting.
IAN: Perhaps...but Iíve got a friend who specialises in trouble. He dives in and usually finds a way. I think Iíll take a leaf out of his book for once. Come on!

(They run off.)


(The DOCTOR, wearing his spectacles, examines the map of Rome that BARBARA was looking at previously.)

DOCTOR: You know what this is, child, donít you? Hmm?
VICKI: (Bored.) Plans?
DOCTOR: Yes. Caesar Nero made it. The rebuilding of Rome. Let me see, where are we now? 64AD, July. Yes, of course! He sets fire to Rome! (Laughs.)
VICKI: I know about that, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Yes, he must...I expect his plan will be ready at any time now. Hmm. (Laughs.)

(TAVIUS hisses behind him.)

TAVIUS: Maximus!
DOCTOR: Must you hiss my name from all corners? Hmm?
TAVIUS: Iím sorry, but I have news.
TAVIUS: Nero has arranged for you to play in the arena.
DOCTOR: Oh! Has he now? Well, I must have misjudged the fellow! Ho, ho! Hmm, Hmm!
TAVIUS: And as you play...the lions will be released!
DOCTOR: (Unperturbed.) Oh, that will be charming!
TAVIUS: Well, obviously you must leave here...before this ďconcertĒ.
DOCTOR: Oh, obviously, hmm.
TAVIUS: So if you still intend to carry on with your plan, todayís your last chance to kill Nero.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes. (Suddenly realises what TAVIUS has said.) Kill Nero? I beg your pardon?
TAVIUS: Maximus, when you first sent word from Corinth of your intention to murder the Caesar Nero, I informed your allies in the court.
DOCTOR: Oh, yes, you did, did you? Yes.
TAVIUS: Then, when the...the, er, assassins left here to waylay you on your journey, Naturally, I thought that was the end.
DOCTOR: Yes, but I arrived here, hmm?
TAVIUS: Yes Maximus, you arrived here.
DOCTOR: Hmm. And the Centurion who was killed by my, er, allies, was the man that knew all about my plans and Nero didnít? (Laughs.)
TAVIUS: Yes, yes, we all know that but my main concern now, Maximus, is that you should act on what I say.
DOCTOR: I shall certainly act on what you say - immediately! Hmm?
TAVIUS: (Starting to leave.) Oh, good, good! And the lions will go hungry after all, eh?
DOCTOR: Yes! (Laughs.)

(TAVIUS leaves.)

DOCTOR: Hmm. Well, thatís settled that little bit of intrigue. (Laughs.) Iím a would-be murderer, am I? (Laughs.) Well, we must be going, child. I want to leave here as soon as itís dark.
VICKI: Oh, but Doctor...
DOCTOR: Now, now, now, thereíll be no arguments. You will do as I say. Hmm?

(NERO enters the room and holds his hands up in greeting.)

NERO: Maximus, my dear friend!
DOCTOR: Oh, my dear Caesar Nero!

(The DOCTOR stands with the map behind him, holding his glasses behind his back.)

NERO: I have a surprise for you!
NERO: Guess what it is!
DOCTOR: Well now, let me think, ahh, you want me play in the arena! Hmm (Laughs.)
NERO: (The smile disappears from his face.) You guessed...
DOCTOR: Well, itís no problem at all, after all, you want to do you very best for your fellow artists, well, why not the arena? Hmm?
NERO: (Putting on a good face.) Y...yes, yes, of course, that is exactly right.
DOCTOR: Yes, but I promise you, I shall try to make it a...ĒroaringĒ success!
NERO: (The smile disappears again.) Youíll have to play something special, you know?
DOCTOR: Oh, yes, of course, of course, yes. Something serious, yes. Something they can ďreally get their teeth intoĒ! Hmm?
NERO: (Almost crying.) You canít know, you canít! Iíve told no one!
DOCTOR: Caesar Nero, Iíve always wanted to put on a good show, to give a great performance.

(Behind the DOCTOR, the hot sun shines through the window and directly through the his glasses...onto the plan of Rome!.)

DOCTOR: After all, who knows? If I ďgo down wellĒ, I might even make farewell performance. (Laughs.) You see, Iíve always wanted to be considered as an artist of ďsome tasteĒ!

(A black spot appears on the plan as it starts to burn.)

DOCTOR: Generally regarded as, er,, ďpalatableĒ, hmm? But I must be boring you, oh I must!

(A flame appears...)

DOCTOR: Surely you many other important things to attend to without standing here, ďchewing overĒ the facts with me? (He smells the air.) Good gracious, thereís something burning!

(The DOCTOR turns, revealing the burning papers. NERO dives forward in a fury.)

NERO: My plans! My drawings for New Rome! You fool! You idiot!

(VICKI attempts to swat the flames with the curtains whilst the DOCTOR looks distinctly uneasy.)

NERO: A lifetimeís work! Iíll have you both killed over and over again! Guards! Guards!

(Guards rush in and stand to attention.)

NERO: Fool! Idiot! Traitor! Pig! Iíll stick you both in the arena, on an island with water all round, a...and in the water there will be Alligators and the water level will be raised and the Alligators will get you! Fool! Traitor...!

(He stops suddenly as he looks at the burning plan in his hand, a look of delight on his face...)

NERO: Brilliant! YouÖareÖaÖgenius! A genius! (Laughs.) I will make you rich! Rich! (Laughs.) So the senate wouldnít pass my plans, eh? Wouldnít let me build my New Rome? But, if the old one is burnt, if it goes up in flames, they will have no choice! Rome will be rebuilt to my design! Brilliant! Brilliant!

(Holding a burning plan like a torch, he runs from the room.)

DOCTOR: (To the guards holding himself and VICKI.) Well, there you are, release us. You heard what Nero said: ďBrilliant, brilliant!Ē (Laughs nervously.) Let us go, will you? Otherwise youíll be getting some of that Alligator treatment. Hmm hmm. (The guards let go of them.) Go on, on your way. About your business. Go along. Hmm hmm!

(The guards leave the room.)

DOCTOR: Weíd better be going, child and I want to leave here as soon as itís dark.
VICKI: I didnít think that was going to work.
DOCTOR: Wasnít going to work? What next? I never had any doubt in my mind, my dear.


(Still laughing and holding the burning plan, NERO runs along one of the corridors. POPPAEA rushes out from one side.)

NERO: Fantastic! Brilliant! (Laughs.) Itís a fantastic idea, Poppaea.
POPPAEA: (Looking nervously at the burning parchment.) Well, if itís your idea, dearest, it must be.
NERO: Well, nearly all mine, dear. You know how Iíve always longed to rebuild Rome, name it after myself.
POPPAEA: Yes, I know.
NERO: At last, hereís a chance of making it all come true. Burn the old one, and the cynics will have to pass my plans. It is a good idea, isnít it?
POPPAEA: (Not sounding convinced.) Yes, very.
NERO: Did you want me?
POPPAEA: Only to find out why the Palace has been surrounded by guards.
NERO: (Thinking.) Guards? Oh, yes, of course, yes. That new slave of yours, that girl, she and some of her friends are coming here tonight. Theyíll be captured and killed. I must, er, get someone to start the fires. Tonight! No time like the present.

(He runs off, leaving a smiling a triumphant POPPAEA behind.)


(It is evening. SEVCHERIA patrols the grounds. Guards salute him as he passes. He stops to address one.)

SEVCHERIA: Stand up straight, soldier.

(He passes more of the densely posted guards, then stops to stare into the night. From a nearby balcony, BARBARA also watches and waits.)


(NERO sits on a throne with TAVIUS and guards in attendance.)

NERO: Whatís keeping them? The guards should have returned hours ago with my, er, torchbearers.
TAVIUS: (To one of the guards.) You - go and see if theyíre outside.

(The guard leaves.)


(IAN and DELOS are making their way through the Palace grounds. They dive behind some bushes as they hear the murmur of voices.)

DELOS: Ian, guards!
IAN: There must be someway of getting in here. Quick! Delos, get into line.

(IAN and DELOS run and join a long line of men walking into the Palace - NEROíS ďtorchbearersĒ. Keeping their faces averted, they walk straight past SEVCHERIA.)


(The group of men assemble before NEROíS throne.)

TAVIUS: Hurry, hurry, come.

(NERO stands, takes a bowl from a guard and tips it over. The ground is littered with gold pieces. The crowd are stunned.)

NERO: Well, pick them up then.

(The crowd need no second bidding. With a cry, they dive to the ground, IAN and DELOS among them but they are more concerned with watching their surroundings.)

DELOS: ____ Ian?
IAN: I donít know. I tell you one thing, if I get the chance, Iím going to find Barbara.
NERO: Thatís enough. Silence!

(The crowd fall silent and rise to their feet. As NERO speaks, TAVIUS looks over the crowd. He sees IAN and DELOS watching around themselves carefully.)

NERO: That was just a sample. There will be more for you, if you carry out the task that I have for you. I want you men to start fires in the hutments next to the circus. The fire will spread quickly. By tonight, all Rome will be ablaze. Kill anyone who tries to stop you. You are acting on orders from Caesar Nero, Emperor of all Rome!

(TAVIUS walks over to IAN and DELOS whilst this order is being given.)

TAVIUS: You are Ian?
IAN: Yes.
TAVIUS: Come with me.

(DELOS nods to IAN who walks away with TAVIUS. NERO re-takes his throne.)

NERO: (Almost to himself.) Then, the rebuilding will commence. A new city will arise from the flames...Neropolis, Nerocaesum or, huh, just plain Nero!


(A guard stands behind SEVCHERIA as he ponders...)

SEVCHERIA: Yes...they may have got in with the crowd. If they did, they wonít get out.


(TAVIUS takes IAN down a corridor.)

IAN: But how did you know Iíd get in that way?
TAVIUS: I didnít. I just put myself in your place and that seemed the logical entrance. Come with me.

(TAVIUS parts a curtain and they enter a room.)


(BARBARA is within.)

IAN: Barbara!

(They hug. TAVIUS opens a chest and takes out a cloak that he puts round BARBARA.)

TAVIUS: Put this on.
BARBARA: Will we get out of here?
IAN: Thereís a chance, Barbara. Just a chance.

(They go back into the corridor.)


(A noise is heard by SEVCHERIA. He turns to a guard.)

SEVCHERIA: See what that is.

(The guard walks off to some bushes, where...)

DOCTOR: This way child...and try and be quiet. The place is swarming with guards.

(They come round the bushes and in front of the guard.)

DOCTOR: Oh, er, itís only us!

(The guards salutes and walks off. VICKI sighs with relief. The guard returns to SEVCHERIA and nods at him. SEVCHERIA sheathes his sword.)


(The assembled crowd light excitedly light torches as NERO watches. Unseen, IAN and BARBARA run back in and join DELOS. NERO stands.)

NERO: Silence! Leave now and start the fires.

(The crowd cheer and run off to commence their task, among them IAN, BARBARA and DELOS.)


(IAN, BARBARA and DELOS are last out of the chamber. SEVCHERIA approaches. DELOS thrust his torch into his face. He falls with a cry. The three fugitives back up against a curtain.)

IAN: Well done, Delos!
DELOS: The Emperorsí instructions! Well, now that youíve found Barbara, where are you making for?
IAN: We go north.
BARBARA: Assessium.
DELOS: Well, Iíll travel some of the way with you. And thereís home for me. They wonít catch me a second time. I promise you that.
IAN: (Points.) Come.

(They run off. Two guards come across the prone form of SEVCHERIA.)


(TAVIUS looks out of the window, into the darkness.)

TAVIUS: Good luck, my child, good luck.

(In his hand he holds a small wooden cross...)


(A small distance from Rome, the DOCTOR and VICKI push their way through bushes.)

VICKI: Think the roadís just up ahead.
DOCTOR: Good, good. I expect Ian and Barbaraíll be wondering when weíre going to get back. (Laughs.)
VICKI: Doctor!
VICKI: Look!

(Beyond a hillside, the night sky is lit up by the glow of flames.)

DOCTOR: Oh, ha ha! The great fire of Rome, my dear. Hmm?
VICKI: My first real sight of history!
DOCTOR: Yes, a most memorable occasion. (Laughs.)

(They sit down.)

VICKI: Isnít it think that people will read about that in books for thousands and thousands of years and here am I sitting here actually watching it.
DOCTOR: Hmm...hmm, hmm.
VICKI: Itís a pity they got it all wrong.
DOCTOR: Hmm? Got it all wrong? What do you mean child? Hmm?
VICKI: Well, they didnít mention you.
DOCTOR: Ah, of course not. Why should they? Hmm?
VICKI: Well, it was you who gave Nero the idea, wasnít it?
DOCTOR: I?...Gave him? (Laughs.)
VICKI: Honestly, Doctor! And after that long talk you gave me about not meddling with history, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
DOCTOR: Itís got nothing to do with me!
VICKI: You burnt his drawings!
DOCTOR: Oh, yes, an accident!
VICKI: Well, maybe it was but if you hadnít....
DOCTOR: Well, he could have...he could have, he would have been told someone else, you canít possibly accuse me of...of...of...f, (Points.) for that! Hmm?
VICKI: (Standing.) All right, you have it your way, Iíll have it mine.

(She walks off. The DOCTOR also stands.)

DOCTOR: Now look here, young lady, lets settle this. Insinuating that all this fault. Hmm? My fault!

(The DOCTOR laughs as the flames beyond the hill get fiercer.)


(NERO also laughs, but more maniacally as the city burns around him. He plays his Lyre as the conflagration continues...)


(A Cock crows to mark the dawn as IAN and BARBARA enter the villa. It is unchanged since they left.)

IAN: Nobody about.
BARBARA: Bit early, they might not be up yet.
IAN: If the master was back, the servants would be. Surely Vicki or the Doctor would have cleared up this mess.

(He spots the broken vase on the floor that BARBARA accidentally hit him with when they were last in the villa.)

IAN: Ha! thatís what they hit me on the head with?
BARBARA: (Guiltily.) Yes. (Takes off her cloak.) Surely the Doctor wouldnít have gone back to the TARDIS without us?
IAN: No, I donít think so. All in all, I think weí back before them.
BARBARA: Yeah. Oh, Iím so hungry.
IAN: Yes, er, so am I. Erm, Barbara, there must be a bit of that, er, cold peacock of yours left in the fridge.
BARBARA: Hey, youíre right!
IAN: Er, why donít you have a look?

(She walks off a few paces, then stops...She turns back and starts throwing cushions at him.)

BARBARA: Oh, very funny! Instead of sitting there making stupid jokes, why donít you get yourself cleaned up? As a matter of fact, you can start with this. (Points to the vase.)
IAN: Oh, Barbara!
BARBARA: Well you broke it.
IAN: I did?
BARBARA: Yes, well, I know I picked it up to help but you got your head in the way.
IAN: (Pauses, then...) You hit me on the head with that!
BARBARA: Well, see, erm, well, in the struggle, you...

(He starts to chase her round the room.)

IAN: So, Iíve got you to blame for being thrown into jail, eh? Made to...row in a galley! Fight like a Roman...
BARBARA: Oh, what are you doing?
IAN: Iíll show you what Iím going to do!

(He grabs her to thrust her head into the fountain.)

BARBARA: Ahh! No! No! All right...Iíll clear it up.
IAN: Ah...better.

(He lets her go and lies on the couch as BARBARA starts to clear up the vase. IAN sighs and quotes LatinÖ.)

IAN: Oh tempera, oh mores.

(They smile.)


(The DOCTOR and VICKI have arrived back. IAN and BARBARA, cleaned up and in fresh Roman clothes are asleep on the couches. It looks as though they have never left the villa.)

DOCTOR: Well, well, well, well!
IAN: Oh, oh, Doctor!
BARBARA: Vicki, youíre back!

(IAN and BARBARA stretch themselves awake.)

DOCTOR: Oh, what zest, what youthful exuberance! Try not to look at them, child, their outburst of energy could make you go dizzy!
VICKI: Barbara, we went to Rome. We met Nero! They all thought the Doctor was a musician and they gave a concert and all these people were...
BARBARA: (Struggling up.) Vicki, Vicki, listen, listen...
DOCTOR: My dear Barbara. The young lady doesnít want to listen to people who have been idling away their days.
BARBARA: (Indignant.) I havenít been idling!
DOCTOR: Well, now youíve had a nice long holiday, Iím sure you canít wait to get back to the TARDIS, hmm?
IAN: If you let us get a word in edgeways, weíd...
DOCTOR: Itíll have to keep. Have a grape!

(He pops a grape in IANíS open mouth as VICKI laughs.)

DOCTOR: Come along, my dear.

(He leads VICKI out, the both of them laughing.)

IAN: Well, how do you like that?
BARBARA: Oh well...
IAN: Hmm!
BARBARA: Even if we had told them, I donít think theyíd have believed us.
IAN: No. Said we were dreaming.
BARBARA: Oh, it isnít fair, Ian, is it?
IAN: No it is not! Though, got a funny side to it, hasnít it?

(He laughs. BARBARA joins in.)

DOCTOR: (OOV.) Come along, lazy bones!

(They both sigh and get up to follow. IAN picks up a goblet and an metal jug of wine.)

IAN: Roman souvenir!

(They leave.)


(The TARDIS, still lying at an angle, dematerialises...)


(The travellers are still in their Roman clothes. The DOCTOR circles the console as VICKI excitedly tells BARBARA and IAN of their adventures.)

VICKI: ...And you see, after that, he got and he started pretending to play the Lyre and the point was, he wasnít really playing it at all.
BARBARA: But no one would admit they couldnít hear him.
VICKI: Exactly! He fooled everybody!

(They laugh.)

IAN: He usually does, Vicki. Youíll see.
BARBARA: Oh, well. Much as I like these clothes, I really think we ought to change into something a little more practical.
VICKI: Yes, youíre right. Where will we go next? Has the Doctor told you yet?
BARBARA: Oh no. He never does that.
VICKI: You mean itís a surprise?
IAN: Er, yes, erm, to everybody!
VICKI: But the Doctor can work the ship canít he?
BARBARA: (Sounding unconvincing.) Er...yes.
IAN: (Also unconvincing.) Oh, sort of...
VICKI: Go on, he must know what heís doing. Heís been at those controls for hours. I donít believe you! Come on, Barbara.

(The two women walk into the inner section of the ship, laughing. Still holding his goblet and jug of wine, IAN crosses to a worried looking DOCTOR. A strange noise fills the air...)

IAN: Anything wrong, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Uh? Oh, Chesterton! Yes, you know, I wouldnít had thought it possible but somehow weíve materialised for a split second of time...and been imprisoned in some kind of force. I simply canít break its hold. Somewhere, somehow, the...weíre being slowly dragged down. Hmm (Laughs nervously.)
IAN: Dragged down?
IAN: To what?

(The DOCTOR looks straight at IAN. He has no answer...)

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