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(The series theme music begins. The series title appears.)


(The series title fades out.)


(The series theme music ends. The serial title appears on the screen over the image of CHERUB's knife sticking out of the dead body of KEWPER.)


(The serial title fades out. The writer credit appears.)


(The writer credit fades out. The episode title appears.)


(The episode title fades out. The scene widens to a full view of the crypt. CHERUB is descending the stairs with his pistol drawn, and he has just thrown his knife into KEWPER's back. CHERUB takes aim at the SQUIRE, and shoots him in the shoulder. The SQUIRE collapses.)

POLLY: (Screams.) Ben, do something.
BEN: You maniac!
CHERUB: Is there any more that fancies a free trip to Davey Jones, eh?

(CHERUB retrieves his knife and wipes the blood off onto KEWPER's body.)

DOCTOR: By stabbing a man in the back, sir? You had us all at your mercy. There was no need for you to kill Kewper.
CHERUB: I fancy better odds than five against one, Sawbones.
DOCTOR: What is it you want of us?
CHERUB: Why, the secret, of course. Where Avery's gold lies.
DOCTOR: And suppose we refuse to tell you?
CHERUB: Do you fancy these lads of yours meeting their maker so young, eh Sawbones?

(POLLY has gone over to tend to the SQUIRE.)

DOCTOR: I'm not going to barter with you, sir. Where is your captain?
CHERUB: Oh, you fancy you'll twist him round to your way, would you?
DOCTOR: He would at least listen.
CHERUB: Not here, matey. There's only one skipper here - me.
BEN: You're alone, then?
CHERUB: That's right, matey. But I'm no fool, so...

(CHERUB flashes his knife towards BEN.)

CHERUB: false move and I'll split you in two.
DOCTOR: Leave this to me, Ben my boy.
CHERUB: That's right. Let the old fellow do the talking cause he knows the answers.
POLLY: But what about the Squire? He's badly wounded. He needs help.
CHERUB: Let him rot, the blockhead.
POLLY: But he needs water.
DOCTOR: Have some mercy.
CHERUB: Mercy. (Chuckles.) Why not? What's a moment's kindness? Here, give him this pannikin. Come.

(CHERUB beckons POLLY, but when she comes to fetch the flask he grabs her and holds the pistol to her head.)

CHERUB: That's better. Now Sawbones, talk or the young lad dies.


(BLAKE continues to ride his horse hard on his way to get reinforcements. Suddenly he is thrown from his horse.)


DOCTOR: (To BEN.) We must play for time, now. Trust me.
BEN: All right, you're the gov'nor.
CHERUB: Enough jabbering, Sawbones. Where's it hid?
DOCTOR: Well, I must admit the Churchwarden did tell me something, but to be quite honest with you, I am baffled.
CHERUB: What's the puzzle?
DOCTOR: The dead man's secret key, eh, Ringwood, Smallbeer and Gurney. Were these names of villages around here?
CHERUB: (Laughing.) No, no. I know those names. Old Jack Ringwood. He had a wooden leg. He was the finest master gunner that never served his king.
DOCTOR: And Gurney, what was he?
CHERUB: Old Zeb, the ship's chandler. A fellow that sewed many a merchant into a sail cloth nightgown.
POLLY: What?
CHERUB: A sailor's shroud to you, boy. And Daniel Smallbeer, there was a man. Fight along the side of him and he was like a killer whale.
DOCTOR: Good men, I take it?
CHERUB: All four of them, aye.
POLLY: Four?
CHERUB: Four. Tim Desmond, he were Avery's galley boy. Now what else did he tell ye?
DOCTOR: Eh, nothing I'm afraid. Eh heh, nothing.
CHERUB: Nothing? Did you say nothing?

(CHERUB tightens his grip on POLLY.)

DOCTOR: Now don't be hasty, please. I said I needed your help. Now this is how...
CHERUB: And that's all he told ye? Four names? Four names to Avery's gold?
SQUIRE: Avery's curse, what of that, eh?

(The SQUIRE, lying wounded, has propped himself up on a column.)

CHERUB: Avery's curse you can have that for the sharks.
SQUIRE: It's a curse men fear. Remember Avery's end? Did he not die a pauper?
CHERUB: Aye, rotten with rum and madness in his tongue.
SQUIRE: They say he bargained for his life: his soul in return for the souls of those who come after, seeking and finding the cursed treasure.
CHERUB: And if you so believed it, why did you seek the gold, eh sir Squire?
SQUIRE: Because I was a fool and ill led. Answer enough lies there, surely.

(SQUIRE indicates KEWPER dead on the ground.)

CHERUB: Enough of this. Old man, you know more and I will hear it said. Tell me now what the riddle means or in one minute's time...

(CHERUB threatens POLLY with the pistol.)


(PIKE and his band of pirates land on the beach and drag their boats ashore. They prepare to head up to the church.)

GAPTOOTH: Quietly, my beauties. Quietly.
PIKE: Spaniard, find Cherub for me, wherever he is.

(SPANIARD moves off and the rest continue their way up the shore towards the church.)


(PIKE enters the deserted churchyard, and then summons the others with a fake bird call when he sees the coast is clear. They move silently to the tomb, and PIKE presses the release switch. The tomb slides open and the pirates push the lid off to see the stores within.)

PIKE: Belay that. Gaptooth, there's your loot.
GAPTOOTH: It's all ours, captain. Is it to be carried back straight away?
PIKE: Nay. Unload the tomb. Set the goods upon the shore. We go at my signal.
GAPTOOTH: It'll be dry work, Captain.
PIKE: Broach a cask, then.
GAPTOOTH: Aye aye, sir.
PIKE: When it be finished.
GAPTOOTH: Uh, aye aye, sir. Uh, Captain, inside... is there more loot there?
PIKE: Did I say there was?

(PIKE brings his hook up angrily to GAPTOOTH's throat.)

PIKE: Do as ye bid, ye dog, or I'll leave ye in the coffin as a souvenir.
GAPTOOTH: Aye aye, captain. Get to it, lads.

(GAPTOOTH and the others begin working while PIKE moves towards the church entrance.)

PIKE: Cherub. Fie! Where's Cherub?


(BLAKE and the militia make their way back to the church.)

BLAKE: Hurry along you men.
SOLDIER: Idle dogs. On, men.


CHERUB: Your time's up Sawbones, so speak.
PIKE: What would you have him say, Cherub boy.
CHERUB: Oh, you're here at last, Captain. I've got him for ye.
PIKE: For me, you say?
CHERUB: Of course, Captain.
PIKE: Cherub, you deserted the ship.
CHERUB: Nay, Captain. I knew there was some trickery afoot. Didn't I say so, time and again?
PIKE: I never did trust that tongue of yours, Cherub. It was a might too like the archangel's.
CHERUB: But I found the Sawbones, didn't I?
PIKE: Aye, and you'd have found the gold too, eh?
CHERUB: But I was making him talk, Captain. See?

(CHERUB pulls POLLY closer to demonstrate his methods.)

CHERUB: He spoke of holy Joe's riddles. He was going to spill the whole cargo. I wasn't going to let no one do you down, Captain.
PIKE: No, Cherub?
CHERUB: Well, he'd have nabbed it all for himself, see? He'd have done for us both.
PIKE: Would he now? Do for Pike, would he? So that's the game, eh Sawbones?
BEN: Look, the Doctor wouldn't cheat no one.

(When PIKE turns away, CHERUB turns his pistol on him. With a quick move, PIKE knocks the gun from CHERUB's hand. Polly screams. CHERUB releases POLLY and draws his own sword.)

PIKE: By the black Albatross, ye met your doom now, my Cherub.
CHERUB: Not from such a black pig as ye.

(They begin fiercely clashing swords.)

PIKE: I'll quarter ye, ye rat faced smiler. Only watch the hook, boy, for when it whistles then it is the end of ye.

(They continue fighting.)

POLLY: Doctor, it's just like the Squire said. Avery's curse.


(The pirates have stopped their work and have began opening casks of rum.)

GAPTOOTH: Come on now, you bilge breath. Get on with it.
SPANIARD: Ah stow it, Gaptooth.

(They all groan.)

GAPTOOTH: And you, Spaniard, do as you're bid.

(There is laughter as they poke fun at GAPTOOTH.)

GAPTOOTH: If Pike finds you idling here you'll lose your ears as well as your tongue.

(More laughter, and then GAPTOOTH threatens one of the others.)

PIRATE: Cut him, Will.
GAPTOOTH: Stop. Beware of Pike. Now you've earned your... your jot and you shall have it. But you Spaniard, and you David - to the beach with you.

(SPANIARD and DAVID leave while the rest get back to work.)



(PIKE and CHERUB continue fighting, while The DOCTOR, POLLY and BEN look on.)

BEN: Right, now's our chance. Down the tunnel.
DOCTOR: Yes, get Polly back to the TARDIS, and I will follow immediately Blake returns with the men.
POLLY: But I can't leave you here alone.
DOCTOR: There is no other way, child. Without either of you they can't hold a hostage for me to force my hand.
BEN: Yeah, that's true. But, suppose they start on you?
DOCTOR: Ah, I've done it before, my dear boy. We must play for time.

(CHERUB grabs KEWPER's pistol from beside his body, and fires it at PIKE. However, this time he misses.

BEN: Right. Come on. Back to the TARDIS.

(They all move towards the passage.)

DOCTOR: Quickly. Quickly. I somehow don't think that master Cherub will be the winner.

(BEN opens the passage door.)

BEN: Right, I'll give you fifteen minutes. If you're not back by then I'm coming for you.

(The DOCTOR grunts and waves them on.)


(BEN and POLLY head down the tunnel towards the waiting TARDIS.)


(CHERUB has lost his sword during the fight, and now tries throwing his knife at PIKE. But again, he misses. PIKE sees his opportunity now that CHERUB is unarmed, and he stabs CHERUB in the chest with his hook.)

PIKE: Well my Cherub, you'll not need prayers in this company, eh?

(CHERUB falls and PIKE gloats over his body.)

PIKE: Back to your Hell hole, Cherub.

(PIKE now rounds on the DOCTOR.)

PIKE: Now old man, the time has come.
DOCTOR: I think we agreed on that point previously.
PIKE: The secret.
DOCTOR: My dear captain, I had every intention of telling you.
PIKE: And that's why ye fled me ship?
DOCTOR: I had no choice. My friends are in danger.
PIKE: Aye, those two lads. Where are they stowed away, Sawbones? Is there another passage out of this crypt?
SQUIRE: Tell him nothing.
PIKE: Still alive, eh, gentleman Squire?
SQUIRE: Aye, I'll live to see you hanged.
PIKE: Think ye so?

(PIKE moves to finish the SQUIRE off.)

DOCTOR: Stop! I made a bargain with you, sir - gave you my word. Don't you want me to keep it?
PIKE: Aye. That sounds like the foolishness of an honest man. Speak on.
DOCTOR: I wish to keep my side of the bargain, but I want to change the terms of my plan. Eh, that is, if I may.


(SPANIARD and DAVID come down to the beach. They put down their load and decide to pass their time waiting by exploring a cave along the beach wall. There they stumble upon the TARDIS, and decide they should stand guard over it should anyone come to claim it.)


(PIKE and the DOCTOR continue their negotiations.)

PIKE: Strange terms indeed.
DOCTOR: I prefer to call them humane terms.
PIKE: And ye want none of the gold?
DOCTOR: I would rather not touch it.
PIKE: Ha. Heard of Avery's curse, eh?
DOCTOR: I have given you all my reasons. I want no part of the gold. Though perhaps I can deliver it to you immediately.
PIKE: If I keep my lads out of the village?
DOCTOR: There is no need for innocent people to suffer.
SQUIRE: Well said, Doctor. Well said.
PIKE: I like my lads to be happy, Sawbones. That way they work well.
SQUIRE: You'd have Avery's gold and our stores, would you villain? Will nothing satisfy you?
PIKE: Oh, we have an uneasy conscience, have we Squire? Ye lily-livered rogue! Ye dare to call to call me villain?
SQUIRE: Oh, I've been a rogue. I frankly admit it. The generosity of this stranger has shamed me. But, I never spilled blood in my villainy. I beg you as a fellow rogue, if you must. Spare my poor villagers.
PIKE: When the fever is in the lads' bones, nothing but blood will slake it.
DOCTOR: Senseless destruction.
PIKE: 'Tis by way of being a pastime with us gentlemen of fortune. Why should I stop them?
SQUIRE: So, you admit it to be difficult, eh? You'd rather let them run mad than test their obedience, eh Captain?
PIKE: No man defies me and lives to speak of it.
SQUIRE: No, but you'll not give that one order, eh? A highly disciplined crew, in truth.
PIKE: They'll do as I bid or die of it.
SQUIRE: Would they?
PIKE: Aye, they would.
DOCTOR: Prove it.
PIKE: Aye, I will. When I have the gold.
DOCTOR: I suppose we must trust you?
PIKE: Aye, ye must. And take heed of Cherub yonder, eh Sawbones?
DOCTOR: Have no fear, Captain. I am not likely to try and cheat you just as he did.
PIKE: Out with it, then. Show me the gold.


(BLAKE and the militia march closer to the church.)


(POLLY and BEN continue to make their way towards the TARDIS.)

BEN: Come on, Duchess. We're nearly there.
POLLY: Oh, good.

(Polly stumbles.)

POLLY: Ah, ooh!
BEN: You OK?
POLLY: Oh, yes.

(POLLY rubs her sore ankle.)

POLLY: How much further is it?
BEN: I told you, we're nearly there. It's only about another hundred yards.
POLLY: Well, look. You go back and get the Doctor then.
BEN: But, will you be all right?
POLLY: Yes, I'll be fine. Look, hurry. I'll see you back at the TARDIS.
BEN: OK then.

(BEN begins to move back the way he came, then stops and turns back to POLLY.)

BEN: Polly.
BEN: Put the kettle on.

(BEN leaves and POLLY slowly begins making her way down to the TARDIS.)


(BLAKE and the militia arrive on the beach below the church. He divides his forces into two parties. One, lead by a sergeant of the militia, have instructions to go up the path to the church.)

BLAKE: All right sergeant, off you go. The rest of you come with me.

(BLAKE leads the rest of the troops along the beach to approach the church up through the tunnel.)


(The DOCTOR and PIKE continue their talk about the gold's whereabouts, with the DOCTOR trying to prolong the discussion as much as he can.)

DOCTOR: Now, let me see. The Churchwarden set me a riddle which involved four names:...

(The DOCTOR points to graves as he calls the names.)

DOCTOR: ...Ringwood, Smallbeer, Gurney and Deadman, which should be on that wall, sir.
PIKE: The four names of Avery's crew in the old days.
DOCTOR: Ha, yes, it's there... just there.
PIKE: How come those names here? They died on the seven seas, all of them.
DOCTOR: The original names were changed by the Churchwarden.
PIKE: Aye. Like a marker, eh?
DOCTOR: Yes, that is correct. And unless I am very much mistaken, sir, this flagstone is at the intersection of those fateful names.

(PIKE inspects the stone.)

PIKE: Aye, and 'tis loose. Stand aside.
DOCTOR: Indeed, I think that is what you seek.

(PIKE furiously tries to lift the stone with his hook. Once the stone is moved he looks into the darkness there.)

PIKE: What's this? I see nothing.
DOCTOR: Well, how deep is it?

(PIKE thrusts his arm into the gap.)

PIKE: Still nothing, blast your eyes. Nay... Nay... What's this?

(Laughing, Pike pulls his arm out of the hole, and dangling from his hook are strings of pearls.)

PIKE: What now? Ha! What price your damned Avery now? What now, Squire?

(While he continues to gloat, the sounds of shouting and gunfire can be heard outside.)

PIKE: What's that? If that is a trap, Sawbones, I swear you'll lie beneath that slab yourself.

(PIKE moves to the crypt entrance and calls above.)

PIKE: Ahoy there. What's afoot! What in Hell's name? Gaptooth, answer!


(The militia have surrounded the pirates. Shots are fired and swords are clashed, and though they fight hard it is clear the pirates are outclassed. The militia reload their muskets and, with a great cry, charge forward to storm the church.)


(POLLY comes out onto the beach and screams as she is grabbed by SPANIARD and DAVID. She manages to escape their grip and runs back up the tunnel. They follow her.)


(SPANIARD overtakes POLLY, and DAVID moves further up the tunnel to investigate.)


(Hearing the noise, BEN returns and finds DAVID deeper in the tunnel. They struggle and BEN manages to overpower DAVID. BEN the goes to find POLLY, and he and SPANIARD meet up and begin fighting.)


(BLAKE leads his band up to the tunnel entrance.)

BLAKE: Come on.

(Cautiously, they move in.)

BLAKE: All right, come on. Now quietly.


(SPANIARD is winning his fight with BEN. He manages the throw BEN to the ground and is about to deal the killing blow. Suddenly BLAKE enters and fires his pistol, hitting SPANIARD.)

POLLY: Mister Blake, thank heavens.
BLAKE: Now stand aside, boy. Our work lies above. Keep close ____ commands.
BEN: Hang on, Blake. I'm with you. Polly, go on back to the TARDIS and wait for us there. OK?
POLLY: All right.

(POLLY watches as they move up the passageway to the church crypt.)


(PIKE is trying to grab the treasure while urging his men to fight on.)

PIKE: Fight, ye black-hearted sons of traitors. There's gold for ye all if we can but board the Albatross.

(The pirates are one by one being felled by the militia. The DOCTOR moves through the chaos towards the tunnel entrance. BLAKE and BEN emerge from within.)

BLAKE: Pray, stand aside, good old man. In the king's name!

(Following his cry, the militia who came up through the tunnel with BLAKE join the attack. PIKE spots the DOCTOR through the melee.)

PIKE: Sawbones, ye Neptune's curse. Ye've laid a trap and for that you'll die by the pike.

(PIKE begins making his way towards the DOCTOR, but has a hard time wading through the fighting.)

BEN: Come on, Doctor, now let's get out of here.
DOCTOR: No, I must try and help the Squire.

(They push though the battle to the SQUIRE.)

DOCTOR: Oh, thank heavens you're still alive, sir. (To BEN.) Let's try and get him out of here.

(Together BEN and the DOCTOR lift the SQUIRE and begin moving him towards the exit. Meanwhile BLAKE is trying to reach PIKE, but can't get to him for all the fighting. He calls out over the turmoil.)

BLAKE: Captain Pike, surrender I say.
PIKE: And give over this treasure? Never!

(PIKE has worked his way closer to the DOCTOR, who is being slowed down by the injured SQUIRE.)

PIKE: Sawbones, I'm coming for ye. See if your magic will help you now.

(PIKE finally manages to find an opening in the fray and lunges forward to where the DOCTOR is. He raises his hook to strike the DOCTOR down.)

PIKE: Here's an end to ye, Sawbones, damn your eyes.

(The SQUIRE holds PIKE's arm back just long enough for BLAKE to shoot him. PIKE collapses and slowly dies. The DOCTOR and BEN use the distraction to quietly slip away down the tunnel.)

BLAKE: Thank you Squire. The day is ours.
SQUIRE: Yes, quite so, quite so. I think we've managed very well, you and I.
BLAKE: But where's the old man? I would offer my gratitude to him.

(BLAKE looks to the passageway and knows they are gone.)

BLAKE: Godspeed, old man.


(BEN and the DOCTOR emerge onto the beach, where POLLY is waiting near the TARDIS.)

POLLY: Thank heavens you're both safe. Doctor, are you all right?
DOCTOR: Oh, a little exhausted, my dear. Otherwise I'm all right. Come along, let's get off.

(The DOCTOR unlocks the door and they all board the TARDIS.)


(BEN and POLLY stand around the console talking while the DOCTOR sets the controls to dematerialize.)

BEN: Yeah, I thought the Doctor nearly had it when old Pike got going.
POLLY: What happened? How did you all escape?
BEN: Well, Blake's mob beat them.
POLLY: So they're all dead then, the ones who wanted the treasure.
DOCTOR: Yes, superstition is a strange thing, my dear, but sometimes it tells the truth.


(The TARDIS fades away leaving the empty beach behind.)


POLLY: Where will we go to now, Doctor. Will we go forward or back in time?
DOCTOR: I have no idea. I have no control over such matters.
BEN: Well, it better be 1966 or I'm in dead trouble, Doctor. Well, anyway, wherever it is, it can't be as bad as going back to them days.
DOCTOR: My dear boy, it could be a great deal worse.

(The DOCTOR chuckles, while BEN and POLLY begin shivering.)

POLLY: What's happened, Doctor. I'm freezing!
BEN: Yeah, it's getting right parky in here.
DOCTOR: Just look up at that scanner.

(They all turn and face forward, where the scanner apparently is.)

DOCTOR: We have arrived at the coldest place in the world.

(The image of them looking on in amazement holds while...)

(...the closing music and credits fade in.)


(The title fades out and the screen fades to black. The actor credits begin to scroll up.)

Dr. Who





Captain Pike

Jacob Kewper



Fights Arranged by

Title Music by
and the BBC

Story Editor


(After the designer credit rolls up and off the black screen, the producer credit fades in.)


(The producer credit fades out. The director credit and BBC logo fade in.)

Directed by

(c) BBC tv 1966

(The BBC logo fades out to the black background. The series theme music ends.)


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