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(BARBARA cautiously steps out of the elevator.)


(She starts a little way down a corridor…)

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(…then backs against the wall with a gasp at the sight of something moving in from a side corridor - Something with a mechanical arm advances on her. She is trapped against the wall.)


(IAN passes his hand over a sensor and he, the DOCTOR and SUSAN enter a hallway. There are several archways of differing heights reaching to the ceiling and several doorways arranged around the sides of the hallway. They are less elaborate than the door by which they have just entered but have the same sensors next to each of them.)

IAN: Barbara?

(They walk into the body of the hall, IAN moving under the archways looking for the missing teacher.)

IAN: Barbara? Barbara?

(SUSAN reaches one of the doorways and passes her hand over a sensor to it. A door opens onto a darkened room. She looks in.)

SUSAN: Miss Wright?

(IAN opens another of the doors. The room inside is similarly dark.)

IAN: Barbara?

(SUSAN calls from across the hallway.)

SUSAN: Hey, there’s a corridor over here.

(IAN comes over and looks down the corridor.)

IAN: We might as well see where it goes to. Come on.

(He is about to set off but the DOCTOR holds out a hand of caution. He looks back into the hallway.)

IAN: What’s the matter?
DOCTOR: Listen…

(There is a moments pause as all three listen. A faint sound reaches them.)

SUSAN: I can hear it - a ticking noise!
DOCTOR: Quiet child, listen…

(IAN starts to walk round the edge of the hallway, following the sound.)

IAN: Yes, over here somewhere.

(The ticking stops.)

DOCTOR: It’s stopped now.

(They strain to listen. The ticking sound starts up.)

SUSAN: Hey, there it is again!

(IAN reaches the door in the central of the archways behind them.)

IAN: It’s coming from in here

(He waves his hand over the sensor and the door opens. All three enter the room.)


(The room is in semi-darkness. There are several pieces of active scientific equipment dotted around the room.)

IAN: Ah, this is more hopeful. We ought to find some mercury here.

(They walk further into the room. The DOCTOR is drawn to one piece of equipment in particular.)

DOCTOR: Huh! Measuring equipment…but measuring what? (To IAN.) Look here, look at this drum.

(He moves his fingers over it.)

DOCTOR: The ink’s still quite wet.
IAN: Yes, I’m trying to imagine what sort of people these are.
DOCTOR: They’re intelligent anyway, very intelligent.
IAN: Yes, but how do they use their intelligence? What form does it take?
DOCTOR: (Scornfully.) Oh, as if that matters! What these instruments tell us is that we’re in the midst of a…a very, very advanced civilised society.

(SUSAN calls from the other side of the room.)

SUSAN: Hey, here it is! The thing that’s ticking, it’s over here!

(IAN crosses over to her followed by the DOCTOR. The machine they examine shows a needle against a counter and is ticking away.)

SUSAN: (Worried.) It’s a Geiger counter…
IAN: (Points.) But look at the needle! It’s past the danger point.
DOCTOR: (Quietly.) Yes, yes, that explains a lot of things, doesn’t it? The jungle turned to stone, the… barren soil and the fact that we’re not feeling well.
IAN: (Appalled.) Radiation sickness?
DOCTOR: Yes, I’m afraid so. The atmosphere here is polluted with a very high level of fallout and we’ve been walking around in it completely unprotected.
IAN: What?! But how do you explain the buildings? They’re intact.
DOCTOR: (Thinks.) A Neutron bomb… destroys all human tissues, but leaves the building and machinery intact, mm, yes.
IAN: What? But how much radiation? How badly?
DOCTOR: (Weakening.) Oh…we need, we…need drugs…to be treated…
IAN: But where are we going to find them?
SUSAN: The TARDIS’ll have to take us to another time and place where we can be cured.
IAN: But don’t you remember? We can’t move the ship until we find the mercury for the fluid link!

(The DOCTOR looks guilty and steps away from his companions.)

DOCTOR: For the fluid link, yes…yes. I’m...I’m afraid I cheated a little on that. I was determined to see the city but everybody wanted to go on, and, er, well…to avoid arguments, er, in short, there’s, er...

(He takes the link out of his pocket and puts it is IAN’S hands.)

DOCTOR: ...nothing wrong with the fluid link.

(IAN and SUSAN are stunned.)

SUSAN: What? Grandfather, do you mean to say that you risked leaving the ship just to see this place?
IAN: (Angrily.) You fool! You old fool!
DOCTOR: Abuse me as much as you like, Chesterton. The point is, we need an immediate return to the ship and I suggest we leave at once.
IAN: We’re not leaving until we’ve found Barbara.
DOCTOR: Very well. You may stay and search for her if you wish, but Susan and I are going back to the ship. Now, come along child…
IAN: All right, carry on, fine. How far do you think you’ll get - without this?

(He holds up the fluid link. The DOCTOR holds out his hand.)

DOCTOR: Now give that to me!
IAN: Not until we’ve found Barbara.
DOCTOR: Give it to me I say!

(The DOCTOR almost tries to snatch the link back but IAN is too quick for him.)

IAN: No - it’s time you faced up to your responsibilities. You got us here - now I’m going to make sure that you get us back!
DOCTOR: Chesterton, this is…
IAN: (Interrupting.) We’re wasting time. We should be looking for Barbara.
SUSAN: He’s right Grandfather. We are wasting time.
DOCTOR: (Wearily.) Oh child, if only you’d think as an adult sometimes,___.

(He is overtaken by a momentary wave of exhaustion.)

DOCTOR: Oh very well, very well, let's go then, let's go.

(He puts his arm round SUSAN and all three turn to the door which slides open to re-admit them back to the hallway. They pass through.)


(As they come into the hallway and the door slides shut behind them, SUSAN gasps in horror and buries herself in the DOCTOR’S arms, He and IAN look similarly shocked. They are surrounded by a number of hideous metallic machine creatures. They are squat and rounded with no discernable humanoid features. A single lens on a stalk functions as an eye, attached to a dome; they glide on a rounded base and possess two stubby "arms". One of these has a sucker on the end - like the one that menaced BARBARA - and the other is clearly a weapon of some sort. These twitch in mock life. One of the machines nearest to the travellers suddenly speaks in a grating metallic voice.)

FIRST DALEK: You will move ahead of us and follow my directions. This way

(The machine glides round on the spot until it faces in the opposite direction. Its eye-stalk on the dome swings back round to re-face the travellers.)

FIRST DALEK: Immediately!

(The DOCTOR and SUSAN warily step forward as instructed. The DOCTOR has his hands on SUSAN’S shoulders. IAN remains in front of the door.)

FIRST DALEK: (To IAN.) I said immediately!

(IAN suddenly runs to one side, trying to escape.)


(From another machine, the shorter, weapon-like appendage seems to quickly extend and retract. IAN is bathed in a glow of energy so bright that he and his surroundings seem to turn negative. He crashes to the ground, crying out in pain.)

IAN: Argh! My legs….my legs!

(The DOCTOR and SUSAN try to run towards the stricken teacher. Another of the machines puts its arm in the way.)


(The first machine glides across the room and looks down at IAN on the floor. It speaks in its emotionless dispassionless voice.)

FIRST DALEK: Your legs are paralysed. You will recover shortly unless you force us to use our weapons again. In that case, the condition will be permanent.

(Its eye-stalk swings round to look at the DOCTOR and SUSAN.)

FIRST DALEK: You two - help him.

(The DOCTOR and SUSAN run across the room and help IAN to his feet. He has to lean across their shoulders.)

IAN: (In shock.) My legs…my legs…I can’t use my legs!


(BARBARA sits on the floor of a stark, empty, metallic room. She appears dejected.)

FIRST DALEK: (OOV: Outside the cell.) Stop here!

(BARBARA gets to her feet quickly as the cell door glides up and side-wards into the wall. The DOCTOR and SUSAN, still supporting IAN are outside the door. They help him step into the room. The machine remains outside as the door re-slides shut.)

SUSAN: Miss Wright!
IAN: Oh, Barbara, thank heaven we’ve found you. Are you all right?

(She notices IAN’S condition.)

BARBARA: What’s the matter? What’s happened?
IAN: Oh, I’m all right.
SUSAN: He tried to get away and they hurt him.
BARBARA: Well, can’t you stand up?
IAN: Well, not without help. The feeling’s coming back, don’t worry.
BARBARA: Come over here.

(BARBARA helps the DOCTOR and SUSAN carry IAN across the room to where two long metal benches rest against the walls, although the DOCTOR is by now almost as weak as IAN. They rest IAN on one of the benches and all sit down themselves. The DOCTOR is to one side. He takes off his jacket and sits back exhausted, badly affected by the radiation.)

IAN: How about you, Barbara? We tried to look for you and then those machines caught us.
BARBARA: Well, they trapped me in some sort of lift. It seemed to go down for ages.
IAN: They didn’t hurt you?
IAN: (Relieved.) Oh...
BARBARA: Ian, what are they?
IAN: I don’t know. Barbara, did you notice anything? I mean, when they were moving you about - any little thing may help us.
BARBARA: No, nothing much, They moved me from floor to floor - always in lifts. Where we are now must be miles underground. Well, there wasn’t any furniture, now that I come to think about it.
IAN: I’m afraid that’s not very much help.
BARBARA: Ian…do you think they really are…just machines?
IAN: What do you mean?
BARBARA: Well, I was going to say... (Embarrassed.)…do you think there’s someone inside them?

(SUSAN bursts into laughter. A look from the two teachers soon quells her.)

IAN: It’s a point. We haven’t any idea what’s inside them.
BARBARA: I tried to think of how I could get away from them…but then I began to feel so weak and giddy…it’s getting worse now…I think they must have drugged me in some way…
IAN: It’s not that. Barbara…we’ve got radiation sickness - all of us. The Doctor’s pretty badly hit.

(IAN nods towards the DOCTOR who is almost comatose against the wall.)

BARBARA: (Starting to panic.) Well, how do we know it’s radiation?
SUSAN: We found a Geiger counter. It seems that all the time we’ve been in the open, we’ve been exposed to it.
BARBARA: Well, what’s going to happen to us?

(The DOCTOR stirs slightly at this question although his eyes remain closed and his voice is weak.)

DOCTOR: Well, unless…unless we get treatment…we shall die…yes…we shall die…

(His three companions quietly absorb this horrific information.)


(An image of the four travellers is being shown on a scanner atop a control console in the machines’ control room. This room is also metallic but unlike the cell, is in semi-darkness. There are several of the consoles, separated by metallic pillars and the room is filled with a pulsing electronic heartbeat type sound. Two of the machines watch the scanner. One of them touches a control.)

FIRST DALEK: (Into communicator.) Bring in the old man Thal prisoner…

(It speaks to its companion.)

FIRST DALEK: Two hundred days ago, the radiation count was ninety-three.
SECOND DALEK: It is now fifty-eight. An impressive reduction.
FIRST DALEK: It is still enough to destroy. Our prisoners are showing preliminary stages of sickness already.
SECOND DALEK: We know the Thals are able to live on the surface.
FIRST DALEK: And that they must have found immunity.
SECOND DALEK: Perhaps it is a drug. Is it failing them now? Why are these four showing signs of radiation sickness?
FIRST DALEK: A few questions will reduce the mystery.

(A door at the end of the control room glides up and side-wards into the wall. The DOCTOR, still with his jacket off, somewhat staggers into the room escorted by another of the machines and into a pool of light. Blinded, he tries to step back.)

FIRST DALEK: Do not move out of the light…Sit on the floor.

(The DOCTOR was starting to do just that before the order was given as he is now even weaker.)

SECOND DALEK: You are one of the Thal people?
DOCTOR: I don’t understand you…
FIRST DALEK: Why are you suffering from radiation?

(Behind the DOCTOR, his machine escort glides out of the room.)

DOCTOR: Why? Because we were not aware of it until it was too late, that’s why.
SECOND DALEK: No, that is not true. We know the Thals have existed outside our city.
FIRST DALEK: The truth is, your supply of drugs has failed and you came into the city to see if you could find more.
DOCTOR: No, no…”Thals”? What’s he talking about? We’re not “Thals” or whatever you may call them. Can’t you see we’re very ill?
FIRST DALEK: You and your companions need a drug to stay alive.
DOCTOR: (Getting irate.) We have no drugs

(Realisation suddenly dawns on him and he mutters to himself…)

DOCTOR: A drug…a drug…the drugs left outside the TARDIS!

(One of the machines is confused by this statement and the iris in its eye dilates as it intones:)

SECOND DALEK: “TARDIS”? He is becoming delirious. I do not understand his words.

(The DOCTOR staggers to his feet.)

DOCTOR: Listen to me!
FIRST DALEK: (Sharply.) Stay in the light!

(The DOCTOR stands still.)

DOCTOR: My friends and I are travellers. We did find something in the forest near our…our encampment. They may be the drugs you’re referring to. Why not let one of us go and bring the phials here...and...under guard if necessary.
FIRST DALEK: We cannot move outside the city.
DOCTOR: Very well, then, let one of us go and hold the others until he returns.
FIRST DALEK: Provided whoever you send understands the rest of you will be held responsible for his return.
DOCTOR: He will have our lives in his hands. That is enough.
FIRST DALEK: Then we agree.

(With a groan, the DOCTOR sinks back down to one knee, struggling to concentrate.)

DOCTOR: Tell me something about the people, the Thals, hmm?
FIRST DALEK: (Pauses, then...) Over five hundred years ago, there were two races on this planet - we, the Daleks, and the Thals. After the neutronic war, our Dalek forefathers retired into the city, protected by our machines.
DOCTOR: And the Thals?
FIRST DALEK: Most of them perished in the war, but we know that there are survivors. They must be disgustingly mutated but that fact that they have survived tells us they must have a drug that preserves the life force.
DOCTOR: (Angrily.) And knowing that these mutated creatures exist outside the city, you’re willing to send one of us in amongst them?
FIRST DALEK: As you say yourself - all of lives...depend on it.

(The DOCTOR closes his eyes in horror and resignation.)


(BARBARA and SUSAN are supporting IAN as they pace the cell in an effort to bring some feeling back to his legs.)

BARBARA: Is it any easier?
IAN: Yes, I think it is. I’m going to try and stand on my own.
SUSAN: Be careful...
IAN: I’ll be all right.

(He takes his arms away from the girls’ shoulders and stands upright, although somewhat shakily.)

IAN: Huh! That’s not too bad, is it?

(He sways slightly.)

BARBARA: Why don’t you sit down for a minute?
IAN: No, no, I’ll be all right. I…

(He tries to take a step but suddenly falls again as his legs give way. The two girls help him up.)

IAN: (Angrily.) Oh, it’s no good!
BARBARA: Come on, sit down. It’ll wear off in time.

(The two girls help him back to the wall. They are looking worn out.)

IAN: How are you feeling, Barbara?
BARBARA: Oh…not too good.
IAN: Susan?
SUSAN: Well, it doesn’t seem to have affected me as much as the rest of you.

(The cell door slides open and the DOCTOR is pushed in by a DALEK. The women have to grab him before he falls.)

SUSAN: Grandfather!
IAN: Are you all right?

(He nods silently. The women help him to sit on one of the benches. The DOCTOR tries to speak but is weak and breathless.)

SUSAN: What happened?
DOCTOR: In a moment, child…

(He takes a deep breath and tries to recover his strength.)

DOCTOR: The phial of drugs left outside the TARDIS, remember?
BARBARA: Yes, what about them?
DOCTOR: It’s possible that they may have been anti-radiation gloves…drugs.

(The other three look at each other.)

DOCTOR: I...I can’t be certain...but it does give us a chance. The people here, whoever they may be, are very eager to get a hold of them.
IAN: Well, none of us are in very good shape to go and get them.
BARBARA: Well, Oh, I could do it…
IAN: No, it must be me.
BARBARA: But you can’t walk!
IAN: (Snaps.) Oh, I’ll be all right in a couple of hours!
DOCTOR: Whoever goes must be very careful. As far as I can ascertain, the creatures out there are the ones who dropped the box. They’re called Thals - they’re mutations.

(SUSAN and BARBARA react with disgust to this description.)

IAN: So it wasn’t our captors who left the drugs behind?
DOCTOR: No, if they were drugs.

(The DOCTOR suddenly feels the need to lie back. IAN helps him and SUSAN puts his feet up. His eyes are closed and his voice is weak.)

DOCTOR: I’ve learned quite a lot from the Daleks.
IAN: The who?
DOCTOR: The Daleks - our captors here. Oh, if I didn’t feel so...! But I was right about the neutron bomb. The Daleks…built this underground city as a kind of huge shelter.
IAN: But what about the…the…what do you call them? The Thals?
IAN: I mean, how did they survive out there? They…

(The DOCTOR is still and making nonsensical noises.)

IAN: Doctor? Doctor?

(The old man has lapsed into unconsciousness. SUSAN leans over him in concern.)

IAN: I must get that drug quickly...

(SUSAN feels the DOCTOR’S head.)

SUSAN: Oh, he’s burning hot…

(As SUSAN loosens the DOCTOR’S tie.)

IAN: Yes, as soon as they take me to the surface, I’ll ask for water. In the meantime, you must keep him as cool as you possibly can.

(He suddenly brightens.)

IAN: I think there’s some life coming back into my toes!

(SUSAN helps IAN to massage his leg.)

SUSAN: You can’t go alone, Ian. I’ll have to go with you.
IAN: No, I want you to stay here Susan.
SUSAN: But I can’t, I must go with you...
IAN: (Interrupts.) Oh, don’t argue with me!
SUSAN: But you can’t get into the ship!
IAN: All right then, give me the key.
SUSAN: It’s not just a question of turning the key…the whole lock comes away from the door.
IAN: Susan, supposing these…Daleks insist that only one of us goes. Then, I’ll have to take the key and I’ll have to go on trying until the door opens.
SUSAN: No, you’ll jam the lock. Look, it’s a defence mechanism. There are twenty-one different holes inside the lock. There’s one right place and twenty wrong ones. If you make a mistake, you’ll, well, the whole…inside of the lock will melt.
IAN: (Pauses, then.) There’s nothing else for it then. We must go together.

(SUSAN nods. IAN starts to climb to his feet with her help.)

IAN: Come on, let’s see if I can walk.

(BARBARA starts to get up.)

IAN: No, it’s all right Barbara. You take it easy. Rest.

(He starts hobbling.)

IAN: My right leg is better, you know…

(He falls to the floor again.)

IAN: (In frustration.) I’ve got feeling in this one but the left is just pins and needles.


(A DALEK glides along the corridor and up to the cell door. It slides open and the DALEK glides in.)


DALEK: You must leave now.
IAN: I’m not well enough yet…
DALEK: (Louder.) You must leave now!
IAN: My legs are still…
DALEK: (Interrupting.) Which one of you is going?

(IAN stands unsteadily. He hobbles forward and falls to the floor again. SUSAN cries out and jumps up to help him stand. BARBARA is too weak to stand.)

IAN: You must give me more time!

(SUSAN helps him back to his seat.)

SUSAN: (To the DALEK.) Can’t you see how weak he is?
DALEK: There are others.

(BARBARA stands slowly but has to sit back down straight away, gripping her stomach.)

BARBARA: Oh, Ian...I can’t...the whole room’s going ‘round…oh!

(IAN looks from BARBARA to the DOCTOR, then at SUSAN. She catches his meaning, looking scared.)

SUSAN: Must I? Alone?
BARBARA: (To IAN.) You can’t let her go alone…she’s just a child! Plead with them…anything! (She breaks down.)
IAN: see how ill they both are! We can’t afford to wait until I can walk! An hour might make all the difference!
SUSAN: I’m so afraid!
IAN: Go on.

(SUSAN looks at the prone forms of the DOCTOR and BARBARA and summons up her courage. She nods.)

IAN: Don’t stop for anything. Straight there, straight back.
DALEK: Are you ready?
IAN: (Angrily.) Yes, all right.

(SUSAN turns round to the waiting DALEK.)

SUSAN: I...I’m coming now.

(The cell door slides open. SUSAN looks back at her companions but the DALEK prods her out with its suction cup arm.)

BARBARA: Ian…the others, in the forest…he said they were mutations…
IAN: (In despair.) But what else could I do?

(He hits his left leg in anger.)


(Three DALEKS are assembled watching the scanner. The door opens and another glides into the room and reports to its compatriots.)

FIRST DALEK: The child has set out.
SECOND DALEK: Her direction is being followed on the Rangerscopes?
SECOND DALEK: Mark her movements carefully. If there are more Thal people living in the jungle, she will try to contact them.
FIRST DALEK: I understand. If she returns with the drugs, am I to allow the prisoners to use it?
SECOND DALEK: No. They will die in time. Their only value is in bringing us enough of the Thal drug to duplicate it for our own use.

(The four DALEKS glide in closer and begin talking quickly among themselves.)

DALEK: Yes, at last we have a chance….


(BARBARA wipes the DOCTOR’S brow.)

BARBARA: He’s getting worse.
IAN: How long did the Doctor say we’d last without treatment? Forty-eight hours?
BARBARA: (Tearfully.) I don’t know.’s hit him so badly, Ian…
IAN: Yes. How are you feeling?
BARBARA: Oh, I...I ache all over. I have difficulty in keeping my eyes open…
IAN: Yes, I’m about the same.

(He looks in anger at the DOCTOR.)

IAN: All his fault! Had to have his own way, see the city…
BARBARA: Oh Ian, that doesn’t help.
IAN: Oh, I know, I know…
BARBARA: We must wait, that’s all we can do.
IAN: Wait, yes. An hour ago, I thought we might try and escape, watch their movements, make a plan, there’s always a chance. Now, we’re too late. I think even if they left the doors wide open, we wouldn’t have the strength to crawl through them.
BARBARA: How long has she been gone?
IAN: (Checking his watch.) About an hour. She should just be on the edge of the jungle by now.


(Thunder and lightning rip through the sky as SUSAN staggers through the trees. She is frightened, not just by the storm, but by what might be hidden in the trees. She pauses, turns and runs as fast as she can through the trees. Something covered in scales moves out of a clearing before she approaches. She carries on running but suddenly falls to the ground and stares up in terror at something in front of her….)


(IAN and BARBARA are doing their best to look after the DOCTOR who is laid out flat on one of the benches.)

BARBARA: He’s so hot. It…it’s like a fever…
IAN: Yes, his breathing’s so bad. What do you think, Barbara?
BARBARA: (Shaking her head.) I don’t know. Even if Susan got back now, I don’t know whether she’d be in time. Gi..give me his coat.

(IAN passes the DOCTOR’S jacket to her.)

IAN: Here, there you are.

(BARBARA makes a pillow of it and puts it under the DOCTORS head. She staggers but IAN grabs her and helps her to sit.)

IAN: Barbara, come on now
BARBARA: No, I’m...
IAN: You sit down.
BARBARA: (Wearily.) I’m all right...
IAN: No, you rest. You can’t do anything more for him.
BARBARA: It’s so hot in here.

(IAN makes her comfortable and feels her brow.)

IAN: Yes, now you try and sleep, Barbara. Try and sleep.
BARBARA: Yes...I’d like to sleep...
IAN: Yes...
BARBARA: It’s so hot...

(She passes out. IAN gets to his feet, He himself is weaker now. Suddenly he realises that he has feeling back in his legs. He manages to walk but suddenly lurches forward with stomach cramps. He holds himself up against the cell door.)

IAN: (Whispers.) Hurry, Susan…hurry, Susan!


(As thunder crashes, SUSAN crawls backwards from the sight in front of her. She throws ash up at it with a cry and regains her feet. She staggers away, sobbing, running through the trees.)


(Four DALEKS are assembled.)

FIRST DALEK: I have just come from the prisoners. The old man is dying.
SECOND DALEK: Then he must die. There is no help we can give him. How are the others?
FIRST DALEK: The woman is sleeping very heavily. The young man fights against it.
SECOND DALEK: What of the girl? Has she reached the jungle?
FIRST DALEK: Yes. The Rangerscopes tracked her that far. Now they have lost her.


(Sobbing, SUSAN is still running through the trees. Suddenly she finds herself in front of the TARDIS. She takes the key from around her neck and opens the door.)


(SUSAN runs into the ship and immediately operates the door control. When she is safely enclosed, she goes to the chair where the metal box is sitting. She hugs it to her and walks back to the console, then remembers IAN’S instructions...)

IAN: (OOV.) Don’t stop for anything, Straight there, straight back. An hour might make all the difference.

(SUSAN realises she has no choice.)

SUSAN: I must….I must…

(She operates the door control and starts to walk hesitantly out. A crack of thunder and a flash of lightening make her hesitate momentarily but then she summons courage and walks through the doors….)

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