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The Sensorites

Hidden Danger

By Peter R. Newman


(The whistling tone is felt once more in the control room and Susan looks up.)

SUSAN: I don't want to go.
DOCTOR: My dear what..?
BARBARA: They're talking to her again.
IAN: What are they saying?
SUSAN: Ssh! I-I can't hear them very well. ...Oh that's better, there-there's just one voice a long way away.
DOCTOR: What's the message child?
SUSAN: Oh... Oh alright. But none of the others must be harmed.

(She glances at the Doctor, Ian and Barbara.)

SUSAN: Don't move any of you. Grandfather it was the only way, they knew I'd agree.

(She walks to the open doorway to the port corridor.

DOCTOR: Agree? To what?
SUSAN: To go down with them to their planet. Otherwise we'll all be killed.

(Susan walks through the doorway and joins the Sensorites. The shutter closes behind her.)

BARBARA: Susan mustn't go with them.
DOCTOR: There can't be air outside this spaceship.
MAITLAND: You can't stop them.
DOCTOR: We must!
IAN: Come with me Barbara.
RICHMOND: Don't! They'll only harm her or kill her if we try and interfere!
IAN: And if we do nothing she'll die.

(Ian walks over to the shutter and raises it.)

BARBARA: We intend to try out the Doctor's theory that they can't see in the dark?
IAN: Why not? It's all we have.

(They walk through to the Starboard corridor.)


(The Sensorites and Susan turn as they hear Ian And Barbara enter the corridor.)

SUSAN: Don't interfere, please.
SECOND-SENSORITE: The young girl has agreed to go with us. She will not be harmed, why do you follow us now?
BARBARA: She must not go with you.
FIRST-SENSORITE: They are not carrying any weapons, yet I am frightened of them. Do not come any closer.
IAN: We want to talk to you.
SECOND-SENSORITE: We do not wish to harm you in any way.
IAN: I said talk, not fight.
SECOND-SENSORITE: Intruders from other planets always say they want to talk, but all they mean to do is destroy!
SUSAN: Ian, please let me go with them! Because I can use telepathy they trust me.

(Ian and Barbara exchange a glance.)

BARBARA: You're not going with them Susan, and that's final.
SUSAN: Why? It's suspicion that's making them enemies. You don't understand the Sensorites.
DOCTOR: Do you think I don't understand?

(The Doctor has crept through the doorway and has been listening.)

DOCTOR: Trust is a two sided affair.
SUSAN: Putting us all in danger.
DOCTOR: If you go with them they will have all the advantage.
SUSAN: They only want to talk to me!
DOCTOR: I'm sorry Susan, I just don't believe you have the ability to represent us, that's all.
SUSAN: Stop treating me like a child!
DOCTOR: You will do as you are told Susan! Come here!

(The Sensorites seem to be trying not to show their embarrassment at being at the centre of a growing domestic dispute.)

SUSAN: Sorry Grandfather, I can't do it.
DOCTOR: This instant!

(Susan slowly moves over to the Doctor and the second Sensorite turns to the first.)

SECOND-SENSORITE: We must stun them with the hand rays.

(They reach for their weapons.)

DOCTOR: Now Chesterton!

(Ian flips off the light and the Sensorites drop their weapons and flail blindly moaning in terror.)

IAN: You were absolutely right Doctor! They're helpless in the dark.
DOCTOR: Susan, go and join Carol. Wait there, I want to talk to you.
SECOND-SENSORITE: Give us back the light!
FIRST-SENSORITE: Oh the light, the light. Oh I can't see, can't see!
SECOND-SENSORITE: Please help us!
DOCTOR: Put on the light Chesterton.

(Ian does so.)

DOCTOR: Now, you could have been left here in the darkness. We have power over you, but we don't intend to use it. Only in our defence.
SECOND-SENSORITE: What do you want?
DOCTOR: Nothing that isn't ours.
IAN: You stole the lock from our ship. You also threatened to take us prisoner.
SECOND-SENSORITE: We must ask for new orders.
DOCTOR: What's that? Speak up!
SECOND-SENSORITE: I must refer this matter to the Sense-Sphere.

(The second Sensorite places the TAD to his head and there is a whistling tone.)

FIRST-SENSORITE: You must be patient.
DOCTOR: Oh I won't be p..! Oh, what a bit off nonsense. If they try anything put the light out again.
IAN: Alright I will.
DOCTOR: Dictated to by petty thieves and my own Grandchild!

(He leaves the corridor again.)

IAN: I wonder what that thing is they put up to their foreheads, Barbara? Do you think if we did it we could read each other's minds? Hey, Barbara?
BARBARA: Er? Sorry I was thinking. You know, I've never seen the Doctor so angry.
IAN: Oh Susan set him off didn't she? The Sensorites must have hypnotised her in some way.

(Barbara smiles at Ian.)

BARBARA: No I don't think so. She's just growing up Ian.


DOCTOR: What is all this? Setting yourself against me, mm?
SUSAN: I didn't, Grandfather.
DOCTOR: Oh I know you thought you were doing your best, child, in the circumstances, but I think that I'm a better judge of that.
SUSAN: I have opinions too!
DOCTOR: My dear girl, the one purpose in growing old is to accumulate knowledge and wisdom. And to help other people.
SUSAN: So I'm to be treated like a silly little child?
DOCTOR: If you behave like one, yes.
SUSAN: Oh look Grandfather, I understand the Sensorites. They're timid little people. Because their minds and mine can communicate sometimes they trust me.
DOCTOR: Yes, and I can assure you that we will make good use of that fact, but not without discussion. You will not make decisions on your own accord.

(Susan sighs.)

DOCTOR: Now do you understand, is that quite clear? Well is it?
SUSAN: Look, I'm not saying that I'm as clever as you or anything, of course I'm not, but I won't be pushed aside!

(She turns away from him.)

SUSAN: I'm not a child anymore Grandfather, I'm not!

(The Doctor rubs the side of her shoulders in an affectionate Grandfatherly way.)

DOCTOR: Oh Susan, Susan...

(The aliens wander in, but Ian is still keeping a watchful eye on from a short distance away.)

FIRST-SENSORITE: Why do you make her unhappy?
SECOND-SENSORITE: We can read the misery in her mind.
DOCTOR: Yes, and it's a good thing that you can't read the anger in mine! In all the years my Granddaughter and I have been travelling we have never had an argument, and now you have caused one!
SUSAN: Alright Grandfather, I'll do as you tell me.
DOCTOR: Good, good, now let's work together and see if we can't get the lock of the TARDIS back, mm?
FIRST-SENSORITE: We have orders from the First Elder.
IAN: Is he your ruler?
FIRST-SENSORITE: Yes. He says we must listen to you, and to transmit your words to him.
DOCTOR: Very well, I'd like to talk to him face to face. I want to arrange the release of this spaceship. Tell him we're not pirates or plunderers, there is only one treasure we desire from him.
FIRST-SENSORITE: And what is that?
DOCTOR: Freedom!


(John moans softly and then sits bolt upright in bed. Carol sits next to him and moves a comforting arm around his shoulders.)

RICHMOND: Oh it's alright John, I'm here.
JOHN: The voices I can hear them.

(She strokes his head tenderly.)

JOHN: In here, the voices. Afraid... Begging me.
RICHMOND: John, John do you know who I am?

(He looks at her a little vaguely.)

JOHN: You're good. The Sensorites, they want me to forget. All the voices begging me and imploring me to forget...

(Carol seems hurt by his confusion and cannot meet his gaze. Maitland walks into the cabin.)

RICHMOND: John's just woken up.

(Maitland places a Captainly hand on John's shoulder.)

MAITLAND: You look much better John, much better. We'll soon have you as good as new.
JOHN: I don't like the voices. I want to have silence in my head.
MAITLAND: You're going to be alright John. Try not to upset yourself.

(He screws up his face in agony.)

JOHN: No... Silence, silence...
RICHMOND: It's no use is it? He might as well be dead.
MAITLAND: Oh that's foolish Carol!
RICHMOND: Oh is it? Look at him, Listen to him! Can you imagine what it's like being in love with someone, to look and them, to see them and know they've been destroyed?
MAITLAND: You're going down to the Sense Sphere with John and some of the others, they're going to cure him.
RICHMOND: Oh it's no use, it's too late.

(She looks back at John, who is still muttering to himself.)

JOHN: You're good...


BARBARA: And you can do something for John, really?
IAN: Oh that's the point isn't it? How long. When you're asking Barbara and Maitland to stay on the spaceship while we go down to the Sense-Sphere.
SECOND-SENSORITE: We cannot trust you without some safeguard.
IAN: But you're asking us to trust you.
SECOND-SENSORITE: We shall prove trust by curing the man called John.
IAN: Well I don't like this splitting up.
BARBARA: Well I don't mind Ian.
IAN: Well I do. It always leads to trouble.
SECOND-SENSORITE: We cannot agree to any other kind of arrangement.
BARBARA: Then we accept.
IAN: Oh very well then. But how do we get down to this Sense-Sphere? There's no air outside this ship.
SECOND-SENSORITE: A craft will be made available to you.

(The Doctor joins them.)

DOCTOR: Before we make this journey, one or two questions.
SECOND-SENSORITE: There is time, the craft has not arrived yet.
DOCTOR: These, er, disks which you wear round your neck. You press them to your forehead and you speak or hear through your mind, mm?
DOCTOR: Otherwise you communicate as we do.
DOCTOR: Yes I see, quite remarkable. Then you use the telepathy to blanket out the minds of the spaceship's crew, mm?

(As the Doctor's tone gets louder the Sensorite shrinks away a little covering his ears.)

SUSAN: Gently Grandfather, don't antagonise them.
DOCTOR: I merely want to know why you attacked Maitland and the others.
SECOND-SENSORITE: Ten years ago five human beings landed on the Sense-Sphere, our planet welcomed them. Their minds were closed against us, although we sensed they thought our planet was a rich one.
DOCTOR: Rich in megna-minerals, yes quite, go on...
SECOND-SENSORITE: The five men quarreled, two of the humans took off in a ship. It exploded a mile in the atmosphere.
BARBARA: What happened to the other three men?
SECOND-SENSORITE: We imagined they hid themselves aboard and then fought the other two for control. Anyway, all were killed.
IAN: Yes, but that still doesn't explain why you attacked Maitland and the others.
SECOND-SENSORITE: Ever since that day of the explosion in the sky our people have been dying in greater numbers every year.
DOCTOR: Yeah, some kind of disease I imagine Chesterton.
IAN: Maybe.
BARBARA: Could be as simple as scarlet fever.
SUSAN: And yet you're allowing us to visit your planet?
SECOND-SENSORITE: Our people are dying, and the First Elder says he senses great knowledge in you.
DOCTOR: Haha, I thought so! Yes-yes-yes, some kind of er, bargaining ahead of us. Hahah!

(The First Sensorite walks over to the Second with his TAD to his head.)

FIRST-SENSORITE: The craft is approaching.

(They both wander into a corner to communicate with their disks.)

IAN: Well I suppose it's worth it Doctor, if we get the lock of the TARDIS back.
DOCTOR: Yes, providing we can produce our side of the bargain, that's the whole point of the issue. Well my dear, reluctant as I am to leave you I'm afraid we have no alternative.
BARBARA: Oh I shall be alright. I'm more worried about you.
DOCTOR: Oh I shall manage. Come along my boy.
IAN: Sorry about this Barbara.
BARBARA: I keep telling you, I shall be alright.
IAN: Alright.

(He smiles and walks towards the doorway.)


(Susan wanders back to Barbara.)

BARBARA: Look, I know how you feel, but your Grandfather loves you.
SUSAN: Yes I know.
BARBARA: Be patient. We're all on your side really, you know.

(The Doctor joins Susan.)

DOCTOR: Susan? We can't do without you, can we?

(He leads her to the door, where Ian and the Sensorites are waiting.)

IAN: Well, we're all ready now.
SECOND-SENSORITE: I will stay on this ship. You must proceed to the Sense-Sphere, the First Elder awaits you.

(They all walk through the hatch, and out towards the airlock)


(The Sensorite world reflects a great love for aesthetic beauty and function equally well. Throughout the city, cavernous spaces are constructed out of breathtaking stone and crystal architecture. Indeed all the buildings seem to be constructed widely and cornerlessly. Large expanses of space for windows, and a general lack of roofs indicate a desire to maximise the light from the Sense-Sphere's suns, and bear testament to how little free moisture there appears to be on the surface. The reception room is a typical area set within a main palace in the capital Sensorite city. Doorways lead away from the this central location in numerous directions. The First Elder, leader of the Sensorite nation sits resplendent in his black double sash of office. His chair faces a subordinate Sensorite in a single sash. A third, in a black collar stands beside them listening. A worker delivers the First Elder some refreshments, bows, and then leaves.)

FIRST-ELDER: But I have already made my decision.
SECOND-ELDER: The deaths of our people will increase.
FIRST-ELDER: You cannot prove that.
SECOND-ELDER: The deaths began at the time of the last visiting of human beings. Why should we welcome to our planet the same creatures who have been the means of our destruction?
FIRST-ELDER: I am the ruler of this planet, am I not?
SECOND-ELDER: Of course.
FIRST-ELDER: Then what is the point of a ruler if he is not allowed to rule? I have decided to invite these humans here because I hope to use them to end the deaths of our own people.
FIRST-ELDER: I will explain: sometimes you must use fire to fight fire.
SECOND-ELDER: The First Elder makes a wise decision. In one degree I confess I am anxious; these creatures, these Earth people are loud and ugly things. Why could we have not met them in the desert or on the mountains?
FIRST-ELDER: It is the failure of all beings that they judge through their own eyes. To them we may appear to be ugly. What we must create between us is trust - that is why I have invited them to my palace.
SECOND-ELDER: But are we sure these Earth creatures are beings as you say? There are animals in the deserts and the mountains, but we do not invite them into our palaces. Perhaps these Earth creatures are animals too?
FIRST-ELDER: Do not underestimate them. Do we possess a spaceship that can cross the barriers of the universe? And this small mechanism which my men brought to me.

(He holds up the lock of the TARDIS.)

FIRST-ELDER: It looks like an ordinary lock, but in point of fact it is an electronic miracle, which reveals a mind of science far beyond ours. And this new arrival known as the Doctor. His mind was quick to realise our weakness in the dark, and use it against us; but I would remind you, not unfairly. Merely to protect the girl called Susan.

(He turns to the City Administrator.)

FIRST-ELDER: Well, and what does our city Administrator say?
ADMINISTRATOR: Sir, you were elected to lead our people because of your great brain. I would not dare to question your actions.

(The FIRST-ELDER gets up.)

FIRST-ELDER: No opinion can be worse sometimes than a very dogmatic one.

(He walks off. As soon as he has gone the Administrator turns to the Second Elder.

SECOND-ELDER: You need not fear me, you may speak your mind.
ADMINISTRATOR: I am cautious. You are his second opinion, yet he makes his decisions without you.
SECOND-ELDER: He makes a wise decision.
ADMINISTRATOR: But based entirely on trust. Do you trust these Earth creatures?

(The Second Elder is silent, and the Administrator paces the terrace in thought.)

SECOND-ELDER: The decision of the First Elder cannot be set aside.
ADMINISTRATOR: I would not suggest such a thing, his mind is pure. We are realists. That is why I have beamed the disintegrator to this room.

(The Second Elder jumps up.)

SECOND-ELDER: Without permission? You are presumptuous.
ADMINISTRATOR: I am the city's Administrator, it is my duty to protect the one who rules. Can you say that these Earth creatures will not use force? I am only guarding the First Elder. On suspicious act and the disintegrator shall destroy them.
SECOND-ELDER: Very well, but you will do nothing further until I have considered the matter.

(He walks away and the Administrator waits until he is out of mindshot.)

ADMINISTRATOR: I shall not wait. We will not be safe until those Earth creatures are dead.


(The Doctor's party have landed with the first Sensorite. They walk along the delicately coloured roof terrace, walls decorated with masses of bizarre looking foliage. Through view spaces glimpses can just be made out of the strangely spherical buildings and sweeping elegant bridges glittering in the sun, framed by the enormous jagged teeth of the yellow mountains in the far distance.)

DOCTOR: I'm glad to have left those silent people.
FIRST-SENSORITE: Earth people are not popular.

(The walk by a simple stone fountain, the sunlight turning the glittering water into myriad rainbows. Two workers silently watch them as they pass.)

IAN: Because your people have been dying?
DOCTOR: It must be explained to them the disease, if that's what it is isn't anybody's fault. Besides, there's cures and preventives.

(The Sensorite stops before a closed door and raises his TAD to his forehead for a moment to summon the lift.)

FIRST-SENSORITE: You mentioned speaking to the people. You must not speak to them, you are forbidden to talk to the lower caste.
SUSAN: Lower caste? Do you have such distinctions?
FIRST-SENSORITE: Yes. How else can we tell what each man is best fitted to do? The Elders think and rule, the warriors fight, the Sensorites work and play.
DOCTOR: You make it sound so very simple.
FIRST-SENSORITE: And all are happy.
IAN: But some are happier than others, eh?
FIRST-SENSORITE: I do not understand. There is no disgrace in being in any of the castes, it is simply what one is best fitted for.

(The lift doors swish open and the Sensorite, the Doctor and Ian get in, but Susan stays a moment.)

JOHN: They're near us now...
RICHMOND: It's alright John I'm here.
JOHN: The evil minds.
SUSAN: He knows something.
RICHMOND: Oh it's just a jumble of words.
SUSAN: No Carol, no, remember his mind is open. He can tell the difference between good and evil in people. He's trying to tell us something.

(Susan looks at him, but he seems confused again and just stares. After a moment they move to join the others in the lift.)

RICHMOND: Come on now, come on...come on.


(The disintegrator room is small and packed with electronic equipment. On the walls are a number of circles of different sizes and to one side a worker caste Sensorite huddles over a transparent console that reveals a glowing mass of circuitry beneath the levers. The Administrator looks on as adjustments are made.)

ADMINISTRATOR: Is everything prepared?
ENGINEER: I must test the impulse circuits. Ready to receive power.
ADMINISTRATOR: Here is the firing key.

(The Administrator hands a large metal rod to the Scientist, who slots it into the top of the console.)

ADMINISTRATOR: Beam the disintegrator to the reception room at the palace of the Elders. Three places have been assigned to the Earth creatures. Horizontal lines four.
ADMINISTRATOR: Seven and nine.
ENGINEER: Nine. And the vertical positions?
ENGINEER: X-B three. And the last?
ENGINEER: X-C four. What part of the body do you want the beam to strike?
ADMINISTRATOR: In each case, to the heart.
ENGINEER: Are the hearts of the human creatures on the right or the left side of their bodies, or the centre as in ours?
ADMINISTRATOR: I do not know.
ENGINEER: Then I will aim the beam at the centre of the chest in each case.
ADMINISTRATOR: And that will prove fatal?

(He flips a few switches.)

ENGINEER: Two eight seven. The disintegrator is beamed and ready.

(He examines the machinery.)

ENGINEER: They are just entering the corridor to the reception room now. Impulse is working correctly. They are just entering the reception room. This switch turns on the beam.
ADMINISTRATOR: How can you judge their movements so correctly Engineer?
ENGINEER: The palace is defended with electro-thermal couples. We can tell their movements by the heat of their body.
ADMINISTRATOR: And you can tell exactly when they move into their places in the reception room?
ENGINEER: With absolute accuracy.
ADMINISTRATOR: Then when they are seated, kill them.


FIRST-ELDER: Very well I agree.
SUSAN: You can do it?
FIRST-ELDER: Yes, the man John can be exactly as he used to be, but it will take time.

(He addresses a worker caste Sensorite.)

FIRST-ELDER: Conduct him to one of the rest rooms. Say that my orders are that he must be treated.

(The worker bows.)

RICHMOND: I must go with him, because he needs me.
FIRST-ELDER: Very well, you will be given a room near him.
RICHMOND: Thank you. Come on John.
JOHN: Good...he is a good man. Not like...
DOCTOR: Not like who, John?
JOHN: He's good.

(Carol and John depart with the Sensorite.)

IAN: Thank you for being so understanding.
DOCTOR: It doesn't alter the fact that you're responsible for his condition. I think It's utterly disgraceful!

(The First Elder holds up a hand.)

FIRST-ELDER: Please do not condemn before you know the facts.
DOCTOR: Facts?! What facts!

(The Elder holds up a hand to his ear in pain.)

SUSAN: Grandfather, please don't.
FIRST-ELDER: Please sit at the places set for you.

(They all move towards the tables)


ENGINEER: They are just taking their positions.
ADMINISTRATOR: Get ready to fire!

(The scientist's hand hovers over the disintegrator lever, when the Second Elder marches into the room.)

SECOND-ELDER: Stop! Disconnect the disintegrator.
SECOND-ELDER: Because they are decent, they are civilised.
ADMINISTRATOR: They are Earth creatures and dangerous to us!
SECOND-ELDER: I tell you, they are talking to the First Elder, and in the most friendly fashion. We have no need to fear them.
ADMINISTRATOR: Not while we have the disintegrator, it is beamed to their location. They can be destroyed in a second.
SECOND-ELDER: But will not be. Dismantle the machine.
ADMINISTRATOR: I say that the trust we give to each other we cannot give to these Earth creatures!
SECOND-ELDER: And I order that the machine be dismantled.

(The engineer flips a few switches.)

SECOND-ELDER: Give me the firing key.

(The engineer extracts the rod and hands it to the Elder.)

SECOND-ELDER: I am doubtful about you. You question orders, you question authority. Take care lest my doubts should become reality.

(With a brief look back, he leaves the room.)


(The Doctor, Ian and Susan each sit behind a small round table while the First Elder stands talking. A worker Sensorite provides the tables with bowls of refreshments. Bowls of small desert fruits and receptacles of water.)

FIRST-ELDER: If foreigners came to your planet with the intention to steal, what would you do? Would you imprison them, would you kill them? The man John was like the other humans that came here. He became so excited when he found that our planet contained a valuable ore that his mind just opened up and shouted out the secret to us.

(The Doctor peers down at his metal bowl.)

DOCTOR: Molybdenum.
FIRST-ELDER: That is correct. He thought of a fleet of spaceships to come here and mine the metal and transport it back to his own planet. We saw the pictures he formed in his mind, and we saw that it was the end of our way of life. We had no alternative but to imprison him and his friends in orbit round the Sense-Sphere.
IAN: Yes, but that's no reason for driving him out of his mind!
FIRST-ELDER: It happened only, I assure you, because of his excitement. His mind had no defence. We caused the others to sleep, but he heard the full power of our voices in his brain.

(The Elder sits behind a table of his own, and is served by the worker. The Doctor lifts the receptacle to his mouth.)


(The Doctor stops and watches as the Elder addresses the worker.)

FIRST-ELDER: Why do you offer insults to our guests? Why do you not give them the same food and drink that I am given? Who ordered this, the city Administrator?

(The worker nods.)

FIRST-ELDER: You will bring them the crystal water, and take the other away.
IAN: Tell me, what exactly is the difference?
FIRST-ELDER: In the yellow mountains which surround this city I discovered a pure spring, very unusual in this planet. I believe the water holds special qualities, so I have flagons of it stored for the use of the Elders.
IAN: And this one?
FIRST-ELDER: It is very well refined, we are very proud of our aqueduct. It lies beneath the city.
IAN: Well I hope you won't be offended if I drink some, I'm very thirsty.

(Ian drinks from his metal eggcup-like receptacle.)

FIRST-ELDER: As long as you taste of the crystal water, it is very fine. None of the Elders drink anything else.
DOCTOR: Drink his water.
IAN: Yes.
SUSAN: Mm, these fruit are delicious, they taste like peaches.
IAN: Mm.

(The Doctor clears his throat.)

DOCTOR: Now then sir, let us talk of the future; our future, mm?


ADMINISTRATOR: We are being bound hand and foot and given to these people from Earth. Our leaders are grown weak.
ENGINEER: I will follow you, the city Administrator. Command me.

(The Administrator places a hand on his shoulder.)

ADMINISTRATOR: I thank you for your loyalty. You shall have my confidence.
ENGINEER: I gladly accept. I do not trust these Earth creatures.
ADMINISTRATOR: The First and Second Elders are deceived. I question their leadership. If they do not change their attitude they may have to give way to one of stronger thought, and action.
ENGINEER: Command me.
ADMINISTRATOR: For the moment I am glad of your loyalty. The time for action will not be far away.


SUSAN: So you are the senior Elder?
FIRST-ELDER: Signified by the twin sash I wear. The Second Elder, my advisor wears one sash. Other important professions wear distinctive markings.
IAN: And the ordinary people?
FIRST-ELDER: Are contented with their similarity.
IAN: Would you mind telling us something about the d...

(He breaks off as he suffers a violent coughing fit.)

IAN: I beg your pardon, the disease.
SUSAN: Yes, could you tell us about it? We might be able to help you.
FIRST-ELDER: I intended to. We need help with this calamity, the disease is invisible and resists all our attempts to stamp it out. It affects all manner of people irrespective of their caste.
DOCTOR: Yes er, does it affect the Elders?
DOCTOR: I wonder why not?
FIRST-ELDER: I cannot imagine, we have been... Fortunate?

(Ian coughs again.)

DOCTOR: Yes it, er, might be a clue. But what I hoped sir, was this ah... that if my friends succeed where your scientists fail, will you return the lock of my craft?
SUSAN: It would be a just return.
FIRST-ELDER: Your Granddaughter speaks well.
DOCTOR: Yes, she's a fine young woman.

(Ian coughs again and the Doctor turns.)

DOCTOR: My dear Chesterton, are you alright, mm?

(He can only manage a hoarse rasp.)

IAN: My throat's burning, I wonder if you could give me some water, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Is this a symptom of your disease?

(The First Elder nods. Suddenly Ian jumps up making a gurgling sound, knocks the small table to the side and sprawls to the floor. Susan rushes to his side.)

SUSAN: Grandfather, he's unconscious!

(The First Elder looks down at Ian sadly.)

FIRST-ELDER: There is no hope. Your friend is dying.

Next Episode: A Race Against Death

The Doctor
William Hartnell

Carole Ann Ford

Ian Chesterton
William Russell

Barbara Wright
Jaqueline Hill

Captain Maitland
Lorne Cossette

Carol Richmond
Ilona Rodgers

Stephen Dartnell

Ken Tyllsen
Joe Greig
Peter Glaze
Arthur Newall

Eric Francis
Bartlett Mullins

Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Story Editor
David Whittaker

Raymond Cusick

Verity Lambert

Mervyn Pinfield

(C) BBCTV 1964

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