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(IAN goes pale.)

IAN: The fluid link…
SUSAN: You’ve lost it?
BARBARA: Ian, you can’t have!
IAN: (Quietly.) No. The Daleks took it from me when they searched me. It’s down there somewhere…in the city.



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(…look with horror at a furious DOCTOR.)


(The Dalek City sits in the valley.)


(Inside, three DALEKS wait in the darkened control room. The door slides open and another DALEK glides in and reports.)

SECOND DALEK: The drug has been duplicated.
FIRST DALEK: And the distribution?
SECOND DALEK: The drug is to be taken by sections of us, so work will not be interrupted.
FIRST DALEK: Have you processed the pictures?

(The SECOND DALEK turns towards the control panel.)

SECOND DALEK: Appearing now on frequency six.

(On the screen a grainy image appears. It shows the DOCTOR in the forest inspecting the Thal’s history plates.)

SECOND DALEK: It is the elder prisoner.
FIRST DALEK: Show second picture.

(A second image of BARBARA and SUSAN tending ANTODUS’ wounds appears.)

SECOND DALEK: The girl and the young woman. Is that the body of the fourth prisoner, the young man?
FIRST DALEK: If so, he has been injured.
SECOND DALEK: Show third picture.

(An third image of IAN conferring with ALYDON appears.)

SECOND DALEK: They have made contact with the Thals.
FIRST DALEK: It is logical that together they will attack us.


(Within the Thal encampment, IAN and ALYDON, still in the position as seen on the DALEKS’ scanner, have reached the end of a long and protracted discussion.)

ALYDON: No - and that is my final word.

(He walks away. An exasperated IAN stares after him and then walks over to BARBARA. SUSAN is attempting to climb a nearby tree.)

IAN: Be careful what you’re doing up there, Susan.
SUSAN: Oh, it’s all right, Mr. Chesterton, I’m quite safe.

(IAN sits down by BARBARA.)

IAN: It’s no good. I’ve tried everything I know. They just won’t risk a fight with the Daleks. The trouble is, I can't go too far.
BARBARA: What do you mean?
IAN: Well, why should they help us? Some of them are bound to get killed. What argument can you use to make a man sacrifice himself for you?
BARBARA: Ian, you don’t seem to understand - we’ll be prisoners here unless we can think of some way of getting that fluid link back from the Daleks.
IAN: I am quite well aware of that, Barbara...
BARBARA: You know very well they’ll find a way out of their city.
IAN: I know ___.
BARBARA: (Interrupting.) You know they will.

(SUSAN has climbed down from the tree and joins the arguing teachers.)

SUSAN: Well, they need metal to travel on…
BARBARA: Oh, they’ll find a way. They’re clever enough. They’ll find us and kill us, you know that as well as I do.
IAN: Look, even supposing you’re right, I will not ask the Thals to sacrifice themselves for us. I’m sorry Barbara, I just can’t do it!
BARBARA: Ian, why can’t you see...?

(A few feet away, the DOCTOR comes out of the TARDIS to be greeted by SUSAN.)

SUSAN: Any luck, Grandfather?
SUSAN: Well, have you made another fluid link yet?
DOCTOR: No, I can’t, my child, and I’ve looked through all...all my spares, and I’ve really discovered we do need some mercury.
SUSAN: Oh no…
DOCTOR: It's put us in a bit of a jam. I must get that fluid link back again.

(They cross over to IAN who is now alone.)

DOCTOR: I’m afraid my little trick has rather rebounded on me, hmm? What you might call “tempting providence”, Chesserman.

(IAN smiles at the DOCTOR’S error.)

IAN: Well, don’t worry about it now, Doctor, it’s happened.
DOCTOR: Yes, well, at least you’re not vindictive.
IAN: Well, I will be if you don’t get my name right.
DOCTOR: (Lost in thought.) Hmm?
IAN: It’s “Chesterton”!
DOCTOR: Yes… (Snaps.) Eh? Ah, I know that!

(BARBARA rejoins the group having heard this interchange.)

BARBARA: (Angrily.) How you two can stand there wasting time with small talk beats me.
DOCTOR: I can assure you young lady, I haven’t been wasting my time. There’s always a way.
SUSAN: (Admiringly.) You always think of something, Grandfather.
DOCTOR: Thank you, my dear. Your faith in me is something that I prize very highly. You all realise, of course, we cannot succeed against the Daleks alone?
BARBARA: Of course not.
DOCTOR: We have a ready made army here - the Thals. They’re strong and they have one great advantage against the Daleks - they can move so much more quickly.
IAN: They have one great disadvantage - they have no arms or ammunition.
DOCTOR: Well, that’s all right, young man. The mind will always triumph. With me to lead them, the Thals are bound to succeed!
SUSAN: But, Grandfather, we’ve been talking and arguing about this all morning. The Thals won’t fight - they’re against war.
DOCTOR: My dear child, this is no time for morals. They must fight for us.
IAN: Why?
DOCTOR: Oh, my dear young man, I do hope you’re not going to be difficult.
BARBARA: The Doctor’s right. Ian, can't you see? If only we can get the Thals to attack the city, we could beat the Daleks and get the link back.
DOCTOR: That’s just common sense. (To BARBARA.) Young lady, I've been underestimating you!
IAN: I will not allow you to use the Thals to fight for us.
DOCTOR: Are you challenging me?
IAN: Yes, I am!
BARBARA: (Angrily.) Do I have any say in this?
IAN: Of course you do!
BARBARA: Well, I think the Doctor’s right and I want to get out of here!
IAN: I am sorry, I'm not having anyone’s death on my conscience.
BARBARA: Except mine, and Susan’s, and the Doctor’s?
DOCTOR: Quite so.

(IAN pauses as he thinks, then...)

IAN: The only way the Thals can fight is if they themselves want to. It must have nothing whatsoever to do with us.
SUSAN: I know what you mean. We must help the Thals to save themselves and not just them help us.
IAN: Exactly.
BARBARA: All you’re doing is playing with words.
DOCTOR: We need action, not arguments.

(The DOCTOR and BARBARA lean against a rock, defiant in their attitude.)

IAN: Now listen, you two. What victory are you going to show these people when most of them have been killed, eh? A fluid link? Is this what you’re going to hold up to them and say “Thank you very much, this is what you fought and died for”?

(The DOCTOR and BARBARA look at each other but neither answer.)

SUSAN: The thing is, can the Thals still fight?
IAN: Well that’s what we’ve got to find out. Are they cowards, or are they just against fighting on principle?
BARBARA: Well, how can we find out?
IAN: Well, I’ve got an idea. But whatever I do, don’t interfere. I’m not even sure that I’m right.

(He walks over to the TARDIS and picks up the large metal drum containing the Thals historical records. The others follow him.)

IAN: Well, let’s see what happens.

(He leaves his companions and walks over to the Thals nearby.)

DOCTOR: Hmm! Strange young man.
SUSAN: He’s right, though.
BARBARA: Yes, he is.
DOCTOR: Yes, we’ll see.

(IAN has placed the drum on top of a rock near to ALYDON, and is addressing him and his people.)

IAN: …perhaps self respect? At this moment, anyone could have come in here. They could rob, they could steal…

(Meanwhile, next to the TARDIS...)

DOCTOR: Let’s see what he’s up to.

(The DOCTOR, BARBARA and SUSAN walk over to IAN and the Thals.)

IAN:…they could even kill you, and you wouldn’t lift a finger to help yourselves.
ALYDON: We will not fight. There will be no more wars. Look at our planet

(He looks around him at the dead trees.)

ALYDON: This was once a great world, full of ideas and art and invention. In one day, it was destroyed. And you will never find one good reason why we should ever begin destroying everything again. (To BARBARA.) I'm sorry.
IAN: (Enraged.) You’re not sorry! You standing here mumbling a lot of words out of your history, but it means nothing - nothing at all!

(He indicates the drum.)

IAN: You carry this around with you - your history records.

(He picks it up.)

IAN: Well, it must be valuable to you. Supposing I take it down to the city and try and trade with the Daleks, eh?

(The Thals are visibly horrified at the thought. ALYDON glares at IAN.)

IAN: Perhaps they’d think it valuable enough to exchange for our fluid link.

(ALYDON walks up to IAN, moves to seize the drum, then checks himself with a smile.)

ALYDON: I don’t believe you’d do it.
IAN: I would.
ALYDON: None of us would stop you.

(ALYDON steps back. IAN sees that they have called his bluff. He puts the drum back down.)

IAN: If I don’t get the fluid link back, the four of us will die. (He smiles.) Perhaps the Daleks are more interested in people?

(He walks back towards the Thals.)

IAN: Maybe they were holding us to experiment on us? I could take them an alternative.

(He clutches DYONI'S arm. The Thals gasp. BARBARA starts to move in but the DOCTOR pulls her back. IAN starts to pull DYONI through the trees towards the city. The young girl looks pleadingly at ALYDON who hesitates, then rushes up to IAN and punches him to the ground. The Thals gasp at this show of violence. IAN looks up at ALYDON and rubs his jaw.)

IAN: So, there is something you’ll fight for?

(ALYDON is stunned, absorbing this lesson.)


(A DALEK is going out of control, spinning round furiously and crying out to his compatriots.)

DALEK: Help! Cannot control! cannot control! Help me! Help me! Help! Help! Help! Helllpp!

(The DALEK stops spinning, its iris dilates as it tries to focus on the other DALEKS.)

DALEK: (Getting weaker.) Arghhh! Arghhh! Arghhh! Arghhh!


(The DALEKS receive a report over their communications system.)

DALEK: (OOV: Over tannoy.) Emergency! Emergency! All Daleks in section three are incapable of working.
SECOND DALEK: Section three? That was the first section to get the anti-radiation drug received from the Thals.
FIRST DALEK: (Into tannoy.) Stand by for a general announcement.

(It operates a control.)

FIRST DALEK: (Into tannoy.) This is control. All distribution of the anti-radiation drug is to be stopped immediately.

(It switches off the control and turns to the other DALEK.)

FIRST DALEK: The Dalek race has become conditioned to radiation.
SECOND DALEK: But if you are right, we are in danger.

(An alarm sound from the control panel and the DALEK over the intercom is heard again.)

DALEK: (OOV: Over tannoy.) All Daleks in section three are dying.
FIRST DALEK: They must be examined immediately.

(Suddenly, a THIRD DALEK on the other side of the control room starts to spin out of control.)

SECOND DALEK: Look! The disease has reached us in here.
FIRST DALEK: Then we cannot delay.
SECOND DALEK: But what are we to do? Is this the end of the Daleks?
FIRST DALEK: We need radiation to survive, so we must increase our supply of radiation.
SECOND DALEK: But there is only one way to do that…
FIRST DALEK: Exactly. We may have to explode another neutron bomb.


(Night has fallen and the encampment is quiet. DYONI has been trying to sleep. She gets up and, wrapping her cloak around herself, walks over to where ALYDON is sat, deep in thought.)

DYONI: Why don’t you sleep?
ALYDON: Presently.
DYONI: Are you angry with yourself for striking the young man?
ALYDON: No, I…I knew he was trying to make me do it. I still couldn’t stop myself.

(DYONI takes his hand.)

ALYDON: Do you despise me for hitting him?
DYONI: If you hadn’t fought him, I think I would have hated you.
ALYDON: I knew he wouldn’t really take you and give you to the Daleks. But I fought him…

(BARBARA and GANATUS walk up behind them.)

ALYDON: Oh, I wish Temmosus were here. What would he have said, Dyoni? Which is the most important?, to fight and live, or to die without fighting?

(BARBARA and GANATUS listen to this and then walk away to the edge of the encampment where GANATUS lays down his cloak on the floor. They sit down and BARBARA looks back towards ALYDON.)

BARBARA: What will happen now?
GANATUS: I don’t know. We always do what the leader of our race decides for us. He never decides anything without our full approval.
BARBARA: And if Alydon decides not to help us?

(GANATUS doesn't answer.)

BARBARA: Well, we’ll have to wait ‘til the morning.

(She looks towards the edge of the forest.)

BARBARA: What’s that light in the sky? It’s a reflection from the city, I suppose?
GANATUS: No, the lake. Some sort of chemical in the water that makes it glow in the moonlight.
BARBARA: You’ve been down there?
GANATUS: (Fearfully.) Yes. There’s horror down there in the swamp. Five of us went there in search of food and …only my brother and I came back.
BARBARA: Well, what happened to the others?
GANATUS: Well, we found what was left of them. The lake is alive with mutations, bred and cross-bred until the original has long been replaced by…I’m sorry, I’m being morbid.
BARBARA: Oh, I don’t mind as long as we’re this far away. But I wonder the Daleks haven’t cleaned it out - killed everything?
GANATUS: Why should they? Isn’t that the perfect defence for the back of the city?


(The glow from the lake of mutations illuminates the sky above the city.)

GANATUS: (OOV.) Only a fool would attack the city from the lake…


(The inhabitants of the city are not at rest. A DALEK enters the control room where three other DALEKS wait and is questioned...)

FIRST DALEK: Has the anti-radiation drug distribution been stopped?
SECOND DALEK: Yes. Only Daleks in section two and three received it. All Daleks in section three have now died.

(Two of the DALEKS turn to one of the control panels to make a communication.)

FIRST DALEK: (Into tannoy.) Daleks in section two are to be brought to the Sonic Chamber.

(They turn back to their companion who reports...)

SECOND DALEK: We will direct the air polluted by radiation away from the nuclear reactors into the Sonic Chamber.
FIRST DALEK: And if they do not die, we shall have our answer.
SECOND DALEK: But if we need radiation, we can never rebuild the world outside.
FIRST DALEK: We do not have to adapt to the environment. We will change the environment to suit us.


(The next morning, the Thals have gathered to hear what their new leader has to say. ALYDON is quietly talking to them. He crosses over to the travellers stood nearby.)

ALYDON: I have one question to ask of you. If we do not help you, what will you do?
IAN: We’ll find our way into the city, and take back our lost equipment.

(ALYDON nods, returns to his people and addresses them.)

ALYDON: You see, we cannot stand by and let these people die. If we do not help them, it would be the same as if we had killed them ourselves. Now, the way I have reasoned is this; the Daleks are strong and they hate us, and I am sure they will find a way to come out of their city and kill us. So it is not merely a question of whether we go off in a vain search for food and in all probability starve to death. We face death now. In the city is enough food for all of us and all of the Daleks, a hundred times over. My conclusion is this; there is no indignity in being afraid to die, but there is a terrible shame in being afraid to live. If none of you agree with my reason, then let me go with these people and I will help you elect a new chief.

(As he is finishing this speech, he walks and stands with the travellers. The remainder of the Thals talk quietly amongst themselves for a moment then report to ALYDON.)

GANATUS: I’ll go with you Alydon.
KRISTAS: Let’s start at once!
IAN: Thank you.

(GANATUS brings forward a map. ALYDON is delighted.)

ALYDON: You knew what my decision would be?
GANATUS: I could always have destroyed it if you’d decided differently.

(ALYDON smiles and claps his hand on GANATUS’ shoulder.)

DOCTOR: If we get this intelligent anticipation, we shall succeed.

(He points at the map.)

DOCTOR: Let’s see this.

(GANATUS lays the map on the ground and they all squat down to examine it. The DOCTOR points to one area.)

DOCTOR: Now, what is this area here?
GANATUS: The swamp. Here are the mountains. This is the far side of the city. I’ve been into the swamp. It’s surrounded by lakes, here, as you see. The lakes are inhabited by all sorts of strange creatures.

(IAN and the DOCTOR look at him. IAN then points to a place on the map.)

IAN: Can we get into the city this way?
ALYDON: Over the mountains?
IAN: Yes.
GANATUS: That means going through that swamp.
ALYDON: We can’t go through the swamp. It’s too dangerous.
GANATUS: It is dangerous, yes…but I realised last night when I was talking to Barbara that it is undefended.
ALYDON: (Amazed.) Undefended! It’s a perfect natural barrier! All those creatures, you know that yourself…
GANATUS: (Interrupting.) Yes, I know, but I mean the Daleks won't be on guard there. There’s a chance to take them by surprise. Believe me, I’m not happy about this, but it’s the best possible chance there is.
DOCTOR: Yes yes. Well now, I suggest we split into two groups...

(The DOCTOR gets to his feet. The others follow.)

DOCTOR: ...the one to distract the Daleks on the city wall side, and the others to try and force a way through the mountains.
IAN: Yes, I think that’s the best plan.
DOCTOR: Are we all agreed?
ALYDON: (Satisfied.) Yes. Very well then. That is what we must do.


(Deep beneath the city, the DALEKS watch….)


(…as a flickering image appears on one of the scanners. It shows IAN'S party as they proceed on their way to the swamp.)

FIRST DALEK: The laserscope is transmitting. The quality is poor. What has happened? Has this group broken away? Is there a plan behind it? Why divide their forces?

(Another DALEK glides to a nearby machine which is producing a length of tickertape. The DALEK lifts the tape with its arm and analyses the data.)

SECOND DALEK: The figures are coming through on the radiation treatment.
FIRST DALEK: (Into tannoy.) Discontinue laserscope.

(It glides over to join the SECOND DALEK at the machine.)

SECOND DALEK: There is an improvement. Except for one serious case, all Daleks in section two have shown signs of recovery.

(The FIRST DALEK lifts the length of tape with its own arm and reads the data.)

FIRST DALEK: Then our position is clear. For us, the drug is a poison.
SECOND DALEK: And radiation is still necessary to us.
FIRST DALEK: Essential.

(The FIRST DALEK returns to the control panel to give an order.)

FIRST DALEK: (Into tannoy.) I want a complete survey of our stock of nuclear materials. I want an estimate of the amount of waste matter from the nuclear reactors…

(Various DALEKS glide to and fro across the control room to begin carrying out the orders….)


(The swamp beneath the mountains is an overgrown, infested area. The ground is almost completely covered with pools of bubbling water which are ringed with thick clumps of grass and bushes. The area is dark and claustrophobic. GANATUS and ANTODUS are anxiously trekking through the wilderness. Various animal cries are heard as ANTODUS stops and looks at the thick foliage and sinister waters ahead.)

ANTODUS: We’ll never get through!
GANATUS: (Comforting.) Yes, we will.
ANTODUS: What makes you think it’ll be any different to the first time?
GANATUS: At least, we know what to expect…
ANTODUS: But the others don’t!
GANATUS: We promised Alydon we’d find a way through the mountains, and that’s what we’re going to do.
ALYDON: (Panicking.) You’d never get the others to follow you if you told them what happened the first time. It’s your duty to tell them. How we watched Amezus...dragged beneath the waters of the lake, while you and I ran in terror when…
GANATUS: (Interrupts.) That’s enough! We’re going on, Antodus. You keep your fears to yourself. I don’t want you upsetting the others. Is that clear?
ANTODUS: (Quietly.) Yes.
GANATUS: Well, is it?
ANTODUS: (Snaps.) Yes!

(He storms off. IAN walks up, carrying a coil of rope over his shoulder with ELYON who moves on ahead.)

GANATUS: Well, this is the swamp. From now on, it’s going to be rather uncomfortable.

(IAN looks at the swampy ground ahead.)

IAN: Yes, I see what you mean.
GANATUS: The ground’s very uneven - sometimes rock, sometimes thick mud. You’ll have to watch how you walk. I think it’ll be a wise plan to find a place to rest for the night.
IAN: Yes. Well, we’ve made very good time.

(He checks his watch.)

IAN: It’s only taken four hours to get here from the edge of the forest. That leaves us with two-and-a-half days to go through the mountains to the city.
GANATUS: If there is a way through.
IAN: We’ll find a way. I’ll go and give Barbara a hand.
GANATUS: I’m surprised you let her come.
IAN: I'd been more surprised if I could have stopped her!

(He turns back and greets BARBARA who enters the clearing in the swamp with KRISTAS. He carries on to join his companions.)

IAN: How are you doing?
BARBARA: Fine. Oh, I’m glad the mountaineering’s over.

(IAN points ahead.)

IAN: There’ll be some more once we get through this little lot.
BARBARA: We’re going through there?
IAN: Well, we must. We’ve got a deadline with the Doctor in two-and--half days and we’ve got to make it.
BARBARA: Well, I think we could all do with a rest.
IAN: No, we’ll keep up with the others. They’ll be breaking camp soon.

(They move off across the waterlogged ground round a tree.)

IAN: Now take care…watch where you put your feet…

(BARBARA stumbles but regains her balance.)

IAN: All right?

(They continue. Suddenly BARBARA stops up short in horror. IAN clubs a caterpillar-like mutant in front of them. They press on to where the other Thals have gathered in a small clearing.)

GANATUS: This looks like a fairly dry section.
IAN: Yes, this’ll do.
GANATUS: Right, we’ll make camp here. See if we can gather up some dry branches.
IAN: All right.
GANATUS: It’ll make it more comfortable to sleep on.

(The group disperses to carry out his suggestion as BARBARA lays out a cloak.)

GANATUS: Barbara, you see to the food. I’ll get the fire going.

(GANATUS activates a small fire box which glows into life.)

GANATUS: At least it might stop some of these…these things from bothering us.


(IAN has gone to the lakeside and is washing his face in the water.)


(The Thals and BARBARA are eating at the campsite. A louder than usual animal growl sounds through the air. Slowly, the wary Thals get to their feet.)


(At the lakeside, IAN watches horrified as a mutant looking like a splayed out Octopus with two gleaming eyes rises from the water. He jumps up and races off.)


(IAN runs back to the camp.)

BARBARA: (To IAN.) What was it? Did you see anything?
IAN: Yes, it was a…

(He stops as he can’t bring himself to describe what he has just seen. BARBARA pulls him back to the camp.)

GANATUS: Kristas, stand guard here will you?
GANATUS: (To IAN.) We’ll take the first watch between us.
IAN: I’m all right, really, I…
GANATUS: Yes, I know, but I think you two Earth people should get as much sleep as possible. We’re more used to this kind of life.

(They all sit down.)

GANATUS: It’s over a year since we…left our own plateau in search of a new…source of food. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to stay in one place and enjoy it. I suppose there’ll be an end to it one day.

(He lies on the ground to sleep. Several feet away, KRISTAS remains on guard….)


(The next morning, GANATUS shakes IAN awake.)

GANATUS: Time to move, my friend.
IAN: You let me sleep?
IAN: Why didn’t you wake me?

(ELYON runs up to the two of them.)

ELYON: Ganatus!
GANATUS: What’s the matter?
ELYON: Come and see what I’ve found by the lake.

(They run off.)

IAN: Hold on! I’ll come with you!

(He looks down to BARBARA who is starting to wake up.)

IAN: Morning!
BARBARA: Morning.

(IAN walks off to join GANATUS and ELYON.)

BARBARA: Oh, for a feather pillow and a spring mattress!

(KRISTAS smiles at her comment.)


(A short distance away IAN joins GANATUS as he walks up to ELYON at the lakeside.)

GANATUS: What did you see?
ELYON: Over there.

(ELYON points at the edge of the lake where a mountainside rises from the water. Three huge pipes rise from the water and ascend the mountain.)

IAN: We were right! The Daleks do get their water from the lake!
GANATUS: But how do we get to the city from there?
IAN: Well, there must be a way…I mean, if the Daleks aren’t very mobile, they must have cut a pathway through there to work on the pipeline.
GANATUS: (To ELYON.) How long do you think it’ll take us to reach there?
ELYON: Most of today. If we could cross the lake, we could reach it much quicker.
IAN: No. I’m sorry. That’s one way I’m not going.
ELYON: Well, it would be dangerous, certainly. If the lake is full of mutations but...
GANATUS: (Interrupts.) No, we must go round.
IAN: Yes, and we ought to try and get there before the sun goes down.

(ELYON gives GANATUS a significant look.)

ELYON: Well, I’ll just go and fill the water-bags…

(He and GANATUS moves out of IAN'S earshot.)

ELYON: There’s no point in trying to cross the lake, you think?
GANATUS: No, no, he’s right. Anyway, think how long it would take to build a ra…raft.

(ELYON nods and walks away to complete his task. GANATUS brings IAN with him and they return to the other Thals.)


(BARBARA is pouring a liquid into some cups.)

IAN: Barbara, we saw some pipes going into the lake.

(BARBARA hands cups to GANATUS and IAN.)

BARBARA: So we can go through?
IAN: Well, maybe with a bit of luck eh? Thanks.

(He takes a sip.)

IAN: Mmm, good.
BARBARA: Where’s Elyon?
GANATUS: He’s gone to fill the water-bags. He won’t be long.


(At the waterside, ELYON proceeds with his task. While his back is turned to the lake, the water begins to bubble and seethe. When he turns back round, the water has been whipped into a large whirlpool. He turns to run but something has grabbed his legs. He screams.)


(His scream carries to the camp. The party jumps up.)

GANATUS: Stay here!

(He and IAN run to the lake leaving BARBARA and the other Thals behind, wondering what awaits their companions at the lakeside…)

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