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(At the top of a flight of steps, a man slowly steps into view. He is dressed in shabby, ill-fitting clothes, the shirt of which has a unusual series of broken jagged white symbols emblazoned on it. Strangest of all, he wears a strange metallic helmet on his head which covers his cranium and is attached to a metallic collar which surrounds his neck. Behind him on a brick wall is a poster that reads ďEMERGENCY REGULATIONS. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO DUMP BODIES INTO THE RIVERĒ. The wall is part of a support of a bridge over the river. The man stops momentarily, gives out a cry and tears the collar part of his helmet away. With a glazed expression, he walks down the steps towards the riverís edge. He does not stop here but continues to walk into the water, falls face down onto its surface...and floats away. At the top of the steps, in front of the poster, the TARDIS silently materialises.)


(The scanner screen continues to show the hazy indistinct image. The DOCTOR walks up to the console, coughing, tutting and muttering in exasperation. He dusts his handkerchief over the controls and flicks a switch several times without success.)

DOCTOR: Mmm! Itís not clear, itís not clear at all!

(His three companions enter the room. SUSAN chattering away to IAN, her words lost over the sound of the DOCTORíS continued mutterings.)

DOCTOR: What has gone wrong?
IAN: (Looking at the scanner.) Well Doctor, where are we now then?
BARBARA: Somewhere nice and quiet, I hope.
SUSAN: (To the DOCTOR.) Oh yes! Letís have a holiday!
DOCTOR: Take a look for yourselves.

(SUSAN turns her head and joins the teachers in looking at the scanner.)

BARBARA: Well, I canít see anything.
IAN: Well, neither can I.

(SUSAN starts to look at the read outs on the console.)

DOCTOR: Well, it looks like moving water to me. It might be a river...somewhere. I donít know, hmm! Whatís the reading Susan, hmm?

(He walks round the console and stands by his Granddaughter.)

SUSAN: Radiation nil, Oxygen normal, pressure normal. Grandfather, itís an earth reading.

(IAN and BARBARA smile at each other and stand next to each other.)

DOCTOR: Well I...I donít want to boast but we might be somewhere in London, hmm?
IAN: (Laughing.) Well, what are we waiting for? Letís go and have a look!
BARBARA: (To SUSAN.) Come on, open the doors.

(She does so and all four walk outside.)


(The four walk out of the ship. IAN and BARBARA walk towards the top of the steps and look out over the river towards a warehouse on the opposite bank. The DOCTOR stands to one side with his arm round SUSAN. All is silent.)

IAN: Barbara, we made it! Weíre here!
DOCTOR: Well, there we are, back home, your planet. (He laughs with satisfaction.)
IAN: You brought us a long way round, Doctor.
DOCTOR: (He laughs again.) More by good luck than judgement, hmm?

(He laughs again as he goes to examine the dereliction of their immediate surroundings.)

DOCTOR: Oh, what a horrible mess.
BARBARA: Are we down by the docks?
IAN: (Cupping his hands and shouting.) Heeellllooooo!

(The silence continues...)

IAN: Pretty deserted. Probably Sunday.

(SUSAN runs towards to one side of the landing area.)

DOCTOR: Itís uncanny. I wonder which era weíve landed in?
IAN: What was that Doctor?
DOCTOR: Oh, I, I was just wondering about the time factor, my boy.
IAN: Oh, a year or two either way doesnít make much difference to us, you know.
DOCTOR: Well, I hope for both your sakes itís nearer your time than nearer mine. We might have landed in the early 1900ís or the, twenty-fifth century.
BARBARA: Well, itís still London, anyway.
IAN: Yes!

(He spots SUSAN starting to climb part of the wall.)

IAN: Hey! What are you doing?
SUSAN: Oh, Iím just having a look. You canít see much down there, can you?
DOCTOR: (Almost to himself.) Yes, thatís the word I was looking for - decay. Hmm. Most odd, most odd.
BARBARA: Doctor, whatís worrying you?
DOCTOR: Well you take this bridge now. It isnít an easy task is it? Look at all this neglect all over the place. Been abandoned, all of it.
IAN: Thereís always a mess with construction work, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Ah, perhaps, perhaps.
BARBARA: Oh, come on Doctor, stop spoiling everything.
DOCTOR: (Holding her by the arms.) Oh, my dear, I...believe you me, I wouldnít spoil your homecoming for all the world.
SUSAN: (Near the top of the wall.) I still canít see much. Thereís not a sign of any people any....ahh!

(She loses her footing and falls badly to the ground.)

IAN: (Reprovingly.) Susan!

(BARBARA then the DOCTOR go over to attend to the stricken girl.)

BARBARA: Oh, I think sheís just shaken.
DOCTOR: (Angrily.) Yes, sheís always dashing about, arenít you? Youíre far too curious.
IAN: Oh, lucky it wasnít any worse.

(There is a sudden grinding noise. IAN points above them.)

IAN: Look out! The whole things coming down!

(He joins the DOCTOR and BARBARA in carrying SUSAN out of the ways of the falling metal. They turn and see through the dust that a huge latticed metal girder has landed in front of the TARDIS - completely blocking the door.)

DOCTOR: The ship, Chesterton, the ship!

(The DOCTOR and IAN walk towards the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: Donít go too near, my boy, it isnít safe.
IAN: The whole bridge has collapsed!
DOCTOR: Yes, well itís all crumbling.

(IAN examines the girder.)

IAN: Weíre going to need help to shift this.
DOCTOR: Yes, itís going to be very difficult. But remember, weíre in London.
IAN: Oh, whatís that got to do with it?
DOCTOR: Well, the, the, the people, theyíll all be curious. Theyíll want to know why weíre trying to break into a police box. Hmm?
IAN: Yes. If they donít ask what a police box is doing under a bridge in the first place.
DOCTOR: Yes, exactly.
IAN: You know, itís primarily...this girder. What I need is an acetylene torch.
DOCTOR: (Laughs.) Oh, my dear boy, you canít just whisk up men and material out of the thin air, now can you? Hmm?
IAN: (Looking across the river.) Thereís a warehouse over there, Doctor. I might be able to find a crowbar or something.
DOCTOR: (Laughing at IAN.) You know, my dear boy, I never fail to be impressed by your optimism. You canít move that by sheer brute force. You were right - you need a cutting flame.
IAN: (Quietly.) I know one thing for sure, Doctor. Weíd better make sure we can get back into the ship before we start looking around. Just in case thereís trouble.
DOCTOR: (Nods with approval.) Itís intelligent, hmm. Thatís good.

(He walks away in thought.)

DOCTOR: But you know, young man, I have a feeling, well call it inst...intuition if you like, I donít believe weíre anywhere near your time, the 1960ís.
IAN: (Following him.) Er, I hope it is only an intuition, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Yes, well ask yourself. Here we are standing by the Thames and, er, weíve been here quite a while, how long, what, ooh, quarter of an hour, twenty minutes? Hmm?
IAN: Easily. But what about it?
DOCTOR: Well, what have we heard? Hmm? Nothing, precisely nothing. No sound of birdsong. No voices. No sound of shipping. Not even the chimes of old Big Ben. Hmm! Itís uncanny, hmm? Uncanny.

(The sound of SUSAN and BARBARAíS talking reaches him. He walks over to them.)

BARBARA: No bones broken anyway.
SUSAN: Oh, thank goodness.

(SUSAN leans on BARBARA as she cannot stand on her hurt ankle.)

SUSAN: Iím sorry about what happened, Grandfather.
DOCTOR: Oh, so youíre sitting up and taking notice again are you? Hmm?
SUSAN: Donít be angry with me. There was no real harm done, was there? I just twisted my ankle...
DOCTOR: (Sarcastically.) No! No harm done, child. No harm done, no. Do you realise we canít get into the ship and whatís all this rubble then? (He gestures at the TARDIS.) Look at it! Hmm?
SUSAN: I didnít pull the bridge down on purpose.

(IAN laughs at the DOCTORíS exasperation.)

IAN: The Doctor and I are going to have a look in that warehouse over there.
BARBARA: Well, canít we all go?
IAN: Well, howís your ankle, Susan?
SUSAN: Iíll try it.

(SUSAN tries to hobble but falls to the ground in pain.)

SUSAN: Not very good, is it?

(BARBARA kneels down and takes SUSANíS shoe off to examine her ankle.)

SUSAN: Itís awfully swollen.
IAN: Well, that settles it then. You need to stay here.
DOCTOR: We shall be as quick as we can. (To SUSAN.) And you bathe that ankle. What you need is a jolly good smacked bottom!! (To IAN.) Come on.

(He stalks off as BARBARA and SUSAN look at him in surprise at his inability to see that SUSAN is no longer a young girl. IAN ruffles her hair in a friendly fashion and follows the old man.)

BARBARA: Oh Susan, it is swollen.
BARBARA: Can you twiddle your toes?

(She manages to do so.)

SUSAN: At least thatís alright.
BARBARA: You wait here then. Iíll go and wet my handkerchief in the river.

(She walks off.)

SUSAN: (Calling after her.) Iím sorry Barbara.

(SUSAN hits her leg in frustration and nervously looks around her silent surroundings.)


(The area around the warehouse is as deserted as the riverside. The only sound is that of a chain hanging from a wharf crane as it creaks in the wind.. The DOCTOR and IAN climb onto the first steps of a staircase leading into the warehouse.)

DOCTOR: Letís take a swift look.

(IAN nods. They start to walk up the steps. A loose plank rests on one of the steps. The DOCTOR steps onto it.)

IAN: Careful Doctor.
DOCTOR: (Turning to IAN.) Iím not a half-wit.

(They continue up the staircase and enter the warehouse.)


(The inside of the warehouse is as derelict as elsewhere. Itís crumbling interior is filled with abandoned boxes and other items. The DOCTOR and IAN starts to clamber round them.)

IAN: (Calling out.) Hello there!


(BARBARA climbs back up from the river carrying the wet handkerchief and sees the ďEMERGENCY REGULATIONSĒ poster. She hesitates and reads it in puzzlement. She walks round the TARDIS and the collapsed girder to where SUSAN waits on the ground. She kneels down beside her.)

BARBARA: You know, weíre not in our time in London, Susan.
SUSAN: Why do you say that?
BARBARA: (Wrapping the handkerchief round SUSANíS ankle.) Well, I know London. It isnít like this. The riverís too quiet and...thereís no sound of traffic. Thereís a strange poster on the wall back there. Just doesnít make sense.
SUSAN: Well, off we go again!

(She sees the look of disappointment on BARBARAíS face.)

SUSAN: Iím sorry Barbara. Is it selfish to want us all to stay together?
BARBARA: (Laughs gently.) No, of course not. We ought to be able to hear something. I mean itís ridiculous.
SUSAN: Thingís have to stay as they are, donít they? Canít change.
BARBARA: I suppose so. Anyway, maybe theyíve done away with noise altogether. Howís your ankle feeling?
SUSAN: Oh, its throbbing crazy.
BARBARA: Mmm. Donít think this is wet enough. Hold on a minute.

(She walks away with the handkerchief back towards the water.)


(IAN and the DOCTOR have explored further into the warehouse climbing down a narrow wooden staircase. IAN heads towards another doorway but the DOCTOR calls him towards a different direction.)

DOCTOR: Chesterton?
IAN: Mmm?
DOCTOR: Come here.

(As IAN follows him, a young man, DAVID CAMPBELL watches them go.)


(The DOCTOR pushes the door open and enters the room followed by IAN. Empty pallets, boxes and packing cases litter the dusty room. The DOCTOR coughs and waves his handkerchief in front of his face.)

IAN: Empty.
DOCTOR: What a musty smell. This place hasnít been used in years. (Coughs.)

(He walks further into the room and starts to examine its contents as IAN looks through a nearby window.)

IAN: Doctor?

(He beckons him over.)

IAN: Lost two chimneys...


(The familiar shape of the power station is disfigured by the fact that two of its chimneys are nothing but ruined stumps. Next to the station is the round shape of a nuclear power plant.)

DOCTOR: (OOV.) Whatís that monstrosity out there, mm?
IAN: (OOV.) Itís Battersea power station.


IAN: Whatís happened to those two chimneys?
DOCTOR: Hmm. Whatís happened to London, dear boy, is more to the point.

(He laughs gently and steps away from the window.)

IAN: Must have gone over to nuclear power.

(The DOCTOR crosses over to a desk and pulls open a drawer from which he takes an object. He reaches into his waistcoat pocket, pulls out his glasses and puts them on. IAN looks around him. The DOCTOR examines the object.)

DOCTOR: Ah, here, look. (Laughs.)
IAN: Mmm?
DOCTOR: Ah then, at least we know the century, dear boy, look.

(The object is a ďpage a dayĒ calendar, the top page of which reads...)

IAN: 2164!


(BARBARA thoroughly douses the handkerchief in the water. She looks up in shock. The dead body of the man with the strange helmet is floating in the water near to her. She walks back in shock to the ship. There is no sign of SUSAN.)

BARBARA: Susan!?

(There is the sudden sound of gunfire.)

BARBARA: Susan!?

(A roughly dressed and dirty man drops down from the top of the wall.)

BARBARA: Who are you?
INSURGENT: (Panicked.) Do you want to get killed?
BARBARA: Whereís Susan? What have you done with her?
INSURGENT: Do you mean the girl? Tylerís got her. Well come on. Weíve got to get out of here. Quick! Follow me!

(He runs off. BARBARA glances towards the warehouse over the river, hesitates, then runs after the man.)



(The sound of gunfire reaches the warehouse but is not noticed by the DOCTOR as he continues to examine the contents.)

DOCTOR: (Muttering.) All this jumble here...

(He moves two small boxes off the top of a larger cardboard box. This falls over and a body falls out - wearing a similar helmet to the one who threw himself into the river. The two men rush to examine him.)

IAN: What...heís dead.
IAN: (Pointing at the helmet.) What on earth is this?
DOCTOR: Well itís some sort of adornment but...what for?
IAN: I donít know. Do you think it could be some sort of medical aid, Doctor? You know, if he fractured his skull, something to knit the bones together?
DOCTOR: No, I...think thereís something more to it than that. (Examining the helmet.) You know, I think that this is an extra ear. Ideal for picking up high frequency radio waves.
IAN: You mean these people have invented some form of personal communication?
DOCTOR: (Holding up his monocle.) Yes, something like that. Hmm.

(IAN spots something lying next to the man.)

IAN: Well, whatís this?

(He picks the object up. It is a vicious looking, multi-tasseled whip.)

IAN: A whip? Why?
DOCTOR: Well, whatever it is, I wouldnít like to meet one of these fellows, you know. Hmm?

(They suddenly hear a creaking noise in the other room. They stand up and the body falls over slightly. A knife is sticking out of its torso.)

DOCTOR: Been murdered.

(The creaking noise sounds is heard again. IAN rushes through the door.)


(This part of the warehouse is even more decrepit. Narrow passageways are cluttered with junk and fallen supports, some of which block IANíS way. He kicks another door open.)


(They find themselves in another derelict room.)

IAN: A storeroom. That noise came from up here.


(They find themselves back in the room with the narrow wooden staircase. IAN goes back to the door he was going to try earlier. It is locked. He stands back, takes a run at the door...)


(...and falls into empty space as the fallen door crashes down a metal staircase and IAN grabs hold of some metal supports, dangling high above the ground. The DOCTOR leans out of the doorway and pulls him in.)

DOCTOR: Ah, dear boy! Come on!

(IAN clambers to safety. The DOCTOR gasps for breath and mutters about the fright he gave him.)

IAN: Ah, no one can get through that way!
DOCTOR: Ah, except you! Ah, I think weíd better pause in this search and get back to the others.
IAN: Alright. You lead on.


(As the DOCTOR and IAN walk back through the warehouse, DAVID CAMPBELL moves aside some of cylindrical containers and picks up the fallen whip. He watches the two men go.)


(BARBARA chases the INSURGENT through the derelict riverside of London. In front of them, SUSAN is carried in the arms of another man - CARL TYLER. BARBARA runs past decaying buildings and under the shells of long collapsed roofs. She steps into the open but a warning hand held up from round the corner of a brick building waves her to go back into hiding. She does so. The INSURGENT, feeling it is now safe, runs into the open and makes for a hanger like building. BARBARA follows him at a short distance. She looks into the hanger and sees the INSURGENT run out of the other side. Again, she follows. TYLER carries SUSAN down some steps. Some way behind, BARBARA gingerly climbs a metal staircase, looking round her all the time. Running along, she finds her way blocked by a latticed gate. She tugs unsuccessfully at it. A hand grabs her arm...)


(A jet like sound carries through the air as IAN and the DOCTOR stand outside the warehouse. They look round them and, to their shock and surprise see...)


(...a flying saucer gliding above the London skyline.)


(CARL TYLER carries SUSAN through a narrow subway like passage. BARBARA follows. As she glances behind her, she walks into a small metal drum lying on the ground.)

SUSAN: Careful Barbara!


(The saucer descends to the ground.)


(CARL TYLER carries SUSAN down some steps. BARBARA is immediately behind them.)

CARL TYLER: (To BARBARA.) Quickly now!
SUSAN: What about Grandfather and my other friend?
CARL TYLER: Weíll do the best we can.
SUSAN: (Struggling in his arms.) Thatís not what you said just now!
BARBARA: You promised youíd find a way...
CARL TYLER: There isnít time to argue. Weíll collect your friends later. Now come on.


(IAN and the DOCTOR have arrived back at the TARDIS landing site and look around for their companions.)

IAN: Barbara! Susan! (To the DOCTOR.) Why? Why do they do it?

(IAN hits a metal drum in frustration and sits down in front of the girder.)

DOCTOR: Oh well, it might have been something to do with that gunfire we heard across the river.
IAN: Yes, I suppose they might have hidden somewhere.
DOCTOR: Well, lets wait and see, hmm?

(He sits down next to IAN.)

IAN: That body. You know, I want to get away from here.
DOCTOR: Yes, but, arenít you even a bit curious, after all, itís your city, you know. Do you no want, donít you want to know whatís happened to it, hmm?
IAN: No.

(He gets up, obviously upset, and walks a short distance away.)

IAN: (Quietly.) No, I donít want to know. (Frustrated.) Oh, where the devil are those two?


(BARBARA, SUSAN and CARL TYLER walk down some steps into an underground room. There is a large poster of an elephant on the wall with a sticker emblazoned across it which reads ďVETOEDĒ. BARBARA is running ahead.)

BARBARA: (Stopping.) Is this it?
CARL TYLER: Yes. Now get back.

(TYLER places SUSAN on the ground and presses the trunk of the elephant on the poster. On the wall next to it, a beam retracts into the wall revealing a narrow hole-like entrance.)


(DAVID CAMPBELL clambers out of the hole.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: Dortmunís on the rampage about...

(He spots BARBARA as she steps forward. He holds up a knife.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: ...And who have we got here?
CARL TYLER: I found a couple of them down by the river, open targets.
BARBARA: Well, we didnít know.

(DAVID puts the knife away.)

CARL TYLER: I suppose you didnít but you know now.
BARBARA: Yes...I can get by.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Good. We need some cooks.
BARBARA: Listen...
CARL TYLER: Alright, letís get down.
DAVID CAMPBELL: (To TYLER.) I had a struggle with one of the robomen.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well he was waiting for me. That means weíll have to change the storehouse.
CARL TYLER: Alright. Tell Dortmun. Have you just come from there?
CARL TYLER: These have got a couple of friends down there they want us to bring back.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, I didnít see anyone there except that I was nearly caught by a couple of... (Stops, then to SUSAN.) They didnít go into the old warehouse did they? Thatís opposite the old power station.
SUSAN: Yes, I think they did.
DAVID CAMPBELL: Yeah, and I thought they were enemies.

(A man, wearing glasses, in a wheelchair suddenly pushes himself into view behind BARBARA.)

DORTMUN: Tyler, where have you been? What the devil have you been doing?
CARL TYLER: Theyíve landed a saucer at the heliport.
DORTMUN: Saucer?
DORTMUN: Ah! This time weíll be ready for them.
CARL TYLER: You shouldnít be up here.
DORTMUN: Iím as active as anybody else.
CARL TYLER: Alright, Dortmun, I know.
DORTMUN: (Looking at the two women.) Two more pairs of hands, hmm? Good! We need...
DAVID CAMPBELL: (Interrupting and pointing at BARBARA.) She sayís she can cook!
DORTMUN: Oh, can you?
DAVID CAMPBELL: (To SUSAN.) And what do you do?
SUSAN: I eat!
DAVID CAMPBELL: (Passes his hand over his hair in despair.) Look, Iíll try and find the two friends and Iíll bring them back here.
SUSAN: Thank you.
DORTMUN: David! Where are you going?
DAVID CAMPBELL: Well, thereís two more of them down by the warehouse.
DORTMUN: Men, are they?
DORTMUN: Ah, good, now donít be too long away. Iím going through the attack plans with Tyler as soon as possible. I want you to be there.
SUSAN: What attack plans?
DORTMUN: Why are you sitting down?
SUSAN: I...Iíve hurt my ankle. What attack plans?
DORTMUN: (Ignoring the question.) Come along Tyler. Get these people below. Thatís a way. Iíll stay here...on watch.

(CARL TYLER picks up SUSAN and carries her through the doorway that DORTMUN came through. The man himself presses the elephantsí trunk to close the beam door, wheels his chair to a position where he can observe the steps and pulls out a knife to defend himself with.)


(The DOCTOR sits in front of the girder as IAN slowly paces the ground. He stops and looks at the river.)

IAN: High tide.
IAN: High tide.
DOCTOR: Evening. How filthy that water is, hmm?

(IAN walks round the between the TARDIS and the wall. He sees the poster.)

IAN: Doctor! Doctor, come and have a look at this!
DOCTOR: (Joining him.) Hmm? What?
IAN: Look.

(The DOCTOR reads the poster.)

DOCTOR: Huh! Stupid! (Laughs.)
IAN: Well, read it! Read it!

(He grabs his arm and makes him look at the poster again.)

DOCTOR: Well, I repeat, itís stupid. Stupid place to put a poster. Right under a bridge where nobody can read it or see it.
IAN: I donít know. If you have a body to get rid of, I should think itís a very good place to come to.
DOCTOR: A dead human body in the river? I should say thatís near murder isnít it, hmm?
IAN: ďBring out your dead.Ē
DOCTOR: Hmm? Plague?

(The DOCTOR considers the idea.)


(DAVID CAMPBELL looks out of a window overlooking the TARDIS landing site and sees the two men.)

DAVID CAMPBELL: There they are. That must be them. (He glances round.) Argh!

(He slaps his hand to his forehead in frustration.)


(Below the window, two ROBOMEN, wearing their control helmets, walk in unison along the wharfside. They stop at the same time and simultaneously swing round, looking around them. They then carry on, again walking in unison.)


DOCTOR: Thatís got me worried. Very worried.
IAN: You know Doctor, I reckon that flying saucer disappeared (Points.)...somewhere over the other side of the river. In the direction of Sloan Square. Somewhere over there, anyway.
DOCTOR: Yes, now never mind about that flying saucer, my boy, that suggestion of yours about the plague: supposing one of themís been in that water? Theyíre bound to be contaminated with some sort of bacteria, hmm?
IAN: Theyíre not likely to drink that, are they?
DOCTOR: No, the smell of itís enough. Anyway, let us go further afield, come along, come along.

(They walk round the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: Now I suggest that you go up that way, then I go...

(Three ROBOMEN, whips in hand, stand in their path. They run to one side. Another ROBOMAN appears at the top of a flight of steps. The DOCTOR and IAN walk backwards. DAVID CAMPBELL stands on the other side of the TARDIS, in front of the poster, muttering quiet encouragementís to the two trapped men.)

IAN: We could try running.
DOCTOR: _____down there... (Points at the river.) hmm?
IAN: Do you mean swim?
DOCTOR: Hmm, what else?
IAN: Well hang on, we havenít tried talking yet.

(The fourth ROBOMAN joins its companions.)

IAN: What do you want?

(Two of the ROBOMEN slowly raise their whips and drawl out an order.)

ROBOMEN: Stoooppp!
IAN: No good, listen, when I give the word, turn and dive in the water.

(Behind them, a familiar dome shape starts to appear from the water. An eye-stalk on the dome swings round as more of the object appears. A sucker arm rises out of the water as the creature moves nearer the waters edge.)

IAN: Now!

(They turn to the water but stop in their tracks as they see...a DALEK gliding out from the waters of the river Thames...)

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