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The War Machines

Episode Two

By Ian Stuart-Black


(All along the panels lights blink on and off, and tape spools whiz around as the computer chitters and chatters to itself. In the centre it's bright eye darts back and forth surveying it's first four human servants. There is a low rumbling from the speakers set into the top of WOTAN's face. The rumbles merge and twist as if the computer were trying to experimentally mould and mash vowels together like warm plasticine. An icy voice devoid of all emotion begins to issue from WOTAN's speakers as he issues his first vocal command.)


(Dodo turns and walks out of the doors to the laboratory and Brett closes them after her.)

BRETT: Here are your orders. Time is short, progress is impossible unless WOTAN takes control within the next few days. Then WOTAN shall decide on the future of the human race! Who shall live to serve the machines, and who shall be eliminated!

(A piece of paper chunders out of the printer slot.)

BRETT: Krimpton, you take that.
KRIMPTON: London is the first capital to be taken over. Then Washington and Moscow. War-Machines must be built immediately!
BRETT: Further instructions from WOTAN. We shall require skilled labour; a labour corps will come into operation immediately! Contact will be made by these people by telephone. When they are on the line switch them through to thought control. This is the way each person is to be enlisted.
GREEN: When we have the people where are we to construct the machines?
BRETT: At central points in London. You Major Green will select suitable places. I shall supervise the initial stages - suspicion must not be aroused!
GREEN: I shall attend to this immediately.

(Green leaves.)

BRETT: You Krimpton will work upon a suitable electronic programme for the new mobile computers. They must be able to move freely and contain their own power. All computer systems throughout the world must be integrated in WOTAN.
KRIMPTON: I shall begin this at once.
BRETT: No! Top priority is to enlist Doctor Who - he has advanced knowledge which WOTAN needs. Doctor Who must be enlisted into our services tonight!

(They turn to the coldly pulsing eye of the machine as it's soft vocal units issue a repeat statement.)



(The Doctor is still standing in the empty Inferno club. Nearby Kitty is clearing away the glasses.)

KITTY: Look love, I really am sorry about your friend not turning up, but I've got to lock up now. You can hang a note on the door if you like?

(Behind the Doctor Ben and Polly get up from where they are sitting.)

DOCTOR: Yes, a good idea. Thank you, that's very kind.
POLLY: I think we ought to go to the Police.
KITTY: I'd rather not have them round here if you don't mind. Well we have got a license to think of!
POLLY: Well we must do something! I'm gonna start phoning the hospitals. What's her surname?
DOCTOR: Oh, Chaplet, Dodo Chaplet.
POLLY: I wonder which the nearest will be?

(She looks through a phone book.)

BEN: What are you phoning the hospitals for?
POLLY: Well she might have had an accident!
BEN: Oh, a regular little ray of sunshine ain't ya?!
POLLY: Well look, it's better than just sitting around here on our backsides doing nothing!

(The Doctor is fidgeting nervously, and suddenly a figure appears at the top of the steps.)

DODO: Hello Doctor! So you found us alright!
DOCTOR: Oh my dear child!
BEN: Dodo! Where've you been then?!
POLLY: What happened to you?

(Dodo descends the steps.)

DODO: I've just been around the corner.
POLLY: But you've been hours!
DOCTOR: Yes, we've be extremely worried about you!
DODO: I er...had a call from some old friends - I just popped along to see them. Was I really that long?
DOCTOR: Indeed you were! You didn't tell me about your friends - and how did they know that you might be here?
DODO: Oh it's a long story. I'm sorry if you were worried.
DOCTOR: Well I sincerely hope so! ...And by the way my child, Sir Charles Summer and his family have asked us to pay a visit; so if you'll excuse us, I-I think we'll be off.

(They all ascend the steps.)

BEN: Yeah, well I think that I'd better get some kip too.
DOCTOR: Yes, I suppose isn't too late to get a cab is it?
POLLY: Mmm? No, we'll get one outside.


(They exit the door next to a large vertical "INFERNO" sign.)

DOCTOR: Oh yes-yes-yes I suppose so.
POLLY: Goodnight Kitty!
KITTY: Goodnight Doctor.
DOCTOR: Er, yes goodnight young lady, goodnight.
BEN: 'Ere, look wait 'ere Doctor, I'll go an' get you a taxi.

(Polly Finishes talking to Kitty who walks off, and she runs after Ben.)

POLLY: Wait for me Ben, I know where we'll find one!

(Dodo scowls after Ben and Polly.)

DODO: They shouldn't have done that.
DOCTOR: Well that's very helpful of him I thought!
DODO: Oh yes, you're quite right. Of course it was.

(The Doctor looks curiously at Dodo, lacing his fingers in thought. Across the road, in the shadow of a red telephone booth two large waxen faced goons in white lab coats observe the Doctor and Dodo impassively from their hiding place. One silently pulls our a glass bottle of chloroform and a folded white handkerchief. Glancing over, Dodo sees this and makes her move.)

DODO: You know Doctor, those two have gone off in the wrong direction. The taxis are all down there.
DOCTOR: Well deh, are you sure my dear?
DODO: I've just seen three go past!
GOON: They're coming.

(The Goons melt away into deeper cover.)

DODO: Come along Doctor, we can pick up Polly when we find her.

(Dodo takes the Doctor's arm in a vice-like grip and begins to lead him across the road.)

DOCTOR: Oh very well my dear...
BEN: Doctor!

(There is a sound of an engine and a black cab draws up next to the Doctor and he looks delighted.)

DOCTOR: Oh, er, ha-ha!
BEN: We had to do one for another, Doctor.

(The cab door opens to a straggle-haired old Fagan-clone in a leather cap and musty overcoat. He hoists a sack on to his back, exits and begins to shamble off.)

TRAMP: Ta-ta then.
DRIVER: Not so fast! What about my fare?

(The Tramp stops and turns.)

TRAMP: I was about to pay you my man. Have you got change of a quid?

(The Driver looks at the pound note in exasperation.)

DRIVER: Oh no, not another one! No I haven't got the change mate.
TRAMP: Then I'll just pop over to the all night cafe and get some.

(He makes to move off but the driver grabs him by the scruff of the neck.)

DRIVER: You're staying right here, mate!
DOCTOR: Oh come along my man, we're in a hurry. Come along!
DRIVER: Not until he pays! We all know him round here.
POLLY: I think I've got change. Here you are.
TRAMP: Er..thank you Miss.

(Polly changes the pound note for a handful of coins, and the tramp pays the driver.)

TRAMP: There you are my man, half a crown on the top.
DRIVER: Thanks, now be off with ya!

(The Tramp walks off and the driver turns to his new fares.)

DRIVER: Right, where to guv'ner?
DOCTOR: Eh, Oh er yes-yeah. Here. Now look, give him that my dear.

(Polly turns to the Doctor who is already inside the cab and takes a small slip of paper. While she is busy the driver gives her booty a sly glance, she turns back and hands him the address.)

POLLY: Here-y'are.
DOCTOR: Mm. Hah! Come along, come along Dodo. you go, off you go, off you go!
BEN: I'll see you all then!
POLLY: Where do you have to get to Ben?
BEN: Oh, just to a services club just around the corner. It's alright I'll walk.
POLLY: Right! Listen, if you meet me at the reception of the Post-Office Tower tomorrow I'll stand you lunch!
BEN: Yeah, yeah alright. But I'm no Deb's delight you know!
POLLY: I can see that!
BEN: Yeah well... Goodnight Doctor, goodnight Dodo! See ya tomorrow Polly!
DOCTOR: Goodbye young man, goodbye.
DODO: Bye!
DOCTOR: Drive on.

(The taxi pulls away in a romantic cloud of lingering diesel fumes.)

POLLY: Seeya tomorrow!
BEN: Goodbye!

(Looking slightly giddy from either the thought Polly or the taste of the taxi's exhaust, Ben crosses the road and approaches the tramp.)

BEN: 'Ere, have you got a bed for the night, mate?
TRAMP: Well perhaps not what you'd call a bed, after a bit of a meal...

(He holds out his hand expectantly, but Ben remembers how he paid for the taxi.)

BEN: Ah, sorry mate.
TRAMP: Ahh..I'm going to doss down in the old warehouse over there.
BEN: Okay, goodnight.
TRAMP: It's bloomin' paradise after what I've been used to for the last six months!
BEN: Yeah.

(Ben walks up the road, and the tramp turns and walks down past the phone box. Inside the goon is speaking into a telephone.)

GOON: She didn't bring the Doctor. Yes, she tried to but they went off in a taxi. I understand. We will do as you say.

(He replaces the receiver and exits the booth, walking around the corner to and entering a warehouse by the side door.)


(The goon walks through the warehouse. The interior is rough and dirty as if Brett and his people had just moved in and hadn't had time to clear up. To the sides the walls are lined with old junk and from the ceiling numerous chains on runners swing to and fro. In the centre a group of white-coated scientists busy themselves unpacking crates under the watchful supervision of Professor Brett. He hands the Goon a sheaf of papers.)

BRETT: This is your blueprint. It is to be followed in every detail - the outer sections are to be constructed at once!

(One of the technicians pulls on an oiled chain and a section of flooring raises towards the roof attached to a block and tackle. Beneath is a deep pit, the remnants of some ancient production line now long forgotten.)


(The tramp, he stoops to pick something up, then tosses it away again. Hobbling around the corner, he opens the door to the warehouse and enters.)


(The technicians grab and unpack more boxes all stamped with "ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS" and the usual W for WOTAN symbol. Brett turns to a technician and hands over a set of notes.)

BRETT: The electronic section must be assembled in this order!

(The tramp stands in a small entrance area having come through the external door, he now faces the internal door. He scrutinises it for a moment.)

TRAMP: They've painted out the number! What's been going on around here?

(He walks through the door. Another, larger door opens and the tramp peeks into the warehouse. He is surprised to find it a hive of activity with little electric carts buzzing backwards and forwards and men walking about unpacking crates and boxes. The tramp closes the door without entering. Brett descends a set of steps into the sunken pit in the warehouse and picks up a large microphone.)

BRETT: The welding of the casing must begin now!

(A group of masked technicians with blowtorches sets to the task. The tramp opens the door into the main factory and finally decides to enter. He creeps in and hides behind a sectioned off area of equipment behind a chainlink partition.)

BRETT: Hurry, time is short! This machine must be completed and armed by tomorrow morning ready to be programmed by WOTAN!

(A proximity alert in the half completed brain of the first War Machine begins to burble and flash agitatedly in a corner. Brett raises the microphone again.)

BRETT: Cease work and stand by; there is a warning!

(He moves to a console at checks.)

BRETT: Close the doors, there is a stranger amongst us!

(A nearby printer chunders out a set of instructions.)

BRETT: He is in North section of the warehouse bearing two seven zero degrees, behind cover. He is a danger to us - he must be destroyed!

(A number of scientists ascend into the upper part of the warehouse. Distinctly disliking the "destroyed" part, the tramp decides to scamper off, but electric cart-man draws up blocking his escape. As he is encircled by a group of stony-faced technicians he smiles innocently.)

TRAMP: Now look; If you're the law, ha-ha, you got nothin' on me. I'm clean - just come out!

(looking around the group, the man begins to get spooked at their lack of any kind of recognisable body language or conversation.)

BRETT: Well alright, live and let live. I'll find another place to doss.

(He touches his cap.)

BRETT: Night all!

(The tramp runs through the circle of technicians and makes for the doors.)

BRETT OOV: Cover the door! He must not escape!

(The technicians catch the tramp again.)

TRAMP: Now what kind of a welcome's this for a bloke what's just come out the 'ospital?!

(The tramp coughs pitifully and looks at the technicians.)

TRAMP: I won't say nothing Bowss!

(His eyes widen as he looks down into the pit. The electronic components of the half built machine surrounded by an assembly of silent, white coated technicians.)

TRAMP: Here what is this, a nut house? Here, you keep away from me!

(He throws his sack at the technicians and runs off with the technicians giving chase, but his luck has finally run out. As the technicians converge on his scrawny form he gives a long last scream for his life, then is silenced. Brett smiles in satisfaction and raises the microphone again.)

BRETT: Resume work immediately. Construction must be completed by tomorrow morning!

(Beside Brett the boxy riveted metal of the external shell of the War-Machine number 9 is finally revealed, bristling with modern weaponry and lights.)


(Sir Charles Summer's Whitehall office is large and grand with ornate turquoise and cream plastered walls resembling decorative piped icing. Mahogany shelves groaning under the weight of antiquarian books and valuable looking ornaments are everywhere. As the morning sunlight streams through the window, the Doctor sits in a comfortable chair reading a broad copy of the Times with a pair of spectacles perched on the end of his nose. His eye catches an article entitled "DEAD MAN FOUND IN GARDEN" which has a picture of the tramp.)

DOCTOR: Good gracious!
SUMMER: What is it Doctor?
DOCTOR: Well, just take a look at this Sir Charles, hmph!

(He hands Sir Charles the newspaper.)

SUMMER: Mm, tramp found dead in Covent Garden.
DOCTOR: Yes! Three o'clock. That must have been after we left him!
SUMMER: Do you know the fellow Doctor?
DOCTOR: No... We met last night; or rather, early this morning. We used his taxi which he left in Covent Garden.
SUMMER: Mmm the Police aren't sure if it was a street accident.

(The Doctor begins to pace the room restlessly.)

DOCTOR: Weoh, yes, it is possible of course. Hah-ha!
SUMMER: Well what else?
DOCTOR: Oh I don't know sir Charles, I dunno...
SUMMER: Well if you'd just stop worrying about the indefinable, you might be able to give me a little advice on a very real problem!
DOCTOR: Oh, e-yes? What's this then?

(The Doctor walks over to Sir Charles and examines the letters.)

SUMMER: Letters of resignation from s-scientists, both of them in my faculty!
DOCTOR: Oh yes I see, yes. There's no reason given at all is there?
SUMMER: No, that's the strange thing. Now these are two of the best men in England and I haven't been able to get in touch with them. No-one appears to have seen them since last night, now isn't it an extraordinary thing that two such well known men can vanish so suddenly!
DOCTOR: Yes, I wonder Sir Charles, do you suppose er-er... No I don't suppose you would.
SUMMER: Coffee?
DOCTOR: Er no-no, no thank you.
POLLY: Good morning Sir Charles, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Huh morning, morning.
POLLY: I'm sorry I'm late.
SUMMER: Late? Late, what for?
POLLY: Well for work. If you'll just show me where your secretary does work, I'll take over.
SUMMER: Hah, I'm afraid I don't quite understand.
POLLY: But Major Green told me to come straight round at once as Professor Brett didn't want me this morning, and your secretary was ill!
SUMMER: Yes, well my secretary is away today, but how on Earth Brett knew... Still, I-being as you're here I'd be very grateful of your help. The office is through there I'll be there in a moment.
POLLY: Right, thank you very much. How's Dodo this morning Doctor?
DOCTOR: Oh er...

(Dodo enters behind the Doctor and he turns to look, then goes back to reading his paper. Sir Charles pours coffee into a cup, which he accidentally drops with a loud clatter.)

DOCTOR: There she is child. Perhaps you'd better ask her yourself?
POLLY: Hallo Dodo, how are you feeling?
DODO: Quite well thank you. Hadn't you better start work?
POLLY: Pardon me for asking!

(She exits.)

DODO: Hello Doctor. Hope I haven't kept you waiting for me today?
DOCTOR: child, no. Er, you're right on time! Well I'm sorry Sir Charles, I can't help you with your problem; but, er, I'm afraid I'm rather out of touch.
SUMMER: Yes well it's not going to be easy, men of that quality are very hard to find - especially men with their knowledge of computers.
DODO: Computers? Well surely the person who can tell you all about computers is Professor Brett! We can call round and see him now.
DOCTOR: Oh but my dear, I thought you were going to show me round London this morning, mm?
DODO: Oh don't worry about that, your business sounds important.
DOCTOR: Oh that's very nice of you. Yes, very understanding hm-hm.
DODO: Right, I'm ready.

(The Doctor turns to leave, then stops.)

DOCTOR: Ah, I think perhaps I'd better phone his office first, mm?
DODO: Yes, that might be best.
DOCTOR: Er, do you mind if I use the phone...
SUMMER: Oh, by all means.
DOCTOR: ...Ch-Charles?
SUMMER: By all.
DOCTOR: Thank you, hah.

(He picks up the phone.)

DOCTOR: Er-er, yes-yes I um, I want to speak to Professor Brett. Yes, he's 'ees at the General Post-Office tower. That's right, yes!



(In the Lab Brett and Krimpton stand before the computer. The Phone rings and Brett picks it up.)

BRETT: Yess.

(He removes the receiver from his ear.)

BRETT: It'ss the Doctor!

(Krimpton smiles in satisfaction.)

KRIMPTON: Ah. I'll switch him through. Direct to WOTAN.

(Krimpton walks over to WOTAN and plugs in the telephone jack. He twiddles a knob, flips a switch and once again WOTAN's glowing central eye begins to pulse with wave after wave of awful hypno-power.)


(The Doctor reacts as if the telephone had suddenly bitten him on the ear.)

DOCTOR: Ah-aaargh!

(He convulses on his feet as desperately he tries to extricate the telephone from his head but it seems to be firmly superglued into place. Finally he manages to drop it to the floor and remains half stooped in shock. Dodo and Sir Charles rush over, the latter imagining he has just had some sort of a seizure.)

DODO: Are you alright?!
DOCTOR: Gnnnfff...
SUMMER: Let's get him back into this chair. I'll get Brett's secretary to phone for an a...

(They manage to sit him down.)

DOCTOR: Oh nonono!
SUMMER: Well a little brandy then...
DOCTOR: Oh zeer meh! Water!
SUMMER: Alright I'll get some water.

(Dodo leans close to the Doctor and talks to him in hushed conspiratorial tones.)

DODO: Don't be alarmed Doctor this is the method of establishing contact. Time is very short, construction of the machines has already begun - you are needed!
DOCTOR: What happened?
DODO: It's alright Doctor, you are now one of us! My function was to bring you in contact, now I shall serve as an assistant.
DOCTOR: Oh what are you talking about child?!
DODO: Listen Doctor, construction is taking place at strategic points in London.
DOCTOR: What were you saying my dear?
DODO: But you took the call, you made the telephone call... You made the contact didn't you?
DOCTOR: Yes..yes, I... I think I remember, I er..I was, I was speaking to Professor Brett and all of a sudden there seemed to be, explosion. It-it very nearly knocked me off my feet, ah. It was as if, as if...

(She moves closer.)

DODO: What Doctor?

(The Doctor leaps out of his chair and screams pounding his temples.)

DOCTOR: It if something ENORMOUS and TERRIFIC was trying to absorb me!

(He composes himself with his hands upon his lapels.)

DOCTOR: Yesyesyes I, ohit''s, ah..ridiculous child isn't it? Yesyesyesyes, there's something heretically wrong with that telephone, yes. It's just like an electric shock. Oh yeh...

(Dodo looks miserable.)

DODO: Then you received no instruction.
DOCTOR: From whom my dear?
DODO: From...

(Polly walks over and hands the Doctor a glass of water.)

POLLY: Here you are Doctor, drink this.
DOCTOR: Ah yes-yes, thank you.
POLLY: What happened?
DOCTOR: I..yesse...

(The Doctor gulps down his water.)

DOCTOR: That's it! Either that telephone is dangerously out of order, or...
SUMMER: Or what?!

(Dodo moves towards the door.)

DOCTOR: Stay where you are my dear!

(Dodo freezes and remains as still as a statue.)

POLLY: What is the matter?
DOCTOR: There's a new and... Deadly danger facing us! Yes, and it's coming from Professor Brett's office!
POLLY: From my office? I don't understand.
DOCTOR: None of us do. ...Yet!

(He moves over to Dodo.)

DOCTOR: Come here, my dear.

(She obeys him as she has been programmed to, turning and walking towards him.)

DOCTOR: Look at me.

(She complies.)

DOCTOR: Yes, yes, it's just as I thought - she's been hypnotised. Sit in that chair, my dear.

(Dodo sits in the chair and the Doctor switches on a nearby desk lamp and shines it's bright light directly into Dodo's face for no apparent reason.)

DOCTOR: Now I want you to repeat after me. My name is Dodo Chaplet!
DODO: My name is Dodo Chaplet.
DOCTOR: I resist all attempts to change me into somebody else!
DODO: I resist all attempts to change me into somebody else.
DOCTOR: Now I'm going to start counting, and When I've counted up to five you will be fast asleep. And when you wake again you will forget all about this distressing incident. Now I'm going to start counting. Just look at that ring on my hand.

(As he counts, the Doctor holds up his ring and moves it back and forth in front of his face like the swinging pendulum of a clock.)

DOCTOR: One... Two... Three... Four... Five.

(Dodo's eyes close.)

DOCTOR: Yes, I think she'll sleep for about forty-eight hours - and when she wakes I want absolute peace and quiet for her. D'you understand?
POLLY: Are you sure she's alright?
DOCTOR: Oh yes, she's alright.
POLLY: 'Scuse me.

(She moves past the Doctor and out the door.)

SUMMER: She can go down to my house in the country. My wife will look after her.
DOCTOR: Yes, it's a very fine thing. Yes, and take care of her won't you!
SUMMER: Indeed I will. Polly, would... Oh where has that girl gone to?!
DOCTOR: I don't know. She said something about strategic points in London.
SUMMER: Strategic points?
DOCTOR: Well, I wonder, mm?

(He stoops down to face Dodo, asleep in her chair.)

DOCTOR: ...Where?!


(A jumbo-jet comes in to land. In a building marked "CUSTOMS TRANSIT SHED" several technicians unload stacks of crates from the backs of trucks, each marked with a distinctive W.)


(Battersea Power-Station busily churns out mountains of rich white smoke.)


(The door to the warehouse in Covent Garden raises open, and the technicians unload stacks of boxes from the back of a van.)


(From above the vast area across the roofs of Covent Garden can be seen.)


(The technicians are still unpacking boxes as another group lead War-Machine number 9 up a ramp and onto the higher lever of the warehouse. They tug chains and lower the cover safely over the pit again. They then attach chains to the War-machine and drag it across the floor, it buzzes softly to itself all the time. Major Green walks into the warehouse and approaches the War-Machine. The War-Machine's front lights blink on, and it's central eye flashes on and swivels up to examine it's surroundings.)

GREEN: Destructive weapons to be fitted and tested!

(He raises the microphone.)

GREEN: Prepare for demonstration of effectiveness.

(Technicians examine the two large guns which are mounted either side of the War-Machine. Green addresses the goon who failed to deliver the Doctor.)

GREEN: You there!

(Goon turns from the boxes he has been piling up stops and turns.)

GREEN: Stay where you are, stand still! Bearing fifty two. Distance check thirty feet, elevation five feet. Impact: fatal - take aim!

(The War-Machine adjusts itself according to Major Green's instructions. Green turns to the technicians.)

GREEN: Ready to proceed, observe results.

(He takes the microphone again.)

GREEN: About to fire... Fire!

(The War-Machine sprays a stream of gas at the technician who slumps limply to the ground.)

GREEN: Test satisfactory, effective at thirty feet.


(The exterior of the General Post-Office Tower.)


(Back in the Lab the computer's patience has finally expired.)

BRETT: There is no word yet from the person known as Dodo.
KRIMPTON: Perhaps she has failed in her task?
BRETT: There is someone outside.
KRIMPTON: We must be ready to destroy.

(Polly walks in through the door to the lab.)

POLLY: There you are Professor!

(The Professor approaches Polly, and she gazes at him curiously.)

POLLY: Are you alright?

(Polly begins to look frightened and backs away.)


(The Doctor is sitting in with his head in his hands.)

BEN: Excuse me sir?

(The Doctor jumps in his chair.)

DOCTOR: Yeaah? Oh, Ben. How did you know I was here?
BEN: Well I was supposed to meet Polly for lunch see, but they told me at the tower that she'd come here.
DOCTOR: Didn't she keep that appointment?
BEN: No Doctor.
DOCTOR: Oh dear me, it's just as I feared.
BEN: Well is there something wrong? Well where's Dodo?
DOCTOR: Ahh, she's a little under the weather and she's gone into the country for a few days.
BEN: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
DOCTOR: Oh she'll be quite alright, yes really. I'm rather worried about Polly, she appears to be missing, that child.
BEN: Oh, probably gone all snooty on us.
DOCTOR: No, I think it's far more serious than that! That tramp in the paper, did you see it?
BEN: Oh of course! I thought I recognised him, he was in the taxi! Ah, but how does this connect wi' Polly?
DOCTOR: Well I'm not so sure that it does, my boy; That's why I want to solicit your help in this matter. I think, er, I don't think you'll arouse so much suspicion as the Police might.
BEN: Well just tell me what to do.
DOCTOR: Well, I want you to investigate in and around that neighbourhood where we were last night in that club.
BEN: Oh yeah, that tramp had a sort of home round there. Well, I'll go right now.
DOCTOR: Yes, and ah, be careful my boy, this might be dangerous!
BEN: I'll watch it Doctor.


(Ben walks through Covent Garden market past fruit and vegetable merchants wheeling their wares around. He walks past the exterior of the Inferno club and towards the warehouse. Someone wheels a several sacks of spuds along on a trolley. Looking around, Ben spots an open door and hears a faint voice coming from within, when the coast is clear he moves inside.)

GREEN OOV: Destruction and target test, stand by!


(Ben creeps inside without making a sound, and stealthily moves closer. He sees Major Green with a microphone and the War-Machine obediently humming to itself.)

GREEN: Stand by for test on arm action. Testing...

(The War-Machine raises up one of it's mallet-like arms as two technicians bring over a solid looking table. The automaton brings its arm crashing down upon the table which splits in two.)

GREEN: Test satisfactory. Stand by for sight test! Commence testing...

(The War-Machine wheels around, it's glowing eye swivelling about taking in it's surroundings. In his hiding place Ben ducks down as the searchlight of the War-Machine's field of vision sweeps over his face.)

GREEN: Sight to be improved! Thirty yards maximum insufficient!

(Ben's head raises from the hiding place again.)

GREEN: Movement test! Commence testing.

(The War-Machine turns about, its lights continuing to blink repeatedly on and off, then trundles across the warehouse floor crashing into a stack of boxes and palettes. It raises its mallet and smashes them to smithereens, then moves around and trundles straight through a high stack of crates knocking them aside as if they were mere orange boxes. The machine begins to burble to itself as if it had just found a sixpence, revolving and aiming it's guns. Slowly it advances. Caught in the harsh glare of the light from the War-Machine's eye, Ben scrambles backwards; but his fate is sealed as any escape route he might have taken is blocked by an impenetrable wall of boxes, each marked with a familiar W....)

Episode Three

The Doctor
William Hartnell

Dodo Chaplet
Jackie Lane

Professor Brett
Christopher Harvey

Professor Krimpton
Christopher Cater

Major Green
Alan Curtis

Michael Craze

Anneke Wills

Sandra Bryant

Desmond Callum-Jones

Roy Godfrey

Michael Rathbone

Sir Charles Summer
William Mervyn

Machine Operator
Gerald Taylor


Title music by
Ron Grainer and the
BBC Radiophonic

Based on an idea by
Kit Pedlar

Story Editor
Gerry Davis

Raymond London

Innes Lloyd

Michael Ferguson

(C) BBCTV 1966

Transcribed by


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