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First Broadcast: 08.02.64
Running Time: 25 minutes 04 seconds
Written by David Whitaker


(IAN, BARBARA and SUSAN look on as the DOCTOR manipulates the TARDIS controls. As he hurries round the console, there is an explosion and everyone is knocked to one side and the room is plunged into darkness. The DOCTOR is lying on the floor beside the console. IAN is in a chair. SUSAN lies across the console. The room is totally silent and still. Then, with a groan, BARBARA staggers across the room and looks round the room. With the length of Thal material still draped across her shoulders, she cautiously walks past the DOCTOR, looks over the console and finally stops in front of the chair in which IAN is unconscious.)

BARBARA: (Unsure.) Mr. Chesterton…Ian Chesterton?

(BARBARA looks in a puzzled way at IAN, but turns quickly, when she hears a shuffling noise from behind her. SUSAN stands up.)

SUSAN: (Groggily.) I thought...

(She staggers towards BARBARA.)

SUSAN: I know you.

(SUSAN cringes in agony and then recoils away, head in hands.)

BARBARA: Have you hurt your head?
SUSAN: (In pain.) Ow... Yes, terribly!
BARBARA: Well, let me look at it.

(As BARBARA moves towards SUSAN, the girl moves away from her staggering around the console.)

SUSAN: Ow... Oh, my neck hurts too.

(She begins to relax.)

SUSAN: Oh, oh, it's going away now... Oh, that's better... I couldn't think where I was for a minute...
BARBARA: Do you want to sit down?

(BARBARA indicates an unoccupied chair. SUSAN looks at it and then takes another uneasy step.)

SUSAN: No, it's all right.

(She looks down and notices the DOCTOR lying unconscious on the floor.)

SUSAN: (Shouts in alarm.) Grandfather!

(SUSAN rushes over towards the DOCTOR and kneels down beside him.)

BARBARA: He's cut his head open.
SUSAN: I've…I’ve got some ointment.
BARBARA: Well get some water too.

(SUSAN stands. As she begins to walk out, she grasps her neck.)


(She spots IAN still in the chair in the corner of the console room.)

SUSAN: Who's that? Oughtn't we to go and help him?
BARBARA: (Examining the DOCTOR.) I don't like the look of this cut at all.
SUSAN: Water... hmm. Wh... what happened?
BARBARA: (Murmurs.) I don't know...

(She sees SUSAN standing there.)

BARBARA: Well go on!

(SUSAN nods weakly, wipes her forehead and then leaves. Barbara continues examining the DOCTOR. She looks up as she hears a movement. She stands, and crosses to the console. IAN is standing upright in front of the chair, like a statue.)

IAN: You're working late tonight, Miss. Wright.

(He looks round in puzzlement, and stumbles. He regains his balance.)

IAN: Can I have a glass of water?
BARBARA: Susan's fetching some.

(IAN turns sharply to face BARBARA.)

IAN: Susan Foreman you mean?

(IAN notices the DOCTOR.)

IAN: What's he doing there?
BARBARA: Oh, he's cut his head. Are you feeling all right?
IAN: Dizzy.

(He turns and leans on the chair, then looks back, and as an afterthought says:)

IAN: Shouldn't we help him?

(They both look at the DOCTOR.)


(Still groggy, SUSAN crosses the room, picking up a box from a table. She places the box on a lower table, opens it and takes out a roll of bandage with different shaded stripes on it and a pair of scissors. She rolls out a length of the bandage and cuts it.)


(Both IAN and BARBARA and kneeling beside the DOCTOR, examining him. BARBARA takes his pulse. IAN is talking like an automaton.)

IAN: His heart seems all right, and his breathing's quite regular.

(He tilts the DOCTOR'S head towards him.)

IAN: I don't think that cut's as deep as you think.
BARBARA: What do we do if his skull's fractured?
IAN: I don't think it's as bad as that.

(Suddenly, the DOCTOR'S lips open and he begins to speak.)

DOCTOR: I can't take you back, Susan. I can't! I ca... I...
IAN: (Almost amused.) Huh! He's rambling.

(BARBARA stands up and smiles as everything becomes clear and she realises where she is.)

BARBARA: The ship! The TARDIS!

(She clutches IAN'S wrist. IAN however looks around himself in puzzlement.)

IAN: What?


(On the Food Machine, SUSAN presses the button marked 'water' and the light marked 'empty' begins to flash. She presses it again.)


(She presses some of the buttons above and the machine whirrs into life. Whirring and clicking. The lights begin to flash. Then, there are three beeps and the machine becomes quiet again. SUSAN looks down at the tray where the food comes out. It contains a packet of water. She pulls it out.)

SUSAN: (Puzzled.) That's funny.

(She presses the 'water' button again. Again it reads 'empty'. SUSAN turns to leave, a puzzled expression on her face. She opens the door leading into the Console room.)


(As SUSAN steps through the door, she gasps as she looks up. The TARDIS doors are wide open. SUSAN looks around in panic. IAN and BARBARA are staring at the open doors.)

SUSAN: (In shock.) The doors!

(She crosses over to IAN and BARBARA.)

SUSAN: Well they can't open on their own, they can't!

(IAN looks and points at the DOCTOR.)

IAN: Perhaps he did it.
SUSAN: Grandfather?!
IAN: Did it before he cut his head open.
SUSAN: No, he wouldn't.
BARBARA: They must have been forced open. When we crashed.
IAN: Crashed?
SUSAN: No! The ship can't crash, it's impossible.

(In a panic, SUSAN rushes towards the still prone DOCTOR.)

SUSAN: Grandfather! (Hysterical.) Grandfather!

(BARBARA bends down next to her.)

BARBARA: Susan, it's all right.
SUSAN: No! No, there's something here! Inside the ship.
IAN: What?
BARBARA: (Scared.) But that's not possible.

(SUSAN turns to IAN.)

SUSAN: You feel it don't you?
BARBARA: Give me the bandage.

(SUSAN gives BARBARA the bandage. BARBARA kneels beside the DOCTOR and examines the bandage.)

BARBARA: Well what's this?

(IAN walks over to the console as SUSAN answers. He turns and faces the open doors.)

SUSAN: The coloured part is the ointment. You'll find the colour disappear as it goes into the wound. When the bandage is completely white, it means the wound is healed.

(IAN walks towards the open doors as if heading for the outside. When he comes near them, they close on their own accord. SUSAN gasps. IAN turns sharply and looks accusingly at SUSAN.)

IAN: Did you do that?
SUSAN: We haven't moved.

(IAN moves towards the control console, away from the doors. As he moves, they open behind him. He turns and purposefully strides towards the open doors. Again they close in his path. SUSAN looks scared.)

SUSAN: (In a semi-controlled hysteria.) I'm going to try the controls.
BARBARA: Be careful Susan.

(SUSAN walks swiftly towards the console and reaches for the button. Suddenly she creases up in pain and stumbles back from the console.)

SUSAN: No! Ahh!

(She groans and then collapses, unconscious, on the floor next to the now bandaged DOCTOR. IAN and BARBARA cross over to her.)

IAN: She's fainted! But she was all right a minute ago.
BARBARA: Yes, and a while before that you were all unconscious.

(IAN stumbles forward and places his head in his hands. He recovers and spins round, examining the whole room an a matter of seconds.)

IAN: (Shouting.) What's going on here?

(They both look down at the DOCTOR.)

BARBARA: He's beginning to stir. Take the girl and put her to bed.

(IAN lifts SUSAN. The DOCTOR groans.)

IAN: If anything happens, let me know.

(BARBARA looks up in surprise.)

BARBARA: Well what could happen?
IAN: I don't know.

(IAN leaves carrying SUSAN over his shoulders. The DOCTOR stirs.)

BARBARA: How are you?
DOCTOR: My head. Oh.
BARBARA: You…cut your forehead, but you'll be all right.

(The DOCTOR feels the back of his neck.)

DOCTOR: It hurts here.
BARBARA: Where? Show me.

(She examines his neck.)

BARBARA: I can't see anything. There's no bump, or bruise or anything.
DOCTOR: Oh, it's on the back of the neck.

(He groans again. BARBARA looks up at this familiar symptom.)


(IAN presses a button, and a wall panel lowers, revealing a bed. He places SUSAN onto it and then feels her head.)

IAN: Water…

(He leaves the room.)


(IAN goes up to the Food Machine, takes his handkerchief out of his pocket and presses the 'water' button. Again the 'empty' light flashes.)

IAN: Empty?

(IAN presses the button again. Again it reads 'empty'. He bends down to have a look at a panel below, but notices that there is a sachet of water in the tray.)

IAN: Huh. All right.

(He removes the water. He opens the sachet and pours some onto his handkerchief. He heads towards the bedroom.)


(IAN enters, carrying the bandage and the water. He puts the water of the table and looks up. SUSAN is kneeling upon the bed and glaring at him with a mad stare in her eyes, holding the scissors. IAN stops in his tracks.)

IAN: What are you doing?

(IAN takes a step forward. SUSAN raises the scissors.)

IAN: Wh...
SUSAN: No! Who are you?
IAN: Susan! You don't need that.

(He reaches out to take the scissors from her. She moves them in a stabbing motion towards his wrist. IAN quickly moves his arm back. SUSAN raises the scissors again, and then is overcome. She appears to have a sort of fit. She screeches and groans. Then she turns and starts viciously attacking her bed with the scissors. IAN is appalled. Eventually, she stops and collapses on the bed. The scissors fall from her hand onto the floor.)


(The scissors are now on a table. The DOCTOR is sitting in a couch, his head still bandaged. IAN is leaning on the table, and BARBARA is standing in the centre of the room.)

DOCTOR: No, no, the ship must have stopped and put us down somewhere.
BARBARA: (Turning on him.) But where? Where are we?
DOCTOR: Oh, all these questions Miss. Wright! Please!

(He holds his head.)

BARBARA: You don't know do you? You're just guessing aren't you?

(BARBARA heads towards the door.)


(BARBARA enters the room.)

BARBARA: Can we have some light in here?
DOCTOR: (OOV.) What for?


(The DOCTOR is still on the couch. IAN is standing by the food machine.)

IAN: Have you any idea where we are, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Where is not as important as why, young man. I must go and check the fault locator again.

(The DOCTOR stands up and crosses to the doors to the console room.)

IAN: Everything's in a mess.


(The DOCTOR stops in the doorway. BARBARA is staring into the console room. The DOCTOR turns to look back into the living quarters.)

DOCTOR: You didn't touch the controls did you?
IAN: (OOV.) No.

(The DOCTOR enters the console room and points an accusing finger at BARBARA.)

DOCTOR: Or you?

(BARBARA looks at the DOCTOR in surprise and re-enters the living area.)

DOCTOR: I know Susan wouldn't. I'm worried about that child. Temporary lapse of memory.


(BARBARA is facing into the room. IAN walks up behind her.)

BARBARA: I was thinking.
IAN: Yes?

(The DOCTOR enters quickly in hope at hearing her words.)

DOCTOR: Well? Yes, yes.... anything may help.
BARBARA: Do you think something could have got into the ship?
DOCTOR: (Scoffing.) No, no, no.
BARBARA: Well the doors were open.
DOCTOR: No, it's ridiculous.
IAN: (Laughing.) What, you mean? An animal or a man or something?
DOCTOR: It's…it’s not very logical now, is it? Hmm?
BARBARA: Or another intelligence.
DOCTOR: Well as I said, it's not very logical.
BARBARA: No it isn't, but does it have to be? I mean, things aren't always very logical are they? It's just that one's been through so much, I've...
DOCTOR: I've been very patient with you Miss…Wright, and really, there's no more time for these absurd theories.
IAN: Probably a mechanical fault.
DOCTOR: Yes, or electric.

(The DOCTOR walks towards the console room.)


DOCTOR: It may even be the main unit. I don't know. I'm very worried about it all. Young man, I think you'll have to help me with that fault locator now that Susan's been put out of action.
IAN: Yea, yes, of course I will.
DOCTOR: Thank you, thank you. It won't take us long.

(The DOCTOR walks towards the control console.)

IAN: I…I wouldn't go near the control column if I were you Doctor. It might give you an electric shock.
DOCTOR: Yes, well, perhaps it would be wiser to check the fault locator first. I'm glad I thought of that. Yes. Come along, come along.

(He hurries across the room. IAN turns to BARBARA who has walked in behind them.)

IAN: Barbara....
BARBARA: Keep an eye on Susan?


(SUSAN has appeared and is hiding behind the food machine, listening to IAN and BARBARA'S conversation.)

IAN: (OOV.) Yes. And, don't tell her about something being in the ship.

(SUSAN looks determined.)

BARBARA: (OOV.) No, of course not.
IAN: (OOV.) You know, the less said...

(SUSAN comes out from behind the machine, crosses over to the table and takes the scissors from it.)


IAN: ... the better, eh?
DOCTOR: (OOV.) Chesterton!
IAN: Coming!

(IAN heads off and joins the DOCTOR who is leaning against the wall beside the fault locator.)

IAN: Are you alright?
DOCTOR: Oh yes, these numbers keep blurring before my eyes. That’s all.
IAN: What can I do to help?
DOCTOR: Well, if you wouldn't mind standing in front of that indicator and...what you would see would be a series of numbers.

(IAN looks at the screen. The figures A12 become clear and then blur. The same happens as A13, A14, A15, A16 and the start of A17 appear.)


(BARBARA enters. SUSAN is lying on the bed, eyes closed. IAN'S handkerchief over her forehead. As BARBARA leans over the table, SUSAN opens her eyes. BARBARA looks up.)

BARBARA: You're awake now. How are you feeling?

(BARBARA gets no response from SUSAN. She crosses over to the bed.)

BARBARA: Susan? You do remember who I am don't you?
SUSAN: (Coldly.) Of course I do. You're Barbara.

(BARBARA replaces the handkerchief with a new cloth.)

SUSAN: There's nothing wrong with me.
BARBARA: No, you're... you just need a rest, that's all.
SUSAN: Where's grandfather?
BARBARA: He's checking the controls with Ian.
SUSAN: Have they found out what's wrong with the ship?
BARBARA: Well, Ian thinks there was a power failure.

(BARBARA stops what she is doing as she realises that the scissors are missing.)

SUSAN: Why did you ask me if I knew who you were?
BARBARA: Susan, why don't you give me those scissors? Give them to me.

(BARBARA turns to face SUSAN as she sits up, holding the scissors to threaten BARBARA.)

BARBARA: Susan, what's all this about?
SUSAN: You said there'd been a power failure.
BARBARA: No I didn't, I said that's what Ian thinks.
SUSAN: I overheard the two of you. There's something here in the ship and he doesn't want you to tell me.
BARBARA: Oh, I see. You just overheard a couple of words and you comple...
SUSAN: No! You lied to me.
BARBARA: We wouldn't hurt you Susan. Surely you know that?

(Slowly, SUSAN raises the scissors to arm's length. She begins to shake. She gasps and BARBARA leaps forward and prises the scissors from her hand. SUSAN is still tense as she looks around her surroundings.)

SUSAN: I've never noticed the shadows before. It's so silent in the ship.
BARBARA: Yes…or we're imagining things. We must be…I mean, how would anything get into the ship anyway?
SUSAN: The doors were open.
BARBARA: Yes, but…but where would it hide?
SUSAN: In one of us.
BARBARA: No. No. We must stop talking about this. I mean, can you imagine what the others would say if we told them? They'd simply laugh at us.
SUSAN: Supposing there isn't a fault.

(SUSAN jumps with fright as IAN enters.)

IAN: You must be clairvoyant….we've just checked everything, and it's all perfect. Which is fantastic.

(He looks at SUSAN.)

IAN: How are you feeling?
SUSAN: I'm alright.
IAN: Good.
SUSAN: What's my grandfather doing?
IAN: (Slowly.) That's what I came to tell you both. He's decided that the only fault can be outside the ship. He's gone to turn on the scanner.
SUSAN: (Screaming.) No! No, he mustn't.

(She runs from the room.)


(SUSAN rushes through the doors.)

SUSAN: (Screaming.) Don't touch!

(She stops when she sees the DOCTOR standing looking at the console. Some of the stripes on his bandage have now disappeared.)

DOCTOR: Hmm? Are you alright child?
SUSAN: Yes. Grandfather, I tried to touch, and it was like being hit but without any pain.
DOCTOR: Hit where?
SUSAN: Well, the back of my neck hurt.
DOCTOR: Yes, rather like mine.

(IAN and BARBARA are standing in the doorway. IAN is also now rubbing the back of his neck)

IAN: Funny, it didn't effect Barbara and me like that.
DOCTOR: No, it didn't, did it? I must find out what's outside the ship, Susan. Stand close beside me will you?

(SUSAN holds onto the DOCTOR'S shoulders, whilst the DOCTOR looks pointedly at IAN and BARBARA, then cautiously reaches towards the scanner switch. With a swift movement, he reaches out and flicks it. The scanner hums into life. He is unharmed.)

SUSAN: Nothing happened to you.
DOCTOR: No indeed.

(He looks again at IAN and BARBARA.)

BARBARA: (To IAN.) Why does he keep looking at us like that?

(IAN shrugs.)

SUSAN: Hey, the scanner's working.

(It shows an image of a field and trees. Birdsong can be heard.)

BARBARA: That could be England.
SUSAN: Oh, yes, I remember that.
DOCTOR: That's very curious. That’s can't be what's outside the ship. This is a photograph.

(The TARDIS doors open again. Everybody turns.)

DOCTOR: Close the doors Susan.

(Animal like roars can be heard outside.)

IAN: I'll do it.

(He moves towards the control, but the doors swing shut.)

IAN: Well I didn't touch it.
BARBARA: There's another picture.

(BARBARA points to the scanner where the picture has changed to that of a swampland accompanied by the cries of strange creatures.)

SUSAN: Oh, I recognise that. That's where we nearly lost the TARDIS, four or five journeys back.
DOCTOR: Yes, the planet Quinnis, of the fourth universe.
SUSAN: That's not outside either. That's a photograph.
IAN: Can you explain it?
DOCTOR: (Sitting on the chair.) Did I ever tell you that the ship has a memory bank hmm?
SUSAN: Yes, It records our journeys.
IAN: No, I don't think so.
DOCTOR: Are you sure? I thought I did.
SUSAN: Hey look.

(The image has changed again. This time, a planet is shown. The picture changes again to a view of the planet from a distance. Then it changes again to show a galaxy. Finally there is a bright flash and the screen goes blank.)

IAN: Well, what's all that about?
DOCTOR: (Now stood up.) Oh, don't you know? I thought you might be able to explain it.
IAN: Why me?
DOCTOR: Trying to confuse me, eh? (Laughs.)
IAN: What are you getting at?
BARBARA: Look, why don't we just try and open the doors and see for ourselves what's outside.
DOCTOR: What is inside, madam, is most important at the moment.
BARBARA: Inside?
IAN: (Going to stand by BARBARA.) But you've just been telling us that the only people inside are ourselves.
DOCTOR: Precisely. I know now who's responsible. You are, you've sabotaged my ship.
BARBARA: But we haven't touched your ship.
IAN: What are you talking about?
DOCTOR: You are the cause of this disaster. And you've both knocked Su... you…you've knocked both Susan and I un…unconscious.
BARBARA: Oh don't be ridiculous, we were all knocked out.
DOCTOR: A charade. You attacked us.
IAN: Absolute nonsense.
DOCTOR: And when we were lying helpless on the floor, you tampered with my…my controls.
IAN: (Shouting.) But you checked everything yourself, and you couldn't find anything wrong with it!
DOCTOR: No, sir. We checked everything, you and I.
BARBARA: But why would we? For what reason?
DOCTOR: Blackmail, that's why. You tried to force me to return you to England.
BARBARA: Oh don't be so stupid.
DOCTOR: I know it, I'm sure of it.
BARBARA: (Shouting.) How dare you! Do you realise you stupid old man that you'd have died in the cave of skulls if Ian hadn't made fire for you?
DOCTOR: Oh, I...
BARBARA: And what about what we went through against the Daleks? Not just for us, but for you and Susan too, and all because you tricked us into going down to the city.
DOCTOR: But I...
BARBARA: Accuse us... You ought to go down on your hands and knees and thank us. But gratitude's the last thing you'll ever have, or any sort of common sense either.

(As BARBARA walks away she looks at the clock in the centre of the room and screams. The clock face has melted into a twisted mess. BARBARA holds her head in her hands. Everybody else joins her. SUSAN gasps. The DOCTOR turns and leaves the room. IAN looks at his wristwatch. It too has melted. BARBARA takes hers off and throws it away with a scream. Then she collapses against the chair in a fit of tears. IAN puts his hand on her shoulder and then moves away, still regarding his useless watch. SUSAN glances at her watch then crouches by BARBARA.)

IAN: You can't blame us for this Doctor. Where is he?

(The DOCTOR enters, carrying a tray of drinks.)

DOCTOR: I've decided we need more time to think. We're all somewhat overwrought.

(He holds out the tray.)

DOCTOR: Mr. Chesterton.

(IAN cautiously takes a cup. The DOCTOR moves on.)

DOCTOR: Miss. Wright.

(BARBARA takes one.)

DOCTOR: Susan.

(SUSAN takes one, and the DOCTOR takes the final one.)

IAN: I wish I could understand you Doctor. One moment you're abusing us, and the next you're playing the perfect butler.
DOCTOR: A little nightcap, to help us relax and sleep. Hmm?
IAN: If it is night.

(IAN looks at his broken watch.)

IAN: We have no way of telling now.
BARBARA: (Upset.) I'm going to bed.

(BARBARA leaves.)

SUSAN: Make it up with her grandfather. Please do.

(SUSAN leaves. The DOCTOR sits in the chair.)

IAN: Doctor, some very strange things are happening. I feel we're in a very dangerous position. This is no time for personal quarrels.
DOCTOR: Meaning?
IAN: I think you should go and apologise to Barbara at once.
DOCTOR: I'm afraid we have no time for codes and manners. And I certainly don't underestimate the dangers, if they exist. But I must have time to think. I must think! Rash action is worse than no action at all.

(The DOCTOR walks out.)

IAN: I don't see anything rash in apologising to Barbara. (In frustration.) Oh!

(IAN follows the DOCTOR.)


(The DOCTOR is standing in the middle of the room. IAN enters. SUSAN is hiding, unseen, behind the food machine.)

IAN: Frankly Doctor, I find it hard to keep pace with you.
DOCTOR: You mean to keep one jump ahead. That you will never be. You need my knowledge and ability to apply it and then you need my experience, to gain the fullest results.
IAN: Results? For good or for evil?
DOCTOR: One man's law is another man's crime. Sleep on it Chesterton, sleep on it.

(The DOCTOR leaves. IAN remains where he is. SUSAN silently moves down the corridor towards the girls' bedroom.)


(SUSAN walks across to BARBARA. She is still awake.)

SUSAN: I'm.... I'm sorry for what grandfather said to you.

(BARBARA turns her head.)

BARBARA: (Coldly.) It wasn't your fault.
SUSAN: I know, but... try and understand him. Forgive him.
BARBARA: (Unconvinced.) Try and get some sleep.

(SUSAN lays down on her bed and BARBARA closes her eyes.)


(The DOCTOR enters, crosses over to BARBARA and taps her leg to see if she is still awake. There is no response. He stifles a giggle and leaves.)


(With a smile on his face, the DOCTOR enters and crosses towards IAN'S bedroom.)


(IAN lies down sleep in his dressing gown. The DOCTOR waves his hand in front of IAN'S face to see if he is awake. There is no response. He giggles and leaves.)


(The DOCTOR walks out of IAN'S room. He rubs his hands together and crosses the living quarters.)


(The DOCTOR enters from the living quarters and walks over to the control panel. He looks at a set of controls and his hands falter in mid air. Suddenly, he turns around as a pair of hands grips his neck...)

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